Jukebox is back – special Jesus-free version of “Shout to the Lord”

As seen on American Idol – Starting with the moving line “My Shepherd, My Saviour”

Coming soon – new versions of old hymns and choruses :

“Come thou long expected Shepherd”

“His name is Shepherd”

“Shepherd what a beautiful name”

11 thoughts on “Jukebox is back – special Jesus-free version of “Shout to the Lord”

  1. The need to remove Jesus’ name is interesting. Removing “Jesus” did not change the meaning of the song in the slightest but at the same time made it acceptable to the general public, at least in the eyes of the broadcaster.

    Jesus truly is, as Peter and Paul said, a rock of offense. People like the acceptable christianese concepts but don’t want the person of Jesus.

  2. “mountains bow down and the seas will roar at the sound of your name”….err that we ourselves dare not mention in public. A bit ironic.

  3. There’s another version where the ‘top 8′ left Jesus in. Apparently some of the singers refused to sing the song without Jesus’ name.

    See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6G0U8Vg6nY

    Isn’t there a kind of wierd irony that a show called ‘American Idol’ decides to sing a worship song?

    What an amazing reach this song has had.

  4. “What an amazing reach this song has had.”

    Totally. This was sung tonight at the WYD. The entire crowd was singing this with their hands raised and waving their flags. People have found it to be an incredibly powerful song.

    The only thing I don’t get about it is the last line. Can someone explain it?
    “Nothing compares to the promise I have in you.”

    What on earth does that mean?

  5. I suppose it means that the hope we have in Jesus is incomparable to any other worldly hope.

    For me the meaning of the song is very much changed by leaving out the name of Jesus. It removes the person who inspired the song and makes it a general song which praises any Lord. It is almost as if it is saying “Have faith in Faith” and it becomes sentimental because it changes the focus from a particular person to us “I sing for Joy”, “Forever I’ll love you” etc.

    I think Darlene would have had to approve this version of the song. I think its a sell-out because it negates the inspiration for the song. If American Idol went to Eric Clapton, and said “we’d love to do your song “If I saw you in Heaven” but we want to make a few changes, take out the bit about your son dying etc.” and he agreed to it we would think that maybe he didnt have much respect for his original song, maybe the song didnt really mean as much to him as it means to others.

  6. Yep, Human society is weird enough eh?

    Political correctness is disgusting, but maybe Im just old-fashioned.

    Proverbs 25:26
    “Like a muddied spring or a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way to the wicked.”

    -so it looks uncool when these people leave out the Lords name when pandering to Multicultural sensitivities; almost looks like they’re denying Him in public, and the white clothes dont really cover up this problem.

    [As I mentioned somewhere before, it doesnt take much to qualify the word ‘wicked’, so Im not being too harsh.]

    Have fun bros,



  7. I saw this and had tears in my eyes becuse I thought it so amazing that a secular show would allow something like this.
    Then the next time I saw the show (don’t remember where or when) they were all singing some song that was complelty athiest (forgotten what it was) just as happily. And I’m not taking about sex/drugs – can I suck your lollipop or whatever, it was blatantly promoting an anthiestic view.

    What a let down. I wonder if they let the christian thing happen because of the bible belt/christian presence in america and because so many idol contestants seem to be christian or come from christian backgrounds?

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