Steve Munsey Gives Birth

Here’s a taste of Steve Munsey in his YouTube video, ‘Clouds Without Water’, – 4 mins 48 seconds worth.

Featuring Elizabeth believing John the Baptist is dead in her womb, and Steve Munsey being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit.

The special number in this broadcast is 8. I wonder if he later asked for 8, 88 or 888 dollars?

Steve Munsey will be featured in CCCOF’s Presence 2008 conference.

Thanks very much to Teddy for providing the video on YouTube and pointing out the theology. Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “Steve Munsey Gives Birth

  1. Yuck – I just saw the first bit with all the terrible pregnancy and birth metaphors for blessings and I had to stop it. My kid was looking over my shoulder and I didnt want him to get into all the details of how the blessings were conceived.

    Putting bad metaphors like this in speeched makes them appear both laboured and premature.

  2. What was the reaction from the crowd? – he was called a “show pony” by a deacon when he was at CCCOF last year. I know a particular pastor was not happy about him being there (at the conference). Someone who totally disagrees with the whole word-faith movement.

  3. And in case anyone’s interested Steve Munsey is on again tonight 6.30 pm- you’ve got 4 minutes to get there ( but let’s make it 8!)

  4. I have just deleted Lordoqu’s comments at Lordoqu’s requests. Sorry about that.

    L did however confirm that Steve Munsey used the number ‘8’ a lot at the current Presence conference.

  5. Teddy – its good to hear that someone on the pastoral team was unhappy about it. And that this pastor thinks for themselves word/faith. Thats good news.

  6. I told Lordoqu to check her email, so if you have emailed, L can tell you herself. But I suspect L will be back at some stage. L is still reading this blog.

  7. Just received a text that Steve Munsey is preaching at all services at CCCOF Sunday.
    And bring your friends. Know any good churches one can attend Sunday?

  8. We are skipping church this Sunday (we don’t go to CCCOF though), to have fellowship with some other Christian friends. I suspect we’ll all have a bit of a horrified laugh about Steve Munsey. If you don’t laugh, you’d cry at times.

  9. 22 years? Wow, OK then. Obviously you don’t believe everything that is fired off from the pulpit? Can I respectfully ask why you still attend? FYI, no judgment or agenda from my end, just curiosity at work here again…

  10. My favourite preacher is John Macarthur (reformed theology) – listen to him all the time on the internet. Definately over the charismania. Would like to see the Word preached in context, not twisting scripture to fit the message.

    It’s a new day, time will tell where we end up. Not a lot to choose from in Sydney. In the meantime, it’s hard to leave friends, relationships built up over many years. However, many of our friends feel the same way.

    My favourite quote I like to share about church life is that there is a “lack of confidence in the sufficiency of scripture”

    As to your question about believing everything fired off from the pulpit, no, mostly nothing because it generally doesn’t line up with scripture. There’s a lot of us sitting there “gob-smacked” and that’s because we bring our bibles(NASB,NKJ), not the Message bible, and of course nothing makes sense anymore.

  11. Yeah I’m hearing you Teddy, I know where it’s at. I have friends still @ CCC who feel EXACTLY the same way. As I said, no judgment or hidden motive coming at you, just genuine curiosity. Cheers for filling me in…

  12. Now let me enrage you all (tell me of you squirm!):

    Hustlers of God TV

    God Wants Your Tax Return (Steve Munsey on TBN)

    Pastor Kent Munsey

    TBN Fleece-a-Thon Fall 2007 Night 1

    Here’s Mensey’s Rambling on 7!
    (Observe the phone people!)
    Steve Munsey Pimping Old Testament Scipture for Money!

    And this isn’t Steve Munsey, but man! This. Is. Off.

    Jamal-Harrison Bryant Pimping for TBN with Steve Munsey

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