The Inside Story of How a Pastor Gets Their Calling

Featuring a young Russell Crowe…

From thanks to Wazza2

5 thoughts on “The Inside Story of How a Pastor Gets Their Calling

  1. That was hilarious – sadly prophetic ( felt needs) but still very funny. He made the better choice – “gladiator”!!!

  2. This just seems wrong to me, and I dont just mean the vaguely gay start to the video.

    Russ dosent know what to do with his life, just wants an interesting job and to meet a few chicks. So he’s going to apply to be a Pastor??

    And the course – they are going to start with a few seminars on weight control and stress, move on to Revelation seminars and then for the end-of-term project – start a new Church!!!

  3. Pond-scum!!-possibly.

    -Wrong!-Wrong!-Woody-gay-looking and bizarre in hindsight…

    You should have left it sad and buried-and yet, it is most instructive and explains alot of the strange characters populating positions of authority in Australian Christendom; yeh, even those faces in the classroom,..and the droning teacher….painfully familiar and irritating shadows from my Christian experience.

    I see a desperate young actor ready for any sort of break doing a two-bit part in a painfully stilted and dull advert-

    Dig the ’employment prospects’ response to the young-guys’ question?- I know a few young men suffering the reality of endless years of work for bugger-all pay, or never finding work at all.-Doesnt that make the old-guy a liar, or maybe the young guy perhaps ‘not-good-enough’!

    The tragedy is that many movements still run the same sales-pitch and basic Curriculum, and young saps still fall for it, so much for often blind faith and the weird Circus-hoops of a very human trust of authority figures and institutions; note the patronising tone…..comes with the turf.

    So strange, the stuff we try and justify by ‘a calling’ for the Lord Jesus Christ; and yet, —the prompting by the Holy spirit is one constant I can still recognize to be true, and okay, through this material.

    Oddly enough, its wise to review such footage and wonder at the dreams and beliefs of a particular period-see what ‘chaff the wind drives away’, and what falls to the ground as solid and useful.-

    [Reminds me of a Black-& Decker cooking video I found recently ,long-hidden in the back of a cupboard-showing the shiny products ‘as new as the day they were made’, with the whole overall effect as truly weird and strange-!]

    Wonder if that particular cop-shop has now shut down,-Cooranbong, eh?-..”one of the finest in the country, eh!”-the sort of promise we deliver with say, washing-powder.-How many times have I gone looking for a congregation or institution [christian or secular], and found it vanished into thin air!

    I have to admit guys, that I still find the term and title ‘pastor’ difficult to assign authority to, but at least our older lead character knew a bit about ‘the Building-trades!’-ah, dangerous truth.

    Pastoring,…a special calling.

    Be good my friends.

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