Ju-ke-boox <<Mal-f-f-function BUMAC VITAS – ONEPA

I tried to hint for wazza to post his other hymn’s up and couldn’t find the songs he was going to post up.

So enjoy this thrilling piece of euro-ecstasy! I love it each time I listen to it, so enjoy this jukebox malfunction away from the hymns.

6 thoughts on “Ju-ke-boox <<Mal-f-f-function BUMAC VITAS – ONEPA

  1. I couldnt figure out what you meant S&P, it wasnt me who had the list of hymns. I think it was Teddy.

    Not a hymn, but this one is dedicated to RP and Heretic “Ship of Fools” by World Party. Not that I’m saying CCC are fools, but it is a good expression of how I feel when I leave a bad situation.

    “Save me, Save me from tomorrow
    I don’t want to sail with this Ship of Fools..”

  2. Thanks so much for that Wazza. Excellent – truly excellent.

    I loved that song when it first came out. But I never listened to it then the way I just did now (several times). So many words rather too apt… I’d better not list them.

    And I don’t think of my friends still there as fools at all, but I think the leadership is steering into those warning waves… without a clue… away from the Light of the World but not realising it.

  3. And by the way, S&P, that clip above is truly wierd and wonderful… I haven’t heard a man singing like that since Jimmy Somerville from Bronski Beat. (Showing my age again.)

  4. Er, RP can’t believe it but I had not heard that song before. In the context Wazza gave it it felt like those guys knew our situation exactly. That was amazing Wazza, a great call. Thanks 🙂

  5. Wazza posted:

    As seen on American Idol – Starting with the moving line “My Shepherd, My Saviour”
    Coming soon – new versions of old hymns and choruses :
    “Come thou long expected Shepherd”
    “His name is Shepherd”
    “Shepherd what a beautiful name”
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    Posted by wazza2

    BTW. I loved that song. Show us more! Take the lead of the jukebox please. I’m quite limited with the music of the past. It’s slowly expanding.

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