SpecksAndPlanks is Taking Over

Hi all,

S&P has volunteered to take over admin of this blog.

Thanks very much S&P!

At the moment, everyone who could previously author still can, including myself, but soon it will be S&P’s decision as to what and whom to allow.

So – better be nice to him!

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  1. wow I’m a bit confused! I used to be on the original signposts site, but what has happened since then? I remember teddy bu no one else!

  2. Hi Emma. First Lance started signposts2 (at the demise of the original signposts), then he deleted it because he “got sick of the Pente mind-games”. Then signposts3 happened – which might have been an accident, but a few people found it, and agreed to set up ‘signposts02’, hoping to continue with anyone who found their way there. I did the admin, and opened up authorship to several people. It became a general discussion site about issues relating to church, often but not always with a Pentecostal or ex-Pentecostal theme, or themes relating to different forms of ‘church’. It is not like the original signposts, because the community there really disbanded, and it could in no way be like it was when Phil and Dan were running that one. Each time the admin changes, so does the blog personality.

    However, for those few of us still here, its been another type of community, and we’ve enjoyed exchanging views on topics that are often controversial at the churches we attend, or that we have left. We still get interesting visitors at times, and depending on the topic, interesting links to other parts of the blogosphere.

    Now I am resigning from admin, but it is being taken over. I didn’t truly regard it as ‘mine’, since I didn’t start it up or dictate its agenda, only continued something that was really the result of interactions of a group.

    Specks&Planks will continue things for now, and no doubt there will be another personality change. But everyone is always welcome!

  3. Thanks for the explanation! The demise of signposts the original coincided with me having baby number three, which took all my time and attention for a while! I got back on to have a look and found everything had changed! will definitely stick around though.

  4. Hi,

    I for one am happy about this….you have a good community here which isn’t all that easy to build….I’d say things are going well!!!!

    Keep up the good work serving the Kingdom!


  5. I’ve been around since the original Signposts and Lance’s Signposts 2.
    I contacted individuals via e-mail allot.

    Emma. You probably don’t know me. I stuck mainly to certain threads on original Signposts.
    And I enjoy reading intelligent replies. Phil. I look forward to hearing more from you and seeing your insights.

  6. The precision and interpretation of Christs message is frequently disconcerting-

    Tonight I read yet another interpretation of “Lazarus & the Rich Man”- and find myself finally pretty convinced upon its right interpretation, after 20+ years of puzzling…


    Why bring this up here?- just to remind you perhaps Specks &planks et al , of the kind of interpretive faith we are dealing with, and what you’re presiding over- I so often wish this faith were simpler but it is what it is; often requiring better interpretation than our English Bibles provide, and often the best opinions of our fellows.

    I hereby recant anything I wrote previously on this topic, and accept this interpretation as being ‘just-that-much-better’ .

    Here’s to better workmanship on this blog!


  7. And Emma? Are you from Kansas? I’m broke and I need your help…
    I’ve heard about you up in Lakeland…

  8. And that article was really good Zepp. How did you stumble onto that.
    There was only one thing I disagreed with in that entire article. That’s rare!

  9. “The great men and women of faith listed in Hebrews 11 have not yet been made perfect and given eternal life. They, along with all the saints of God from every age, are currently sleeping in their graves (Job 3:11-19; Psa. 6:5; 115:17; Ecc. 9:5, 10; I Cor. 15:20; Isa. 57:1-2; Dan. 12:2; Acts 2:29, 34; 13:36). These saints are awaiting the first resurrection, which will take place when Yeshua the Messiah returns at the sounding of the seventh trumpet (Matt. 24:30-31; I Cor. 15:51-52; I The. 4:16; Rev. 11:15-18). ”

    Unless I am uneducated on these issues, he needs to understand the different reesurrections that take place in end times.

  10. Hah!- dear brother,
    Im too practically-minded to dispute death/resurrection issues, as I would feel rather helpless, once lowered into my coffin!

    However this parable compared with the “Parable of the Two Sons” bears some interesting fruit-I was chatting with Frau-Zeppelin about it this morning; ie.

    ‘The Gentiles, Prostitutes and Tax-collectors are, and were easily entering Gods Kingdom through Jesus, but what did the sons of Israel; Pharisees and Lawyers, etc.’ do that was so wrong?’-the issues that spring out of such a simple question just about deserve their own Blog-Post,

    and I dearly hope Im not being boring here my friends!


  11. Matthew 21:28-34 (New International Version)

    The Parable of the Two Sons

    28″What do you think? There was a man who had two sons. He went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work today in the vineyard.’
    29″ ‘I will not,’ he answered, but later he changed his mind and went.

    30″Then the father went to the other son and said the same thing. He answered, ‘I will, sir,’ but he did not go.

    31″Which of the two did what his father wanted?”
    “The first,” they answered.

    Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you.

    32For John came to you to show you the way of righteousness, and you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and the prostitutes did. And even after you saw this, you did not repent and believe him.”

    -Lay this next to the Lazarus & Rich man parable, and you may see some interesting implications , Christian thinkers!–“What did the ‘Righteous Joes’ do so wrong”?


  12. Hmm… I’ve would have thought that parable was fairly pointed and obvious. Just that Lazarus and the rich man is more popular than the parable of the two sons.

    It’s more of an eye opener when more context and meat is given to it.
    That site that you got it from is very good too Zep.
    Thanks for blessing me with hours of fun!

    BTW… You aren’t serious about leaving Signposts02 are you?
    That would so suck! I’m enjoying the flavor you add on here.

    In terms of resurrections- from my understanding there are three.
    The first return, Christ will come like a thief in the night. The first resurrection will take place. First the dead Christian’s will be raised up from the grave, followed by the living.
    The second return, Christ will resurrect the nation and generations of Israel and judge them.
    The third resurrection is just before the Great White Throne Judgment when the sea and earth give up their dead.

  13. I mean,

    look at the generosity of heart in God letting ‘such scum’ as “prostitutes and tax-collectors” come into his world [considering what these people actually DO for a living!]; his Kingdom; ‘ignorant’ Gentiles too! [Goyiim]- and how the ‘righteous Joes’ actually try to, [and usually succeed at] PREVENTING the rest of humanity from entering.

    God doesnt really ask much from people to “Do his work” as in the parable above, but exercise true ‘love & mercy’, and yet his people perpetually seem to be reverting to ‘works & sacrifice’, ; fancy ‘religious machinery’ which actually seems to kill peoples spirits; this is like the perpetual cycle of the Old testament- faith/idolatory/punishment/repentance….

    Im of the conviction that Father Abraham, who had no ‘Law’ was actually a man who had returned to profound sensitivity with life….

    PS- Im glad I dont have to worry about those resurrections!-phew you had me worried for a second!

    “BTW… You aren’t serious about leaving Signposts02 are you?
    That would so suck! I’m enjoying the flavor you add on here.”

    “…heh,heh!- actually, I can see Signposts2 developing toward a solid functionality-

    [All would do well to check-out “Think & grow rich by Napoleon Hill; ‘The Mastermind’ chapter]
    -because its a hens-tooth Church that examines what it does openly, and we can help a lot of people with the deveopment of Christian thought & action here-otherwise, we are wasting our time, especially if our blog-people develop static mentalities and become pathetic “Trolls”!


  14. I wonder how u people can figure out these ressurrections and when they will take place.Itseems to me that,until God gives more insight via the latter day rain spoken of by The writer, Joel,from the Holy Spirit, we don’t really know.If u read carefully u can see that The Apostle Paul Said that we the living would be taken up to be with the Lord, in the twinkling of an eye when the last trumpet sounds.It is apparent to me that he was the first of many who thought than Christ would return in their Day.We know from History, that this was not the case.We need History and The Holy Spirit to interpret Prophecy.This can also show us whether a particular Prophecy was intended to warn, so that through human will and desire the contained prediction may be averted.How do we know that at least part of Revelation, is not intended for this purpose?I think a lot of Doom and Gloomers make this mistake.In so doing they preach fire and brimstone as if it is all written in stone, therefore ther’s nothing we can do, because it is all going to happen anyway.Then they preach to, in their eyes, the lost, all the while not realising that the words of Isahia apply to them.It says that they will be praying for the coming of the great and fear inspiring Day Of The Lord, Jehovah.It will come on them though it would seem.

  15. So much of revelation hasn’t happened yet.

    So, I am afraid that you’ve gotten this latter day rain thing all wrong. Jesus will return before the world recognises Him as King. It is a false theology that says that the Church will usher in the Kingdom of God before Jesus can come back.

    It is a heresy that will set up countless believers to bring about a Christianised fascism.

  16. So Bull,If I have go the latter day rein wrong,why did Peter ascribe speaking in tounges as tha spoken by he Prophe Joel as coming o pass? I would like you or anyone else to show me proof tha this Prophecy has ceased o be in operation, since that time.Secondly, in he words of Paul, the Gifts ,would cease a ime of perfection,perfection didn’t arrive when he early Chrisians died out.Nor can we say by looking at he presen day, that perfection has arrived.So I pu it o you that, this prophecy, along with others may well be in a continuing state of flux, so o speak.It is he Lord’s prerogative to have cotinuation of prophecy,once birthed.You are quite righ in your assertion, that parts of the Revelaion has not yet occurred,however I am of the opinion hat a lot of itt had already happened a the time of John’s having he visions.I said on this blog before, that if you realise ha i is writen in the way of Hebrew Prayer construction, as some scholars suggestthen you may well be trying to inerpret things ha are one and the same, as something tthat is not really there.On he matter of the Church, ushering in,have you noticed ha he Wedding of the King, occurs a midnigh in he 10 virgins parable, so as I suppose that he wise virgins tha had enough oil, are represenaive of The Church, which is at least, apart, of the Bride of Christ,hen some of hem must be ready.Consider: It is possible for people o be imperfec in heir personal life,make mistakes, either in delivering he prophecy, or interpreting it according to a false belief system, a yet at the same for the essence of the prophecy to sill, in he main to hold ttrue.If you ttake the cases of William Branham and,say Edgar Cayce.In Branham’s case, a perusal of his prophecies, would sugges truh and accuracy of the first five.He appears to have come a cropper, when he appears o be wrong abou 1977 and I hink, what he fel was the Catholic Church.His contemporaries tthen labeled him a False Prophet.Does his mean his prophecy is false?I suggest no.TThe Lord I believe, led me tto check him out.I heard of him beween 20-30 years ago,I din’t even have his name right, bu I found him, by Google, in relation tto bubble cars.I can tell u that We need tto analyze these William Branham gems in the lightt of tthe present.Cayce was a trancer,not always accuratte, in my opinion,but he was getting information, that too was accurate.If he misused or other’s in his circle did,he would be rebuked, and at times suffered in his own health,whist continuing to help ohers with tthe material, as he called it.As you can see I have sharply divergent thouts, from much of the theological schools of thought.This doesn’t mean either of us have all he correct intterpretation, and/or answers, but by sensible study and debate, considering, whilst remaining sensitive o our fellow’s opinions and feelings,along with he Holy Spirit’s guidance we can improve our understandings of the scriptures and The Father’s, through Christ Jesus Plan and purposes for our lives.Ps my keyboard is faulty, so please read in the missing letters.Prayers in earnes, to all.Dallas.

  17. Paragraphs, punctuation, spaces etc. These are essential to even read what you are saying in any coherent fashion.

    Anyway let’s deal with Branhamism.

    Branham denied the trinity. He also claimed that Cain was born to Eve as a result of a sexual union between Eve and the Devil.

    Lets say, for the sake of argument, that Branham started out ok. He didn’t finish ok. He was an out and out heretic who denied the truths of scripture and invented bizarre heresies.

    So, how far back do we go before we treat what he said as being sound?

    The truth is, we don’t need anyone or anything other than Jesus and the Bible.

    The Holy Spirit points us to Jesus. Jesus points us to the Father. The Bible teaches us what Jesus did and what the Father is like.

    We don’t need fallible gurus. We need God!


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