Bringing Back the Dukebox- Come Thou Fount

Be touched. Be taken. Be inspired. Be convicted!

May it be medicine to those who are desperate for God right now…

Enjoy this wonderful hymn…

8 thoughts on “Bringing Back the Dukebox- Come Thou Fount

  1. Humanity is at its best when mankind moves beyond itself to glorify God so passionately!

    Wonderful call; nothing cynical or stupid in the above; faultlessly lovely!

    I remember we used to sing a very shabby version of ‘Come Thou fount’ in my old denomination’ though there’s nothing like sheer excellence in doing something like this;

    ‘The pure in heart shall surely see God.’

    Amazing call, friend,


  2. I saw your fave’ band & choir above…

    No wonder you like me so much Teddy- You too are kinky about uniforms!

    [Zeppelins skull-like face broke into a tight grin as he thought momentarily, raised his eyebrows , switched on the crackling radio set and tuned it into the goofiest Christian channel he could find, then pulled the throttles forward, and the great ship adorned with huge Maltese crosses zoomed into the clouds…..Zeppelins heart was happy.]


  3. WOWZA!!! That song was fantastic Teddy! I’m cheering for that singer. What a voice!
    Zepp will love that!

  4. “Awesome Teddy; completely outside my reality!”

    Zeppelin removed his navy cap, clicked his heels & bowed solemnly, revealing that he too, had Bumac Vitas’s haircut.


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