RavingPente is Resigning

Hi everyone,

I’ve taken time to consider this blog and my role in it from many different angles. My conclusion is that while its been an interesting exercise, and we do have some good material here in the discussions, I will step down from my role as administrator, regardless of whether or not someone else is willing to take that role on.

My reasons are as follows:

  • Minute but potential defamation risk.
  • Most of the material is not original and there may be copyright issues sometimes which I’m not qualified to ascertain for myself.
  • Since most of the material is not original, it can be found elsewhere on the internet by those who are interested.
  • Lance has started his blog again for those interested in the issues he covers, and he covers those issues in a way I personally don’t and never would.
  • The nature of this blog has diverted from what primarily interests me, and I am unwilling to run my own agenda here. I may even be perceived as though I support things which I don’t.
  • For the record, my personal interests in the blog are:

  • Looking at different expressions of ‘church’;
  • Providing a accepting place for people who are disillusioned or hurt from aspects of their church experience to get things off their chest;
  • Encouraging disillusioned people that there is still a journey to go with Christ, even if it is less conventional, and encouraging acceptance of those Christians already doing that;
  • Speaking truth against the extremes of prosperity doctrine (this does not mean I support poverty doctrine);
  • Being pro NT giving;
  • Speaking against a leadership style and doctrine that encourages domination and control;
  • Speaking for leadership that is servant oriented;
  • Covering examples of spiritual abuse and why it happens;
  • Promoting Christ’s love over legalism or ‘religion’ when there is a choice to be made;
  • Highlighting contemporary issues that seem unaddressed by the megachurches, including the need for discernment by the individual as well as leadership;
  • Exploring other difficult doctrinal questions at times.
  • I am specifically not interested in using this blog to highlight groups in society outside the church. To me, this is a place to examine ‘church’.

    I’m not interesting in examining here what the gay lobby or any other lobby that is not church based is doing. There is a risk of raising walls against people in society when Christian’s critique those who do not share their faith. It can even foster hatred among some. There are places for Christians who want to lobby about societal issues but it has not been the historic focus of this blog, and it’s not where I want to see this blog go.

    Since the nature of this blog has changed, and our community is small, it no longer has the variety of commenters to support enlarged discussions on these issues. While I could persist, I also don’t have the time to come up with new material on the subjects I am interested in.

    Three days from now, on Friday 13 June (how apt), I will remove myself from the administrator’s position and put a volunteer in if you wish it. I will have to delete the previous posts due to the risk issues. I recognise that people have invested time and effort here, and am loathe to just delete it all, but think there is little alternative in my position. Please save any of your own work that you want to keep privately.

    God bless you all,
    Raving Pente

    62 thoughts on “RavingPente is Resigning

    1. *sobs*

      Don’t go mum!

      *Hugs RP*

      I’m not big enough to look after myself all alone in a dis big church world.

    2. I am very sorry, S&P. I am going to get a bit of advice about taking it down, or leaving it up. In any case, I cannot continue with it as is, for all the reasons above.

    3. I won’t take it on because I’m too far to the other side of what most people would want to see, more of a foil than an instigator.

      Be blessed!

    4. Hi,

      Geez, I just linked your blog on my blogroll….I thought you did a really good job here….but you must do as the Lord leads you….if you are ever interested in guest blogging on my site raving…you have my email!

      God Bless You,


    5. Thanks so much, Phil. I’ll be regularly reading your blog. I may take you up on your offer. There are a few ideas I still have simmering in my head.

    6. Thanks or your work, RP. You’ve done well!

      Teddy, maybe you should find another church and forget about C3 for a while, that is, if you’re involved in any way. It will help you personally. C3 isn’t going to change, not the way you’d like. You are so far away from what they are that you’ll never be happy. John MacWhoever is so off-line as far as Pentecostalism is concerned, he’ll take you even further out, but if you’re happy with him, go for it. He has heaps of good stuff too, but he hates Pentecostals and charismatics, so you’ll end up confused if you attempt to be around both.

      Enjoyed your contributions, but don’t understand some of your theology, but there again, guess mine is strange to some also. God bless!

      Thanks for the challenge. I appreciate your concerns. Enjoy questioning everything, but remember that God is in control and he knows what he is doing. He has C3 people in his hands, and really, really loves them!

      Stay cool!

      Jesus is Lord! Our God reigns!

      Be blessed heaps! I’ve enjoyed your company, and hope to see you around on other blogs and annoy you some more, er, sorry enjoy you some more!

    7. Thanks Facelift. I’ve enjoyed your challenges, even though sometimes I felt frustrated. Thanks also for your support in putting up a significant number of posts as an author.

      Looks like no one else wants to take on the adminstrator role, so I’ve been thinking of how to archive the blog.

      One thing I could do is make any posts that pertain to individuals or specific churches private, which means they will not be viewable except by me. Other posts could be left public. I can close off comments. The material would then still be out there in a static form, and anything you want to retrieve from the private section you could retrieve through me, or possibly there is a setting which would just let regular contributors of my choice see everything.

      You see I don’t like the idea of destroying everyone’s input forever.

      As an experiment, I’ve made the post ‘Removing a Post’ private. Let me know if you can still see it or its comments or not. I can – but I should be able to and no-one else.


    8. Thanks for the loving send-off Facelift, I’m sure I don’t deserve it. Thankfully my happiness is grounded in Christ, not that you seem to believe that.

      Thanks RP for your respect for my private story and where I was coming from. All the best – catch up with you over at Phil Naessens perhaps?

    9. By the way Facelift, if you check Phil Naessens’ blogroll you will find much of John Macarthur! Steve Camp is an associate of sorts with a great website. Pulpit Magazine another superb site for us poor sad leaving charismania reformed people!

    10. Yes, Teddy, I’ll be checking out Phil’s blog. I’ll miss the live discussion here though. Hope all goes well for you in your current church. It’s wonderful that we have Christ, regardless of all else, isn’t it. It’s great that our churches don’t need to be perfect for God to work through them.

    11. “Goodbye, cruel World!” smiled Zeppelin, his monocle shining in the twilight, as he gently pushed the huge, Teutonic, carved rocking-cradle for the shivering and frightened fully grown-up people huddled inside,

      He gently placed a glistening and furry teddy there for comfort and noted with interest that some of his friends, perhaps just to phil in time, needed a facelift, or was that just a speck, or plank in his eye? Was David a heretic, he wondered, as he glanced casually at the mouse-hole where Speedy Gonzales once lived, and thought about his washing Bill.

      Zeppelin almost felt like a raving pentecostal himself, for he had heard that the Blog was nearly over, and there was no-one left in his corner of cyberspace to rave at or to; but he certainly wished that his Blog-mates (or if in Denmark, do we call them ‘blog-men’), the rest of a rich and dynamic life, and that they would simply ‘lance’ the big religious boils in their lives, and get away from their terribly sneezy, dusty old controversial manuscripts, and out the door into Gods shining creation, to go and visit some normal people having a great time with life…..

      “Ahh, a little wine, a little song, a little dance, a little Sponge-cake”, sighed the hardened veteran.

      Hey guys, Ive had alot of fun visiting my very first, and perhaps only-ever blog, and feel as if Christ has propelled me a light-year in a week. I have decided, from the things Ive seen here, to dedicate the rest of my life to the ‘Emerging Church’ that will almost certainly come from the awful mess of Christendom, and the criminal things done in the name of a gentle Saviour.

      I leave you with the oft-quoted saying below, and wonder how many of us would change the style or objectives of our endeavours if we were to engage in work like this again;

      “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

      The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming;

      but who Does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” T.Roosevelt.

      Would Zeppelin ever fly again?…would he ever combat evil in a place like this again?, …Would he ever become as great as some of the great minds he found here? [like Speedy?]……

      ‘Who Cares!” , he laughed, as he lit a cigarette and limped slowly away into the shadows trailing a fine trace of menthol……

      …”Haha,…I’ll see you again in TELEIOS, or I hope you may find me there…..its not a bad place.”



    12. Thanks teddy. I’ve watched this before. The guy really heavy on people. That bunch o wicked sinners, and that’s just the Church! He should learn about the GOOD NEWS.

    13. Zeppelin – beautifully put.

      If this blog was used to help you travel a light year in one week, then it has done more than any of us could possibly have imagined, and has been completely worthwhile.

      Facelift and Teddy – you are both right. 😉

    14. Awwwe. *group hug*
      Spread the brutally honest harsh love around! Keep it up! Keep it up!

      “I have decided, from the things Ive seen here, to dedicate the rest of my life to the ‘Emerging Church’ that will almost certainly come from the awful mess of Christendom, and the criminal things done in the name of a gentle Saviour.”

      Even the emerging church has it’s serious ‘faults’. Dedicate yourself to the true church by dedicating yourself to those who are in need, rejected and who aren’t noticed in life. It’s the more scenic and adventurous church where beauty is natural and not on parade.

      We all have our pride. We all have our beliefs. We all have our views.
      It’s all those things that makes everyone so different, challenging and enjoyable- except FaceLift. Love is a funny thing. You’re my forever loved pinyata!

    15. The ’emerging church’ is a big label that applies to so many things.

      I like what Jacobsen says about churches. Wayne Jacobsen, at Lifestream Ministries, has pointed out that sometimes when housechurches go wrong, it can be more abusive than when a bigger, more conventional church goes wrong. (Housechurches have sometimes been places where people who reject the structure and community patterns in traditional churches have gone, in order to get back to ‘true’ church.) Jacobsen points out that its possible to find beautifully functioning Christ centred communities in all these places as well.

      I agree with you, S&P. The one true church that is the body of Christ is in all sorts of places, including the megachurches, and including people who don’t even go to a ‘church’. The Christians commenting here are a part of it, even where our views have differed, and I think thats been one of the good things about this blog. It’s been great enjoying the diversity.

    16. It looks like I can make this blog entirely private. Then I can add up to 35 users.

      This looks like a better option to me now than deleting the blog completely. I can give all the regular participants and contributors access, you can grab or revisit your previous comments and posts if you want; you can leave comments here for other private users to see, but the blog will no longer be visible to the general public or searchable by search engines.

      This would allow any of us who wish to, to discuss any issues bugging us with ‘church’, but not publically. The blog will not have a role in drawing public attention to anything anymore though.

      I don’t expect that there would be much blog activity with that format, however. The main advantage is that you can still look up what we’ve discussed in the past.

      Note: To see the private blog, you need a wordpress account so that you can log in. It’s simple – you can get one in seconds.

      Any thoughts?

    17. You do what seems right to you RP.

      s&p, ‘forever loved pinyata’… it’s not what’s on the outside that counts. Isn’t the person whacking the pinyata supposed to be blindfolded? Be cautious of hitting out in the dark. You never know who may be in the way, or what you’re truly striking. Whack away, whack away, but beware of what spills out! It may not all be chocolates! Hopefully this pinyata is filled with the Spirit.

    18. Heretic says goodbye and wishes you all well. He’s been flat out busy lately, so I’m writing this for him. If he gets the chance, maybe he’ll add a final comment later tonight.

      He wanted me to assure you all that in reality, I am a very submissive wife. 🙂

    19. “He wanted me to assure you all that in reality, I am a very submissive wife. ”

      Yes dearest. If you say so dearest.

    20. Well like Z this was my first foray into the blogsphere though work commitments have limited my input to short periods of late. All in all it was:
      but I think I have ended up more:
      and less:
      argumentative (strangely)
      which you might think are good things or bad things depending on your world-view.

      So thankyou to all. I suspect we have all changed each other if only in small ways. I feel I am losing a community which is kind of a strange thing since I don’t know who you all are. But I wonder whether we know each other’s points of view better than our face-to-face friends do?

      As MN would say, “shalom”.

    21. It would be good if we could have this blog on private. It means we can keep in contact with some other online Christian WordPress bloggers. Phil Naessen’s for example. Signpost’s still has a place here and in the global ‘private’ church community. We are still meeting new bloggers everyday (well I am) as I explore their blogs on wordpress. I’ll always drop them a line about Signposts anyway.

      I’m still wandering if I would like to run SignPosts. That means I’ll be running two online communities which will be really stretching me. But if people like Teddy like posting up their interesting articles alongside with FaceLifts finds, it shouldn’t be that hard. I just hate seeing things die! (And I didn’t think I was a religious traditionalist!)

      So please RP:
      Let it be. Let it beee. Let it beeeee. Let it beee.
      Speaking words of wisdom: let it beeeeeeEEEEEEEE!

    22. “s&p, ‘forever loved pinyata’… it’s not what’s on the outside that counts. Isn’t the person whacking the pinyata supposed to be blindfolded?”

      Not the way I play it! >:D
      BTW. You sound like my grandmother.

      “Hitting in love. Sounds suspiciously like Todd Bentley to me. Better watch out, S&P.”

      SHUTUP! *karate chops face*
      Now yaw sinuses ah gon! Plaise the Rold! HARRERUJAH!

    23. S&P, this is a good site if you’re interested. Trevor Hammack has a lot of great preaching on Sermonaudio.com. I know a lot more sites and interestly enough they all seem to connect eventually (such as Phil Naessens). I think we are all on that same journey away from the “wacky” and into something purer.


    24. pm.

      S&P has said he is willing to become administrator.

      So I’m going to upgrade his privileges, and then hand over.

      Keep checking here for updates. I will have to talk with him directly to discuss how we do this.

    25. OK – S&P is now administrator. He has as much power as I do as of now… will it go to his head???

      Everyone who was able to author can still author. So, feel free to do new posts.

      After I’ve had a chat with him, I’ll demote myself.

      Then Signposts02 can continue. Maybe it will have yet another new flavour. All this passing the baton is kind of interesting in itself, and I’m learning a lot.

      I still think now that it would be good to have some kind of code of conduct, to help reduce risk for the admin, and we might explore these issues here soon, maybe in a new post for that purpose.

      By the way, the readership of this blog is slowly increasing, so it actually has been gradually gathering its own momentum, even though my approach has been different from Lance’s and we lost some people in the transition to the new site.

      I’d never done this kind of blogging before coming across Signposts1, where I lurked for quite a while, saying nothing. It amazes me to find such a large international community of people connecting despite the distances between us.

      There are also some other blogs which have a range of policies regarding comments and posts, which I may take a look at to see whether any of them would have merit for us – to protect the administrator, protect those people who don’t concern themselves with risk (say things before they think about the consequences perhaps), and to protect the aims of our community in producing a blog like this one.

      It’s possible we should even consider a new name, or else make it clear the nature of this blog compared to previous ones – once we’ve sorted it.

    26. Ayy Specksandplanks,

      ‘Emerging Church has serious faults!- what!- Im petrified; heavens to Mergutroyd- I havent even SEEN it yet, except in a vision!-I’d better hang with you and check out its obviously warty and grotesque reality, eh!?-there are probably smelly people there, who avoid your group-hugs-and please, dont forget the roll-on buddy!

      ‘I can almost smell the Pizza mate!-‘, which is to wonder;’ -why anyone would bother endlessly bashing a pinyata without getting the lollies out and then throwing it away so you can go home a happy kid!’
      Looks to me like you want to be ‘the Irresistible force that meets the immovable object’!, so maybe you arent Hitler-youth after all, and are ready to graduate to full-S.S. by taking this blog over….hmmm,….

      …However, there really IS no substitute for the strange beauty of a good-old Viking Funeral, is there?; you supply the petrol, and I’ll get you a match!

      Ahh, Facelift, Facelift…the only cure for you is simply to start your OWN blog; a Three-ringed-Circus of Religious debate , eh?; sounds like Facelift-heaven to me!

      ” -This is a trustworthy saying. And I want you to stress these things, so that those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to DOING what is good. These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.
      9But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless.”Titus 3:8-9- ‘nothing quite like ‘useless’ activity, is there?

      Hey Heretic, your note reads like a wonderful Haiku-poem; Ive pasted it in my memory, which is to say ‘you will always live in my Memory’!, my friend.

      And how wonderful to encounter the Silky and harmless-looking Teddy; your Zen-like posting of websites will be missed!

      And ‘Goodbye-Yellow-brick Pente’; We’ll have to figure out a way to irritate and exclude you by making up new rules like ‘NO GIRLS ALLOWED’ or whatever; thanks for everything, darling Christian friend to all,

      And, dont ever forget; “Freedom is just a doorknob away” my friends!


      Zeppelins elegant patent boots painfully stepped, dragged..stepped, dragged,… and then stopped at the top of the stone balustrade of the Grosshalle of the silent, mighty and brooding Schloss Falkenstein.

      For something had caught his eye; -there, rusting away on a rack, as tall as a man, was an ancient suit of armour, passed-down through many centuries of his decidedly creepy-blooded ancestors;

      “Ah,..the Breastplate of Righteousness,..Belt of Truth, ..the Helmet of Salvation und the Shield of Faith !”, and there, balancing on its mount, the Sword of the Spirit….

      He reached out with his silver cane and prodded the equipment gingerly;

      “Himmel, ..if only I were a younger Man!….”

    27. What!?- Youre all still here!!-

      I was just chipping-away at the R.I.P. sign and polishing the headstone , when out you all come-again, like Lazarus, clomping away out of the Tomb!

      And seeing I dont get to miss you anymore…..Im getting outta here!!


    28. Zeppilin come backkkkkkkkkkkkk……………………………..we’ve got a reprieve!!

      I suddenly feel happy, this is weird… I’m not alone anymore!!!!!!!!!!

    29. Hey Teddy, I’m glad you’re happy. Makes me pleased that I didn’t just irretreivably delete the blog without any warning. Don’t want you to be all alone!

    30. And yes, RP, the power WILL go to his head; “dont blame your mobile phone when it happens, SP!”

      Wha-a…I think Ive just transformed into Speedygonzales!



    31. “Oh Teddy, Im touched- I didnt think you cared! ”

      He patted the perfect Plasticene replica of Marys Foot reassuringly, and decided to use it as a bookstop for his dusty and stuffy Theological treaties and manuscripts,- “Well, perhaps there is some use for the thing after all,…”



    32. RP perhaps you had better change the announcement under Signposts2 to “it’s a woman’s right to change her mind”.

    33. OK – I’ve deleted a few posts that might have caused concern. Not because I thought there was actually anything in them that was a worry, but just in case anyone took things to an extreme. I did this for my own sake so that we can keep all the rest freely, and also for S&P’s sake, so that he can start with a blank slate in that area.

      I’m no legal expert, however, I think everything we have left here is going to be OK. Just doctrinal debates; no allegations of actual illegal misconduct or anythng. Mainly it was articles where the discussion may have become specific and pointed, and required some proof if challenged, or where maybe copyright might have been an issue.

      Anyway, the administrator has the power to remove posts, and S&P will be able to do this if requested.

      To be honest, this blog while opinionated, is pretty clean I think,

    34. “Keep checking here for updates. I will have to talk with him directly to discuss how we do this…

      … OK – S&P is now administrator. He has as much power as I do as of now… will it go to his head???”

      That was a great conversation we had last night RP! Thanks ‘gain!

      And to those who can posting up on to Signposts: go for it! I’ll probably be monitoring content to see if it’s deemed appropriate. I’m incredibly busy. I’ll come on when I can. So this is really your show too.

      To give you insight as to where this blog might be heading has all to do with my name. What are we looking at in the church? Is it a speck or a plank? Is an issue we address something that the church should deal with now, or something that is quite insignificant in the long run?

      I may major on a minor or minor on a major. So there will be some things you will like me saying and other things you wont. It is a blog after all. But I love all your opinions (including yours FaceLift). To me this Signposts community is all about the story of opinions. It’s still being written and we all get to see character development as each one of us grow and change and share our experiences one way or the other.

      And hopefully. Just hopefully. As respectable Christian’s, we can start meeting up for (Gloria-Jean style) coffee’s. The decision is completely up to you if you want. Play it safe. If you have any enquiries or concerns with content on Signposts too as well or would like to drop a line, here is my e-mail:


      See you around site!

    35. I am very happy to meet up for coffee at times! In fact, it would be amusing to do it at Gloria Jeans (smirk), but there are sooo many good coffee places around Sydney!

    36. Their Vanilla Latte is really excellent; better than any other Ive tasted, which is not to say ‘What about ALDIs Instant over at my place”….[sound of crickets-]

      So Team, what is the general understanding of ‘The Emerging Church’?- Its a new term to me entirely, and I may be giving it a meaning that is not its generally understood one.

      To me it implies the Church ‘Coming out-of’, quite precisely, whether out of old structures, or ‘this present time’ or emerging from this 21C. society ; People coming together in Christ in this ‘Zeigeist’, or ‘spirit of the time’.

      Is this too abstract a general question as Ravingpente bows out and Specks&planks curtseys in?

      Goodnight everyone, congrats all round, ho-hum,…off to bed.

      [tucking himself into a warm corner of the airship, between the hydrogen-bags]


    37. “So Team, what is the general understanding of ‘The Emerging Church’?- Its a new term to me entirely, and I may be giving it a meaning that is not its generally understood one.”

      Well, technically speaking, this online community is being an ’emerging church’. We are not conforming to the way a ‘church’ should be, how it should run, etc. To me this is healthy. We are actually being real and ‘being’ the actual living church where we relate, laugh, discuss and debate doctrines and issues of this day.

      What makes the ’emerging church’ church dangerous (which every movement has) is the glorification of individualism. Truth is not absolute but subjective. This makes the ’emerging church’ formless and can make certain movements within unaccountable or can de-rail central faith principles within small movements.

      This movement may also cause division in the body as anyone’s views within this type of church movement correct. Correction and teaching can be absent as it is up to the saved individual’s interpretation or opinion what it means to be saved or who God is.

      So it has it good sides and it’s bad sides. I see more bad sides coming out of it then good stuff. Mainly because I have seen many friends go wayward and become completely close-minded. Other times I’m all for it because it’s good to see young Christians think for themselves and go to scripture to see what God wants to say to them.

      Thank God we are all balanced in the brain on Signposts. That’s including you too Specksandplanks!

    38. “We are not conforming to the way a ‘church’ should be, how it should run, etc. To me this is healthy. We are actually being real and ‘being’ the actual living church where we relate, laugh, discuss and debate doctrines and issues of this day.”

      Right; so let me say back what I understand;

      ‘The ‘Emerging Church’ is being very ‘real’ about its practical faith, as it ’emerges’ out of the present Zeitgeist, or ‘spirit of the present time’; through its cultural and technical media.’

      What do we think out there, troops?


    39. Pretty cool site ravingpente; these issues are pretty alarming and nice to ‘name-names’ to identify the areas of malpractice.-interesting to compare what direction this place will go in complementing these places of thought.


    40. Hey Christians- GET OUT THERE!- for “a little leaven leavens the lump”- It is so important that we move with whatever fruitfulness we have in life to help leaven the world around us-

      Good to See you wakey74.


    41. Z – its worth remembering where Lance is coming from. He’s not exactly neutral, which anyone reading his site would pick up on pretty quickly. He will pick on anything, including the very trivial or things which in another setting might not be seen as particularly alarming. He hates Pente churches and regards Pentecostals as idiots. He publicises abuse issues from time to time though, which when they are real is sometimes needed, and recognises manipulative doctrine such as ‘touch not the Lord’s anointed’.

    42. Think of Lance as ‘Church Watch’; ‘Media Watch’ gone extreme ‘Compass’.
      What he writes about can be incredibly funny yet what he talks about and uncovers is very informative and dare I say, carries a prophetic edge/warning.

      I don’t know what prophet hasn’t been offensive at least one time in ministry.

    43. Yes, I think that’ right, S&P. You probably put it better than I did. Although I’m not sure about a prophetic edge – hey I don’t even know if Lance would believe in that! The warning part – definitely.

    44. Proverbs16:1- my favourite verse in the Bible my dear!-

      [remember even an Ass can be one!]

      “I humbly submit that I too, am often a Pentecostal idiot.”

      [Teutonic clicking of heels and casual nazi salute]

      “I Love all do-gooders in the world,” sighed Zeppelin, as he surveyed the enemy-held city below through his Zeiss binoculars……right crew, lets set course for home!- Castle Falkenstein at once!”

      Zeppelin ‘knew’ that his airship was lighter than air, yet he had never ‘wondered’ about it…


    45. Hah-hahahh!

      A friend only just told me what a “Troll” is in Blogspace!—well, well,…fancy anyone wanting to BE a ‘Christian Troll’ eh??…



    46. RP

      thanks for your willingness to step into the breach when Lance pulled the pin and provide a forum for folks.

      I have a look every now and then



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