signPOSTS02 Surprise

Those that comment on signPOSTS02, I just got this cute e-mail.

The order was as follows: Lionfish, S&P, Teddy, Zeppelin, Heretic2, RavingPente, Lance, FaceLift, Wazza2, Greg The Explorer.

I like Lances and Greg’s. Me with purple hair?

I felt it was apropriate to share.


It took me five minutes to do these little profile pics for everyone.

Edit: Just got some of the new cartoon’s and av’s… watch this space.

I was told these were the names in this order:

DonkeyBoy, Lionfish, S&P, Teddy, Zeppelin, Heretic2, RavingPente, Lance, FaceLift, Wazza2, Greg The Explorer, RavingEvangelical, MN, MJ, XC3, Bull and Muppet.

They’ll have to resubmit the images again because I was told the image colours weren’t right when they were exported somehow.


I’ll turn these into av’s soon.

26 thoughts on “signPOSTS02 Surprise

  1. It’d be cool if they could be. I’m gonna try breaking them up. Don’t know why the e-mail I got didn’t have them 1 buy 1. I reckon it would have been more convenient for us all.

    Lionfish’s charrie is really clever.

  2. They are great, S&P.

    My icon looks just like the real me. 🙂 (Only in cyberspace.) Is there a symbolic reference in the closed eyes and talking mouth?

  3. I was thinking that maybe it refers to talking blindly – without reason. (I was making a perhaps too obscure joke – at least I hope its a joke and not a fact!)

    The raving action is perfect. So is the pampered princess look. It is now my avatar.

  4. Raving blindly is exactly what people think of when they use the term, ‘raving pentecostal’, so the image is just right.

  5. “It is now my avatar.”
    Wow. That’s cool. I didn’t see that until you told me.

    “You and Heretic make such an attractive couple, you could be Pastor and worship-leader if you really tried.”
    Hehe! That was probably there intention.

    I’ll just be a member of Heretic’s & RP’s confused and victimised congregation. I need more help! I need more of God’s word to get me out of my blindness. Please help RP! I want to be healthy, beautiful and independant like you one day. Will I ever be good enough?

  6. I’m bumping this… Apparently the images are done.
    E-mailed the guy back who does them. They weren’t popping up. I’ll check tomorrow morning.

    It occurred to me Greg. I think what you are wearing is explorer gear. I’m pretty sure that is a pack on your back. For some reason you look British too.

  7. Click on the image to see the full image.

    Bull. I have a confession. I think I am in love with you. I want your tea (or coffee)! Your pic is awesome!

  8. yeah, me too, ive told them about this site but they sought of are “over it”, some have gone back to more traditional churches and some are just trying to live good lives.

  9. Did I sneak in? Am I that thing dangling from a finger? Have I finally left a mark and can feel affirmed?!!

  10. I believe you are on the far right end.
    That person has a Muppet nose.
    The mouth goes to the hair.

  11. I was kinda busy when this was posted and a few days later it dropped off the list … dunno what the hot topic of the week was, but we were probably burning someone at the stake … probably about prosperity preachers.

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