Catholic World Youth Day Experience

Since this week contains all the activities leading up to Catholic World Youth Day, and the Pope’s visit to Sydney, I thought it might be interesting to hear from anyone who has had any sort of experience or encounter to do with that event.

My main encounter so far, as a non-participant, is to pour over the details of the changed traffic arrangements in Sydney to see if I can get to various appointments easily or not. 🙂 Plus Sydney does seem to gaining an extra festive air to it again, as it does any time a big event arrives, seeing pilgrims with brightly coloured bags wandering around, and people getting ready for the various activities. I have to admit I enjoy that effect. The weather is helping too – right now its a beautiful, classically sunny Sydney winter day. Gorgeous.

So if anyone has any comments on how the event is affecting them, or their participation in the event, or their opinion as events unfold over the coming week, it would be interesting to hear from you.



9 thoughts on “Catholic World Youth Day Experience

  1. I think it is interesting that the Pope is staying at an Opus Dei place. Opus Dei has acquired greater prominence under this pope.

  2. I live about 20 mins from Sydney CBD by train. I drove between my suburb and the next one, and saw 5 police cars, lights flashing, along some of the more public thoroughfares. Must have been security for WYD. I don’t remember seeing so much police presence for either the Olympics or for APEC when they were in Sydney.

  3. I don’t think speaking in tongues should ever be regarded as sanctifying an event, or any manifestation.

    Also, while I believe we have brothers and sisters within the Catholic church, how can we criticise aspects of the Pente (and other) churches without regarding those same things and other heresies that exist in the Catholic church in the same light?

    There is a lot that the Pente and Catholic churches have in common. Pente churches don’t have a Pope, but can treat individuals as if they have Pope-like authority. Both churches are very interested in signs and wonders, which means discernment is needed in that area. Even ‘indulgences’ seem to have some overlap in practice of a kind. There have been charismatic gifts in parts of the Catholic church for decades that I know of. Possibly always. We are quite critical of aspects of these things in the Pente churches here, and can’t ignore their existence in the Catholic Church without being hypocritical. This does not even touch the issues of doctrine and sacrament etc unique to the Catholic church.

    I am hoping that all the visitors to Sydney for WYD have an enjoyable time and that Jesus is shared. But there is a lot of other stuff that’s pretty major which I don’t agree with, despite hoping things go well. Hopefully focussing on Jesus and overlooking other things for the sake of this event doesn’t imply endorsement where one has serious concerns.

  4. Having coffee when a bunch of pilgrims went past the cafe bearing a tall gold cross, singing songs to a drum beat. Sounded pretty good. They were all looking around interestedly at everyone and everything near by. Seemed to be from South America perhaps, except for the bunch of more sheepish looking Aussies taking up the rear.

  5. My father’s non-Catholic (and non-Christian) perspective: Next year at this time I expect to go to Europe for World non-Catholic Seniors Day, with free accommodation and board provided by sympathetic locals, my expenses beyond the airfare assisted by the EU.

  6. Ok. I hardly bumped into many protestant believers for WYD. Friends from Hillsong mentioned that Joyce Meyer was talking at Hillsong last week. She wasn’t happy and had a go at Hillsong being happy-clappy and not getting out into the community. My friends thought it was fairly amusing.

    For CCC on the other hand, on Thursday, I met a young lady who went to CHANGE on Wednesday night CCC OFG. She was really angry with Phil Pringle. He was speaking that night. It was what he said that made her leave the premises and come into the city to celebrate world youth day. She was telling me about it.

    She mentioned that Phil was talking about experiencing God after worship. He made a comment how God is much bigger then any event and how priveleged each and everyone is to be in a place where they can experience the power of God. This was followed by a few ‘amens’. This girl said that the worship was a bit flat and dry as well.

    In terms of Hillsong playing on Friday night, they were average. It was as though they tried to make the event Hillsong where they performed. They performed worship and performed as though they were having a good time. They were out of touch completely. I felt sorry for them. It really came across they were conditioned to their church ‘excellence’ model. The man that lead worship after them was fantastic.

  7. My Catholic Mother In Law noted frequently ‘how much fun they were all having’-I note with irony and concern how we as a nation used the event to showcase our Country for Tourism, rode roughshod over our own businesses to do so, and how nobody seemed to mention the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    These people really believe Il Papa is the inheritor of St Peters ‘Rock;headship’ of the Church.

    I was glad of conspicuous Christian Presence and the fine weather-God was interested for sure!


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