More things sacred…

Someone on the radio (ABC 702) just told us that the trombone was once considered so sacred that it could not be played outside a church. This brings to mind the contrast with the guitar which was considered too evil to be played in church, at another time.

How many things are there that we see commonly held up as sacred in some fashion today, that will be regarded as an amusement in days to come?

Is there even really a clear cut division between secular and sacred if the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it?

Are some parts of our lives – for instance the time we spend sitting in church – more sacred than other parts – for instance going to work?


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  1. I’ve got mixed feelings about it. We do separate life into secular and sacred and that causes problems. Everything is sacred in one sense, but we find it difficult to keep that in mind and to act appropriately.

    In the movie about Ray Charles, there were a few scenes where this came up. He was taking the styles of black-gospel music and using it for secular songs. His wife was shocked that he would think of doing that. One time, a pastor attends the club where his band is playing and rebukes them for using the Lord’s music for profane purposes. A couple of the band members agree, and put down their instruments and leave.

    I’m glad that this music was popularised, but its a bit of a shame that the lyrics are now different to the sentiments that originally inspired it, ie. love of Jesus

  2. I used to believe that Church stuff, and a life such as a Pastor was a Holy life as opposed to the world the rest of us live in – however I now realize that the mundane lives we lead are just as Holy.

    I do believe that some moments are Holier than others, because whilst God is always present – perhaps his presence is amplified in some situations such as in Baptism or taking communion.

    There is something transcendental or mystical at some ‘touch-points’ where we interact with God.

  3. Man’s belief and superstition on certain objects can have dire consequences on peoples lives or in the spiritual realm. When a community believes that the house on the hill is haunted, it’s amazing how much evil can manifest itself where we choose to give glory to evil.

    I strongly believe whatever man considers to be sacred, that too adds to the power of that vessel we consider to be sacred or holy. However, there is a fine line with the Holy Spirit land marking the land or vessel sacred, and the use of soul power where we think we invite the Holy Spirit to make something sacred or worthwhile.

    Our delusions but convictions that places or things are more holier then other places are more open to spiritual predators then really to the Holy Spirit because the focus is on man, idols and manmade beliefs rather then on God himself.

    On another note, Christian’s can witness the outworking’s of God through anything. There is just a fine line between idol’s, human folly, soul power, superstition and that of God’s Holy Spirit possession that can make us waver in understanding what is indeed sacred. I would not be willing to say that anything man-made is sacred, but anything that God ordains, possesses, gives and moves through is.

    Bottom line. Discernment is required. Is His spirit in you speaking to you or unsettling you when you see objects glorified by man as being sacred vessels for God. This is something I have been trying to grapple with for a long time.

    I do agree with some of the things you said LionFish. Good points. And I’m with wazza2 with mixed feelings with all this.

  4. Friends,

    its time for me to finally leave this blog as clearly, I’m being called away to other places.

    The earth appears formless, until we apparently give it form, just as God does himself.

    I too am struggling with how people just ‘create , and then change their own realities’, ‘seasons’ etc, and just dont seem to listen to the wind, waves and natural things; we yearn to worship, and create our own pathways & patterns of worship, despite the direst warnings of ‘Orthodox’ [now there’s a word] , be-robed authority-figures; and these guys are desperate to hang onto their own ‘realities’; mostly in fear of the unknown.

    Im fascinated at how one arrives to find the hall empty…too familiar a feeling, and one I strongly associate with church.

    David worked out his own songs about God, and these spoke prophetic truths, far into the future…he lived a dramatic, passionate life, slaughtered alot of foreign, idolatrous people on behalf of God & Nation, and hoarded plunder for the Temple of the Ark…..thousands of years ago; -and he focussed & hung out with great guys by the sound of it.

    I’ve seen enough dullness, madness, darkness,tragedy & bullying, to now know the taste of creativity, freedom,joy and sweet love, and how a man might conduct himself in peace with Gods riches and Spirit, against the other spirits that populate these realms, and the things they manifest; everybody moves on, and only this, spirit of God remains.

    ‘all the kingdoms fall into dust…’, so what will you or I do, brother, or sister?

    So then, I wish you all a pleasant journey;

    Donkey-boy whoever you are, and the other humans out there; you can easily track me down; Im quickly finding the process of Biblical dialogue online too inefficient.

    Good-bye and good Luck; enjoy the warm and friendly company of a bunch of nameless, remote people, variously passioned and opinionated, with assorted ‘knowledge’; Im sure you’ll bump along, though I wonder whether you’ll ever pray together, or visit Facelifts house for dinner with his wife, to eat, what is it?-…chocolate-mousse.

    People remain quite mysterious-even a picture of a person is a mysterious thing; I do wonder that I shall remain barely known, like my own forefathers, when Im finally laid in the grave; it is far better then, that the windows of my life are brilliantly lit and I dump the boring ball-and-shackle , live a great life and cultivate this world; “preaching the gospel to every creature…”, and if Im lucky, I’ll have some friends turn up and carry the coffin.

    You know, when I look into my own partners face, do I see adoration?, understanding?, inspiration? respect? confidence? ; love? nup;-I often see a confused, anxious expression, often sad, angry and resentful, despite my total, supreme efforts;–[its no wonder society manufactured the ‘Bond-Girl’, ‘Gibson-Girl’ or whatever as an idolatrous figurehead!]; so then, “just as Christ loves the Church”, —-,does He look into the church’s face and see the same expression?— shall I call you ‘my friends’?, — shall my Marriage with the Church be one of convenience?

    As usual SP, you raise complex questions above with prophetic edges: I say ‘we have come with Authority’, if we come with Christ-clearly then, we have come to fill the Land.

    I concede the ground to your more diplomatic souls; enjoy the Status-Quo and the Merry-go-round.

    Heres to the Kingdom then, that never changes; Christ shine upon you.


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