Always Looking to Be Better?

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I’ve been thinking allot about the role pastors play in the church. I’ve rested on the conclusion, (for now), that a pastors job is not to counsel individuals in the church. That is every bodies job! Pastors are those who are given spiritual discernment to defend the body of Christ from wolves; non-believers who infiltrate the church to gain something for themselves; wolves in sheep’s clothing- believers or so-called believers who lead the flock astray and then devour them for their own gain. Pastors also defend the flock from thieves who try to steal sheep out from the flock and then brand them under a different name.

I conclude that pastors are the spiritual discerner’s and overseers (elders) and have the hard job of exposing wolves from among the flock and making sure that none stray into serious doctrinal error or lead off by wayward philosophies, spirits or cheap emotional manipulation. This is why I believe Paul was so condemning of the Corinthian church because they were not discerning honestly what was happening within their gatherings. They kind of knew what was happening but failed to expose the wrong. 1 Cor 5:1-2

We all need to encourage pastors and people to be bold and to expose false teachings or the snollygostering wolves so that people in God’s family are not led astray.

A shepherd’s job is to defend the flock. Pastor’s are LIKE the shepherd but are not the shepherd. Jesus is our great Shepherd and He feeds us His Word and He guides us to greener pastures. As sheep, we comfort and support each other as a family should.
At the moment, this is how I see the order of the gifts that Paul says how we function as a body:
First Apostles: Advancers– press back the enemy by going into enemy territory on Gods command.(Special Messengers)
Second Prophets: Attackers– assault the enemy by speaking what God says will happen. (Inspired Preachers and Expounders)
Third Teachers/ Pastors: Defenders– providing the truth, discernment and encouragement every believer must have to fight the enemy.
Wonder Workers: Confounders– Confuses the enemy. They confirm God’s plans and disrupt the devils.
Healers: First Aid– To aid the church and to expand the church. Godspeed.
Leaders: Peace Keepers– To aid the church and to expand the church. Godspeed.
Linguistics: To aid the church and to expand the church. Godspeed.

Helping, supporting, guiding, loving and counseling our brothers and sisters in Christ is everybody’s job. It’s important we all participate in helping one another along the road less traveled on.

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  1. Oh. Enemy meaning spiritual warfare. Spirits, princes, principalities and powers, etc.

  2. Very cool little icon at the end there, S&P!

    Will the article properly later.

  3. I agree that pastors are there to guide and protect, and this is partly by means of discernment. It is a pity that some of those called pastors show so little discernment today. They invite false teachers in – or can’t even tell the teachers are false. How can I then still recognise them as pastors, despite their title?

    I think that those who are mature in their faith, as seen by the fruit in their lives and character, are to be a source of wise counsel to others. Once these people would have been recognised as elders. I’ve never seen this in practice.

    The individual believer may still instinctively recognise those who qualify as elders, and listen to their counsel. But other times they will want the counsel of those who are in a particular position, who don’t necessarily have the wisdom needed.

    For example, someone chosen for leadership due to their ability to administrate and preach an evangelistic gospel may still lack the wisdom to counsel – yet they are looked up to and their advice is given a heavy weight. Someone who has a theological degree and is ordained may also lack the wisdom needed for counsel, yet be expected to do so. So without encouraging the recognition of elders across the wide body, the church is diminished and burdens put upon those not yet in a position to handle them. Unwise counsel can be damaging in the extreme.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

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