More sick than we knew

Lance highlights the story of Mike Guglielmucci, on his blog today:

The Mike Guglielmucci Hillsong Scandal.

Mike joins a long list of spiritual leaders who have been found to be ’embellishing’ their personal testimonies. I wondered how this came about.

Here are some comments from a blog from 2006 onwards :

Don’t know if anyone else has heard this, but I was at worship practise this morning and out worship leader told us that Mike Guglielmucci has just found out that he has a blood disease


when i heard he was sick, i laughed… not because i am happy he is sick, but because while he was at our church he was healed of:

Glandular Fever
Blood Clot in his brain
Brain Tumor
Burst Ear Drum

God is so going to get the glory for this one… just like the other ones. But keep praying!


While at our church (while I was there) he was also healed of a broken leg in front of my eyes.


I heard from Russel Evans that he has no hair on his body as of 1 week ago. I’m just wondering how the big fella is doing?


he was preaching at church and at BIG. He currently has 33 broken bones including bothi his arms, and 8 places in his back. Mike is also in a wheelchair but his attitude is just amazing, he said that it hurts to lay down and he if he breaks a rib going to the toilet he may aswell break a bone doing something good.


hey everyone!! The doc gave mike 9 months to live and 9½ months later here he is.. Mike preached at my youth group on friday 29th June…



Why did people take Mike’s claims at face-value? Including people who knew him well and were experienced Pastors, like Russell Evans, and Mike’s father Danny? Including his own wife and family?

Is there an air of unreality that gets perpetuated in some churches, and in some Christian circles? Where zeal and testimony sometimes runs ahead of the facts? Was Mike healed of some affliction earlier on, and when he saw the amount of attention it brought and the increase to God’s kingdom, did he decide to replicate it?

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  1. The thought came to me this morning about Michael Guglielmucci -”What was his dad doing for the “ministry” as this young man was growing up? Was he there for his son?”

    There’s no excuse for lying but was this a cry for attention? I’ve seen a lot of PKs neglected over the years because of their parents’ ministries. At CCC we would be told how hard it is to be a PK and we should cut them some slack, but I see that as a failure to honour and take responsibility for the gift of children and parenting, so much more important than ministry.

  2. What’s even more sad for his wife and family is that this story is all over the world, literally.

  3. Yes, a PK might also feel pressure to have a ‘powerful ministry’, particularly when their father is constantly going all round the world as a high-profile speaker. They might think they could never measure up on their own.

    How likely is it that Mike fooled his own wife and Dad about having an illness? One that supposedly caused the breaking of a large number of bones in his body, including his back and making it necessary to use a wheelchair. If it was your spouse or child, wouldn’t you want to go to the Hospital with him? Wouldnt you want to speak to the specialists? Is it likely that his wife and father were somehow complicit in the deception?

  4. I guess a lot of the details will remain behind closed doors, as they should if only for his children (does he have children?)

    There seems to be a lot of church “house cleaning” going on at the moment. The Lakeland “revival” has imploded. A lot of so-called “apostolic” ministries being publically flayed.

    Anyway, we are finally out of it all. Found a quiet little Anglican church to rest in for a while. It’s been a long time time since I sang “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” –
    instead of the usual 7/11 verses like the end of this Youtube clip

  5. “teddy a lot of people are getting out of CCC. i wonder who’s next!”

    I’ve noticed. I’ve been helping the disillusioned find new homes. I’m angry with CCC about it, but I’m actually neutral and happy about it. I believe a revival is going to take place again in Australia (as much as I don’t like to think that is to be the case), and the conditioned, corporatised church institutions are going to miss out. I can feel it. I can’t explain it. It’s like I can sense God moving individuals out of the church strategically to make His Spirit well placed around the community. Sounds odd. But their is an air with other believers that feel something that is going to uncontrollable.

    I’d love to meet up with you one day Teddy. I like your personality on here. Meet up with Zeppelin, RP and Heretic, eh?

  6. Have been reading on this after first seeing it on Lance’s website and am wondering why Lance is the only blog I have read that seems to have even mentioned that what Mike did was illegal if he gained anything financially out of this sca. Talk all you want about forgiveness and praying for Mike and his family but if he did what he did with the intent to defraud then he needs to be brought to justice. Then pray for him

  7. Surely someone should have sat up and thought what a crock?

    it also proves that no-one in the AOG leadership is operating in the gifts of the Spirit, because if they were then God would have given them a word-of-knowledge about this.

  8. wazza2:
    “it also proves that no-one in the AOG leadership is operating in the gifts of the Spirit, because if they were then God would have given them a word-of-knowledge about this.”

    excellent point wazza. totally overlooked that.

  9. Speaking of healing.

    I note that Theo Wolmarans will be speaking at CCCOF at 6pm (24th Aug). If he is true to the form of his last 2 visits he’ll get a word that God wants to heal everyone experiencing pain (tough luck if you have some other problem).

    He will then get a word of knowledge that everyone’s pain is caused by mismatching leg lengths. He will then proceed to have the several people who put their hand up to say they are in pain (and presumably unbeknown to them till know – mismatching leg lengths) came up on the stage and sit on a chair.

    He will then proceed to regrow everyones leg lengths so that they are even, before everyones eyes (does this while simultanoeusly pushing on both feet).

    The entire CCCOF audience will be absolutely amazed and astounded by the miracle they have just witnessed.

    He will then ask people with other ailments to come down the front and then do the mass crowd healing thing.

    Just a prediction.

  10. No one at CCC will question why it is that when Theo turns up, that for anyone and everyone present who is experiencing any sort of pain, it will allways be due to mismatching leg lengths.

    Makes me wander about what sort of people go to CCC.

  11. Also for the record I have no doubt that the gifts of the Spirit still operate today, and that includes healing. Its a shame though when they are put into disrepute by people who try to manufacture their own miracles when God doesn’t turn up on command.

  12. Seems I was strangely predictive.

    Yet I can’t help wandering if at least some was real beyond the psychosomatic.

    Can God still work in a meeting lead by a fraud, if other peoples faith is real?

  13. To specksandplanks,

    The ONLY way revival comes is through repentance – it’s that simple. Repentance from the false doctrines, pop psychology, sin, comrpomise and hype we’ve embraced and packaged as biblical christianity, when indeed it’s been anything but, due to our inability to discern (which in large part stems from our lack of desire to know and study the truths found in scripture).

    As far as I’m concerned, the ACC/AOG is now at a crossroads – repent, or continue living the lie as the Church of Laoedecia. Until we repent, there’s not going to be any repentance in society. If their track record is anything to go by, I fear they’ll put some spin on this and move along with little change.

  14. I think it’s at a crossroads too. Most denominations seem to reach one (or several) over time.

    Re the repentance thing though – repentance when it is a product of our own effort can be so hard for people – they want to repent, they struggle with all sorts of things; they can end up torn with guilt when they can’t live up to their ideals.

    I prefer ‘turning towards God’, since turning towards Him is turning towards light, away from darkness, and is by its very nature repentance, yet turning towards God is more relational than relying on our own efforts. When we turn to God, we depend upon Him and His work in us to overcome, rather than our own frustrating efforts to do so. Our own efforts are doomed and can easily lead to a struggle with law in our lives rather than embracing our Father’s grace in what He has done for us.

    By its very nature, an organisation can’t ‘repent’ – only people can. The organisation itself is likely to be torn when some people repent (turn towards God) while other people still think the forms and traditions they know represent God and won’t consider even the possibility of major departure from the nature of the body of Christ. There needs to be a paradigm shift. Even if a prominent leader were to repent, they would likely experience rejection from much of the organisation, splitting it up.

    Still, is the organisation important, or is the body of Christ what matters? Those who recognise that the former is not exclusively the latter will feel more free in stepping away from doctrines of Laodicea – and more.

  15. I’m really not quite sure about Theo. I do believe he heals.

    “The ONLY way revival comes is through repentance – it’s that simple.”

    Ok. I think I used the word badly. I was praying a few months ago to God about bringing revival and he challenged me. Severely. He simply said to me: “Are you saying I’m dead?” I didn’t know how to respond. Of course God isn’t dead. But I got what He was saying.

    With a prayer group I’m apart of too, we’ve totally identified that something is going to take place. We were real with our prayers and through praying I came proud and competitive. In analysing myself I discovered two spirits that are currently plaguing the church at the moment. One is the spirit of pride (obviously), and the other (spirit of competition). I was shaken as I foolishly visualised myself being the FIRST to bring the ‘revival’.

    The church of Australia is not dead, therefore ‘revival’ is not going to happen. However, God wants to operate outside of the walls of the church that we have put up. (Think of the Laodicean church.) If we don’t, He will move himself and use anyone. Repentance is not needed to bring revival. We can’t bring revival. When we are not operating the way we should be, God will do things his way, with or without us.

    However, Sam, you are right in ‘repentance’. So that the church doesn’t die, we need to repent, change our way of doing things. Obviously we, the church, are not being obedient to the Holy Spirit’s calling in terms of being with the community. Instead, many churches are seeking to distance themselves from the community to show they are the true way and expect people to follow! They want to be the FIRST to see revival take place in their church in THEIR NAME. Churches need to see that community is a gift from God. When we are in the community, we are being church. In being church, we show supernatural love and naturally, signs and wonders are left behind in our wakes.

    I hope Michael’s humiliation can teach Christian’s to stop relying on man for experiences and crutches, and start relying more on God. If we don’t, this is going to happen again.

  16. At first this very public person appears quite a ‘Creep’;

    please note the ‘deeply needy behaviours’ and ‘desperation to fit-in’ [compulsive lying is driven by the deep need for acceptance] /simultaneously, he was leading a dual life in addiction to pornography, and had managed to conceal his private world from ‘everyone’ for a very long time; increasingly by fabricating a public fantasy-world of sicknesses & faith-healings.

    His wife was conspicuous in the media by her absence; can she really not have known what he was up to? (I do speculate that he probably was suffering classic Oedipus Complex- ‘marrying mother while killing father’, so she would have been interesting to compare with Mum, I daresay!)

    Deep denial was causing intense psycho-somatic reactions; loss of hair, vomiting etc.

    Ok, so whats going on?- Youre right in asking how he can have evaded public & private accountability through the Church for all this time, and the very delusional conduct; even to creating a falsely-based chart-topping song!

    I didn’t even raise an eyebrow when this whole thing blew over- I’ve seen far too many of these inflated characters through my whole Christian walk- really, why is the Religious world in general infested with such people?- exactly, because they can get away with it within such ‘survival-structures’!

    Why the Porn?- In thinking about this, my thoughts recall the classic scenario of the men of Sodom;–they wanted to JOIN with ; to KNOW the Angels who came to visit- the porn may well have been an intense reaction against his totally intolerant Religious environment tied up with his family [not a new phenomena guys].

    So then, thank the Lord for another repentant sinner, but no thanks for systems that elevate and sustain many deeply deluded or dysfuncional people into positions of authority & influence.

    This problem and its implications for the Christian church probably bears alot more thought;

    as a number of you have already observed- this guy was never publically accountable for any of the false ‘healings’- he demonstrated that you can lie your way right through even very public gathering structures, and if we allow them, they will ‘have a life & dynamic of their own’-

    however, the private spiritual bubble had to burst sometime, and Im glad for his sake that the game’s up with respect to God, and his own spiritual world can be at peace; a happy enough ending.

    “Church; a Sanctuary for Sinners”, all too often!


  17. Great post Zepp!

    Primary school kid:
    “When I grow up, I’m going to be a pastor; get rich and do what I want, when I want.”

  18. I was struck last night by the Cultic equation : SEX-MONEY-POWER : from one of the Utube snips on your Post about Cults.

    It really blew me over that these were the powerful dynamics driving our lad Michael here; however apparently inverted!

    In noting this, Ill place the chaser ” Mercy triumphs over judgement”(Jm2:12)….

    Gods peace,


  19. PS- I’ve been mulling over the problem of PARANOIA and its relationship to cultic behaviour–

    “A mental condition characterised by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy or exaggerated self-importance, typically elaborated into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder , of drug-abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.
    -A suspicion & mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification (eg, the global paranoia about hackers & viruses)”

    Please note with care, the relationship with Paranoia as stated above, and religious behaviours, and spare a thought how to free ourselves or develop better ways, without suffering these systems.

    kind blessings,


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