Discontinuing this Blog

I am very sad to raise this issue. However, I’ve been doing a bit of internet research about the legalities of blogging. Removing the Jeremy Shum article got me thinking after a while – not so much at the time. I am not a lawyer, nor qualified to interpret law. It does seem though that there are cases where blog administrators have been personally sued for vast sums due to posts and comments which others have put up on their site, even in cases where they have not taken on the obligation of moderating comments.

It looks as though being sued for something is an extremely remote possibility. Still, I don’t think I could ignore the risk to my family’s wellbeing if even through no act of my own, I was sued as a result of something on this blog.

I also think there should be places on the internet to discuss things like we do here.

So, I am giving someone else out there the opportunity to come forth to administer the blog in my place. I can make someone else administrator, and remove that privilege from myself, I believe, if anyone else is willing to take that risk on. However, for my own safety, I think I might have to delete everything up until this post, just in case. Its just that that is easier than digging through all the posts, and I am no expert in what is legal and what isn’t.

I know this sounds dramatic, but there is one blogger I came across out there, who also thought he’d done nothing wrong, who is currently being sued for $23M USD. It looks as though legislation is changing all the time, so one can’t even take for granted that what is safe now will stay safe. Also, US legislation seems to be able to affect bloggers even in Australia.

So I won’t do anything instantly. However, I’d like feedback on this post, and any volunteers to administrate in my place.

I have enjoyed doing this over the last month or two, and really don’t want to have to get rid of it all, but I’m old enough to have learnt what can happen if you ignore risk, and I’m not willing for my family to bear the brunt of that, as remote as the possibility is.

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  1. I’ve said ever since I came to S1 and then S2 that it was a dangerous game to be overly critical of ministries and ministers on a continual basis.

    Of course some will seek to defend their position, and so they should, since their reputations are constantly on the line.

    Lance came particularly close to the edge on a number of occasions, both on S1 and S2.

    It may surprise, and even please, you to know that some senior ministries attacked on these sites were so disgusted that they considered it defamatory (I won’t disclose who), BUT chose to allow the flow of criticism since some criticism is actually healthy, and litigation is a difficult area for Christians, especially in view of Paul’s rebuke of believers for taking one another to court and not, rather, suffering hurt or loss for the gospel’s sake.

    Having said that, I would encourage you to go on, but to allow a different kind of discussion group to develop, since this blog has the makings of a decent debating group.

    If that means taking out some of your more risky contributions, then go ahead, but remember there are many hours of good work on this blog, even though it is relatively young. Many comments are helpful and not in any way litigious.

    If bloggers are put down for having an opinion and a voice then we are truly living in a controlled society.

    This blog is just getting going, and has the makings of an excellent resource for people who need to chew the fat or get things off their chest. Ideas flow here, and I have enjoyed the excellent writing of a number of people.

  2. Well spoken Facelift!

    Dear Administrator,

    I once saw a large Australian Company go under because of clever US Contracts [Lawyers-upon reflection ‘their lawyers were far better than our lawyers’-because our guys were totally unprepared to be messed-up]- It seems wise to me that a Legal contingency can be prepared to define the parameters of sound practice and defense against attack, of something as great as this blog; I’d be prepared to help fund such thorough legal preparation.

    If I was leading a modern Church-movement, I myself would want to be listening to the currents running through this material;’ The Church needs this kind of work done’, and this Postmodern Method of discussion is a transparent Forum for doing it, especially when the churches wont, or can’t clean up their house from the inside, and insist on hurtful practices.

    It seems wise to thoroughly check your facts before you give this up;and I for one dont want to lose all the strands of thought here to date!!-This Blogspace has the potential to become a kind of ‘Mastermind’ [see Napoleon Hill] of critical Christian thought.

    Theres alot of work to do, and I seriously feel we can be involved in helping ALOT of people out there. [and, I feel you are all my friends already!]


  3. “This blog is just getting going, and has the makings of an excellent resource for people who need to chew the fat or get things off their chest.”

    And those who do get things off there chest, can’t get rid of their comments. If people respond out of hurt from being chewed out of ministry, then RP is still going to cop it in the end.

    “It may surprise, and even please, you to know that some senior ministries attacked on these sites were so disgusted that they considered it defamatory (I won’t disclose who), BUT chose to allow the flow of criticism since some criticism is actually healthy, and litigation is a difficult area for Christians, especially in view of Paul’s rebuke of believers for taking one another to court and not, rather, suffering hurt or loss for the gospel’s sake.”

    The only one who has changed remotely is Phil Baker. Houston and Pringle don’t seem to heed the warnings of what people seem to be saying online.

  4. I don’t think people want to be sued. But being sued for having a negative opinion is ridiculous!

    One reason why SignPosts was so original was that it tackled problems in the church ‘today’. If you want to tackle theological questions, join another group and get stuck in those early church debates that still haven’t been resolved.

    It’s important to criticise. Todd Bentley’s Ministry, the Copelands, the Houstons, the Pringles. What made the Afghanistan War and Iraq War not popular worldwide was the fact people’s opinion became the general voice of decent. It was the internet that made the war unpopular.

    You start controlling free speech online, you have someone playing dictator. It will happen eventually, but this is a joke! We need to freely express our opinions and have some variety in voice out there, otherwise people are gonna be brainwashed back into megachurch monoliths, not questioning and not knowing that their are other views out their that don’t conform to the status quo. I might not agree with everything facelift says. But at least I can understand where he is coming from.

    In saying this, RP doesn’t have a choice. She has no right to an opinion because as soon as she has one against a church or person, she is liable.

    You could see this type of discussion unfolding on Insight on SBS last night. Europe is thinking of three warnings and your out for people who download music illegally. While that make sense, what’s stopping the rest of the world jumping online and suing anybody? How much is our opinion being worth sued over?

    So maybe we can be a nice little Christian group that discusses law verses grace; no longer being contemporary and challenging in how or what the church should be today. That’s what makes SignPosts fun. I like having an opinion with other believers, good or bad about other church ministries. I learn as I go and its fun. I learn more on here then I do at church and I’m informed locally and globally.

  5. Rock-on Specks&planks!;

    -though one gets the feeling of ‘Warring-organizations’ in the future, with ‘truth’ itself not getting much of a way out;

    Litigation is ‘all about the money’, so I feel that is in fact the basis of sound legal defense, as opinions expressed here do not affect peoples incomes; there is no financial loss to anybody, which is what defamation cases are about; this seems worth looking-into.

    I agree with your ethos S&P; its pretty disgusting for Australian society to be afraid of its own shadow like the U.S.; however, its wise for the Administrator to check her safety, legalities and defences, just as any Corporate identity should today.

    Goebbels was astoundingly right about one thing; “the bigger the lie, the more people will believe you”, and I for one am tired of the big lies in our religion-they’re not from God, but the Devil, ‘father of lies’, and this ought to be one of the places which can fearlessly sort issues like these out.

    Fancy this; “Big scary religious bogey-men, scaring us like the witch-doctors of old!”

    :”Lets reverse the Curse!” [i.e.Teddys immortal line]


  6. Everything is, on the face of it, defamatory. Everything. A defence is truth. People use threats, often without any substance legally, to control. Don’t give up.

  7. FL – too many people confuse libel with defamation with offense. If they were really defamed, they’d do something. As true defamation would cause them to alienated (as ministers) by their congregants.

  8. I’m not into making snap decisions about most things, including this. Currently, I don’t think there’s any topics to worry about particularly, but since I’m not a lawyer, I can’t say I’m confident in my expertise to judge for certain.

    I will take some time to think about this.

    I agree with most of the points raised. I think it would be a shame to shut the place down. On the other hand, I don’t want my family’s future well-being risked. I agree that many people here have invested many hours of thinking and writing in the blog, and to lose that would be very disappointing. I see it as a community effort. Legally though, it looks like in some jurisdictions the administrator can be sued for things the community says, not just what they themselves say. Also, anyone who comments on a blog can be sued as well, for libel, slander or defamation. So commentors are not immune, and everyone for their own sake should be careful.

    What I don’t understand with confidence is what constitutes libel, defamation or slander. Obviously false things stated as fact about a person or organisation seem defamatory. But if its just someone’s opinion, not necessarily fact, then is that OK? Plus, much of the time we’ve been discussing whether we think things are expressing Christ, or whether they are God’s work. Its hard to imagine that being fought over in a court of law. Criminal behaviour is another issue, but this blog doesn’t focus on accusing anyone or any place of criminal acts.

    I do want to be able to discuss different views on the gospel, on revival, on leadership, money and church structure, and on controversies arising out of various ministries. I’m interested in maintaining a place for people to get things off their chests, which can be one part of a process helping them move through and on to better things. It’s good for Christians in churches that teach uncriticisable dogma to be able to find other Christians on the internet who see things differently yet share a great deal of the other facets of their faith.

    On the other hand I have no intention of going around digging stuff up and creating an allegation of misconduct from scratch – that’s the sort of thing a trained journalist could do, and they usually have legal departments in their offices.

    So I have more research to do. In the meantime, blog away. I will keep everyone informed.

    As I said in my post above, please let me know if you are willing to take on the administration job in my place. It is not necessary to post articles to administrate. I will still post articles and comment here. However, if you do, know that my risk will then be yours.

  9. For the record, here are the 15 most popular posts to date – gives a brief impression of where peoples’ interests lie:

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  10. Gasp, cough , wheeze, ….Zeppelin back in bed sick, so I can pester you all with my cheery thoughts!

    Good girl Ravingpente;very wisely thought-out,
    [ and thanks for listing the posts; I wouldnt know my way around properly otherwise-hmmm, some meaty material here…haha!]

    It seems that ‘in every case of manipulation, there is a ‘Hostage’ ‘;- in this case its your Family; kids and life-savings; though isnt it insidious that people would want to hurt you or anybody else in that way; especially ‘Christian entities’?

    How then can you remove the hostage from the equation? -is one of my curious questions.

    Yes, Ive come across a similar problem in writing a script for a film- describing true acts by people now passed-away; Some sabre-rattling occurred from a particular family to try and prevent me from including key parts of material, but a Producer-friend laughed and told me that “A movie is an artistic interpretation of events-‘-ie. it doesnt have to be true!”
    [which explains rather alot!]

    I dont know how useful these thoughts will be toward this issue Ravingpente.

    + + +

    I wonder also how ‘Encyclopaedic’ the Topical structure can become; as I look at your topics above; hmm, I wonder how comprehensively a curious person can snoop, develop and explore this broad subject methodically; hope this is useful


  11. 6 Reasons Pastors Should Blog
    March 31, 2008 | By: Abraham Piper
    Category: Commentary

    In this article I want to convince as many pastors as possible to sit down and start a blog today. If I can’t convince them, then I want to convince churchgoers to hound their pastor until he does.

    OK, all that’s overstatement, perhaps. You can still be a good pastor and not blog.

    However, here’s why I think it would be good for you and your congregation if you did.

    Pastors should blog…
    1. …to write.
    If you’re a pastor, you probably already know the value writing has for thinking. Through writing, you delve into new ideas and new insights. If you strive to write well, you will at the same time be striving to think well.

    Then when you share new ideas and new insights, readers can come along with you wherever your good writing and good thinking bring you.

    There is no better way to simply and quickly share your writing than by maintaining a blog. And if you’re serious about your blog, it will help you not only in your thinking, but in your discipline as well, as people begin to regularly expect quality insight from you.

    2. …to teach.
    Most pastors I’ve run into love to talk. Many of them laugh at themselves about how long-winded they’re sometimes tempted to be.

    Enter Blog.

    Here is where a pastor has an outlet for whatever he didn’t get to say on Sunday. Your blog is where you can pass on that perfect analogy you only just thought of; that hilarious yet meaningful story you couldn’t connect to your text no matter how hard you tried; that last point you skipped over even though you needed it to complete your 8-point acrostic sermon that almost spelled HUMILITY.

    And more than just a catch-all for sermon spill-over, a blog is a perfect place for those 30-second nuggets of truth that come in your devotions or while you’re reading the newspaper. You may never write a full-fledged article about these brief insights or preach a whole sermon, but via your blog, your people can still learn from them just like you did.

    3. …to recommend.
    With every counseling session or after-service conversation, a pastor is recommending something. Sometimes it’s a book or a charity. Maybe it’s a bed-and-breakfast for that couple he can tell really needs to get away. And sometimes it’s simply Jesus.

    With a blog, you can recommend something to hundreds of people instead of just a few. Some recommendations may be specific to certain people, but that seems like it would be rare. It’s more likely to be the case that if one man asks you whether you know of any good help for a pornography addiction, then dozens of other men out there also need to know, but aren’t asking.

    Blog it.

    Recommendation, however, is more than pointing people to helpful things. It’s a tone of voice, an overall aura that good blogs cultivate.

    Blogs are not generally good places to be didactic. Rather, they’re ideal for suggesting and commending. I’ve learned, after I write, to go back and cut those lines that sound like commands or even overbearing suggestions, no matter how right they may be. Because if it’s true for my audience, it’s true for me, so why not word it in such a way that I’m the weak one, rather than them?

    People want to know that their pastor knows he is an ordinary, imperfect human being. They want to know that you’re recommending things that have helped you in your own weakness. If you say, “When I struggled with weight-loss, I did such-and-such,” it will come across very differently than if you say, “Do such-and-such if you’re over-weight…”

    If you use your blog to encourage people through suggesting and commending everything from local restaurants to Jesus Christ, it will complement the biblical authority that you rightly assume when you stand behind the pulpit.

    4. …to interact.
    There are a lot of ways for a pastor to keep his finger on the pulse of his people. A blog is by no means necessary in this regard. However, it does add a helpful new way to stay abreast of people’s opinions and questions.

    Who knows what sermon series might arise after a pastor hears some surprising feedback about one of his 30-second-nuggets-of-truth?

    5. …to develop an eye for what is meaningful.
    For good or ill, most committed bloggers live with the constant question in their mind: Is this bloggable? This could become a neurosis, but I’ll put a positive spin on it: It nurtures a habit of looking for insight and wisdom and value in every situation, no matter how mundane.

    If you live life looking for what is worthwhile in every little thing, you will see more of what God has to teach you. And the more he teaches you, the more you can teach others. As you begin to be inspired and to collect ideas, you will find that the new things you’ve seen and learned enrich far more of your life than just your blog.

    6. …to be known.
    This is where I see the greatest advantage for blogging pastors.

    Your people hear you teach a lot; it’s probably the main way that most of them know you. You preach on Sundays, teach on Wednesdays, give messages at weddings, funerals, youth events, retreats, etc.

    This is good—it’s your job. But it’s not all you are. Not that you need to be told this, but you are far more than your ideas. Ideas are a crucial part of your identity, but still just a part.

    You’re a husband and a father. You’re some people’s friend and other people’s enemy. Maybe you love the Nittany Lions. Maybe you hate fruity salad. Maybe you struggle to pray. Maybe listening to the kids’ choir last weekend was—to your surprise—the most moving worship experience you’ve ever had.

    These are the things that make you the man that leads your church. They’re the windows into your personality that perhaps stay shuttered when you’re teaching the Bible. Sometimes your people need to look in—not all the way in, and not into every room—but your people need some access to you as a person. A blog is one way to help them.

    You can’t be everybody’s friend, and keeping a blog is not a way of pretending that you can. It’s simply a way for your people to know you as a human being, even if you can’t know them back. This is valuable, not because you’re so extraordinary, but because leadership is more than the words you say. If you practice the kind of holiness that your people expect of you, then your life itself opened before them is good leadership—even when you fail.

    For most of you, anything you post online will only be a small piece in the grand scheme of your pastoral leadership. But if you can maintain a blog that is both compelling and personal, it can be an important small piece.

    It will give you access to your people’s minds and hearts in a unique way by giving them a chance to know you as a well-rounded person. You will no longer be only a preacher and a teacher, but also a guy who had a hard time putting together a swing-set for his kids last weekend. People will open up for you as you open up like this for them. Letting people catch an honest glimpse of your life will add authenticity to your teaching and depth to your ministry,

  12. Ah, but if your Pastor is a Jackass, then his hamfisted work will also be plain for all to see!

    My own minister appears to be an uptight, overwordy, ‘me-tooing’, irritating, overtly choleric, over-controlling, apologetic, worldly, socially-aspirational, fascist, faddish, sexist, impractical, socially clumsy-clot; a deluded ‘Junior branch-manager’, who leaves a trail of dead bodies rather than silver-bullets; & loves the sound of their own voice rather too much!

    [“As thou judgest, so would thou be judged also Zeppelin” ;-Nooooooo Lord!-aaaaaaaaah!]

    My experience of many professionals in my field is similar; many will try to ‘hide’ behind something to downplay their ineptitude, semi-literacy, laziness or whatever.

    [-Significant then that the Master says ;”Thou Wicked, and lazy Servant!…” for Wickedness and Laziness go together; hmm?-]

    The Multitude of prayers offered by the over-busy person [& team] I describe above seems poor substitute for that below:
    “Like apples of gold in settings of silverIs a word spoken in right circumstances. Proverbs 25:11”, or much of the book of James.

    Nevertheless; I applaud thy Recommendations above, silky Teddy;
    for at least, a Pastor could semi-publish their material and actually become an ‘accountable’ entity in our churches!-funny how few of these people welcome dialogue!

    (‘Accountable’-there’s another abused word in church, my friends!)


  13. ravingpente Says:
    So, any volunteers for administrator?Administrator?

    I’ve really thought about it. Still thinking about it. But I know nothing about legal stuff either. I just love risk. But I too have a lot to lose. But I love the unknown and the adventure of it all… But to take a stand against some issues… But what if I’m wrong? But I like risk! GAH!!!

    “Should Hell be dropped from the Bible? 395
    Does it matter where you sit on Sunday? 371
    7 Habits of Highly Abusive Churches 271
    Pastor says: ‘Do as you’re told!’ 208
    The Most Contagious (False) Anointing? 201
    New Study: Australian Church is Dead 197
    Where Does the Church Go From Here? 186
    Welcome (’About’ page) 170”

    This indicates to me that it’s the controversial articles that people’s attentions. The contemporary it is or the more it invites the person to respond, the more popular it is. If people read something that stirs them and then are given the option to give their personal views on an issue that may touch a sore spot, be not surprised that relatable controversial articles will be the most popular. They are indeed the most engaging.

    I love the articles TEDDY!

    And RP. I should stress that I totally understand where you are coming from. You’re weighing out what is more important. I liked the way Lance did signposts because it wasn’t compromising any which way. People had the right to be offended. I was offended by him on a number of occasions. But I grew to like his views and character. He will irritate me here and there, but I can’t deny that this is the Lance I love.

    Your unique way of signposts is very motherly. Mothers are ‘gatherers’. It’s a natural thing they do. You like to gather everyone together. See people get on and treated equal. You like individuality and chuckle when you see miniature disputes break out, knowing perfectly well they will be solved down the long run. You are curious as to what people will be attracted to this blog and often contemplate various individuals character. I like it too. But in terms of where I’m at, Lance is where the action will be. You’ll probably see that yours and lances blogs will attract very different people. Yet for some reason, you will be attracting the more intellectual person.

    Because Lance tends to focus on the church simpleton, he will unfortunately attract the church simpleton (FaceLift being an acception). Because of your greater openness you’ll be attracting the more intellectual and probable melancholic personality-type people. (I take it you’re melancholic). Different audience for different angle with different taste. Thanks RavingPente for continuing signposts.

    I cross my fingers that you’ll be on but allow the authors on here to post articles instead. That way you aren’t a straight target. Maybe someone will warn you that someone on this site posted an article that was inflamatory and you can remove that persons article with all the comments. At least the article did it’s job.

  14. Id Volunteer, but perfectly honestly, I’d find it too humdrum!

    he said, carefully dusting the road ahead of the two immaculate Pharisees….


  15. GAH myself!- actually, why dont you just shut the whole thing down and walk away huh!!?

    “Take a Stand!” -Bah Humbug!-Are we pathetic and impotent Grumblers, or do you guys out there have serious intentions about youre trying to develop?- My wife HATES me blogging, and she has a point!- what an extravagantly costly investment of time!

    From what Ive seen, you all know your scriptures, so what exactly are you trying to Prove?!!?
    Do we have Egos to Unload-..something to prove to OURSELVES, huh?!- Get a sense of security and identity about publishing some trite thoughts on the Internet?; pious posturings!?-Any Idiot can cut & paste slabs of Bible Commentary, and purport it to be intelligent thought!

    I hate Smoke and Mirrors!-I cant stand endless reflections of the same thing; boring monocultures constantly carbon-copied forever-and yet, only Christ can fit that bill-only God should look back at you from every facet of life as a brilliant and eternally creative figure!

    Can a site like this actually influence the consciences of those ‘Leaders’ and power-structures that are out there; ” Strongholds & lofty arguments ‘against Gods Will”?-Do those guys sleep at night because ‘they achieve more good than evil’, or sleep, smugly in the belief that ‘Well, Im doing it all right, because its working so spectacularly!”, or “Well..This is all I know!”.
    …Is it any coincidence that my senior Pastor is an Accountant?- How stupid!!

    Has God indeed given so many of them “A Spirit of Delusion”?, or can we be the mistaken ones?

    -OR should we just shut-up and develop what we know into an individual active and happy, personal or public life; dig like moles, or shine like Stars?—-Is having a Blog ‘A Life?”

    A Blog like this is a kind of MACHINE; a FORCE MULTIPLIER FOR GOOD HELP PEOPLE IN A BAD PLACE- If you give up, THEY WIN because they just sat by and you spun yourself out!-Exactly like this evil World is doing to us all right now-We’re madly spinning our wheels and going nowhere fast!

    How many innocent people have been pitilessly robbed, callously deceived, oppressed, harmed or lived hideously distorted, stunted lives as Christian believers- How many crimes are these distorted Religious structures going to perpetuate—and IS THERE A NEW WAY, PREGNANT IN THE CHRISTIAN WORLD RIGHT NOW, ready for our people to move to in Freedom–

    I say; the Demons of these problems are REAL; the Strongholds are REAL and the Deceptions are REAL; Gods word is REAL and unbreakable; Love is REAL; Unity exists only in Love, but you guys need to get totally REAL about where yours going to go with all this!

    I suggest you Get Wiser, Ravingpente!-Dont do it Specks&planks; you’ll be acting like Hitler-Youth; its not for you yet.

    “Rest im Gott”..

    [He sighed,- steering the giant ship into its hangar …the engines sputtered into silence]

  16. So Teddy,

    Of course its enough to get anyones Biblically-informed blood boiling, but what ELSE do you propose to do?

    Why dont you get in touch on [deleted by RP] and ask for Zeppelin; I’d like to talk:


  17. Well, its good to get some feedback on how things are perceived.

    I’m not a ‘melancholic’ personality type by the way… I’m not retiring enough for that. In fact, I might do a post on the origins of those 4 personality types – they come up a lot in Christian circles, but I don’t think their origins are Christian. I actually did a subject at uni called ‘History of Medicine’ which looked in detail at their origins. Will have another look at that at some stage.

    I much prefer Myers Briggs analysis. My husband and I are the same Myers Brigg personality type. Anyway – won’t go into that. Someone recently on this blog had a deal of fun trying to analyse my Myers Brigg type. But its a bit mysterious for those who haven’t been through it at some stage, and easily misunderstood.

    Back to blog issues…

    Mother RP is now going to act like a mother hen telling the chicks what to do…

    Z – get some more sleep if you can. Don’t blog so much if it bugs you. Take some time off – some of us here including myself do that for a few days if its annoying us or if we have other more urgent things to attend to.

    Facelift – you just chased a guest off this blog by personally abusing him rather than just debating what he said. You’ve done this before, and you said you’d try not to do it in future. You know most of us here hate prosperity doctrine, and we welcome people like Phil Naessens, so you could at least be polite. It is disappointing for the rest of us.

    S&P – you are right about Lance. I too enjoy his style and think he unashamedly highlighted things that needed to be said. I would not have the capacity or training to do as he does. He is a journalist, and knows about evidence. So yes, this blog cannot be what it was under Lance. I try not to think about it as ‘my’ blog and have deliberately avoided trying to act as some sort of unofficial ‘leader’ here. Hence opening up authorship to many, so that I personally don’t hijack the agenda. However, its hard sometimes when I see things posted that can lead to hatred if taken to extremes, not to feel as if I am somehow perhaps seen to be endorsing those things merely by being administrator. That’s an issue I have to pray about and learn how to deal with.

    I am considering all the options.

    One option would be to put together some kind of code of conduct – not to be enforced, but to be stated and intrinsically agreed to by those who regularly comment here.

    Another option would be to state somewhere the issues which I personally hope to highlight on this blog, as admistrator, even if others also choose to highlight other concerns which I don’t necessarily share.

    So I’m not jumping to any decisions.

    I enjoy hearing everyone, and hope this blog contributes in some way to the Lord’s work, especially for those who are working out their responses to or coming out of some of the false doctrines being taught so popularly in churches today.

  18. Hmmm,…good,….good….., hmmmm…..grrrr…….hmmmm,

    ..And it does look like youre getting wiser Ravingpente!

    Though I hope to be dedicating much more time to more cohesive thought and action; it seems we could do all this even better; methodically, tactically, strategically.


  19. “So, Teddy,” he said, affectionately stroking teddys golden, glistening fur,

    “I take it you’ve gone on a long boat-trip,

    -or are unwilling to have a chat, which speaks at least one Biggles-volume of your level of commitment, meaning and driving-cause for why youre here!-nein?…”

    Zeppelin wagged a quivering finger at her button-eyes and shiny plastic nose, not even faintly realising that teddy was not actually a living-person, but a stuffed toy.

    However, he was forced to accept teddys freedom not to speak-” after all, ‘if youre talking to a teddy, its just like talking to yourself, isnt it?'”, he mused in a thick accent.

    He considered ‘hardly-ever blogging again’, and stood, formally, stiffly, a bald, sinister-looking semi-maniac, monocled, religiously-corseted [under the queer, old-fashioned military uniform],and limped with his silver-cane , slowly away from the mantelpiece stuffed with idiotic and gushy Bible-Commentaries, away into the dark passageway of the Bunker.


    Have a great time, angry Pentecostals. I may look-in from time to time.


  20. Hey Teddy, ‘just reviewed this thread; you can get my email from SP; it would be too insecure through this public domain;-‘just so many religious CREEPS around nowadays!’


  21. Wow I had no idea signposts2 was back. I just managed to stumble upon it

    If you’re that afraid of being sued then just use Tor and post anonymously

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