Protection from a high-level of criminality

The Age reports  :

“Cancer faked in bid for sick day

Commonwealth public servant’s habit of forging doctors’ certificates to take days off work was only discovered by his bosses after he went too far and faked having lung cancer.

The ACT Magistrates Court heard yesterday that the Department of Education and Workplace Relations became suspicious of its employee Ben Lyons in September 2006 when a concerned colleague tried to visit the 26-year-old’s bedside, only to find that no hospital in Canberra had heard of the man.


Magistrate Maria Doogan told Lyons that his workplace scam showed a “high level of criminality”. She ordered him to serve a two-year good-behaviour bond and fined him $900 on top of the wages he must repay.


Ms Doogan said there was a need to protect employers from similar fraud taking place.”

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Its good that someone is sticking up for the employers and protecting them from such fraud.  When similar frauds take place in Churches are there protections for parishioners?  Should there be?

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  1. I feel sorry for the guy. He was probably just addicted to porn and should have been let off. perhaps the judge should have been wiser and more sympathetic.

  2. He certainly sounded ill. I thought it was sad that his father seemed to want to wait until his churches men’s conference was finished before he went to see his son in his crisis.


    The biggest protection from criminality in churches would be transparency.

    Possibly not collecting money after talks on miracles would be good, too. Talk about the miracles, and collect money some other time, without the emotional pull. Surely if God’s work is being done, He will provide enough, without having to stage an emotional event in order to raise the cash.

  3. “Possibly not collecting money after talks on miracles would be good, too.”

    That requires more than transparency – that requires ethics! -)

  4. Great to see you in action guys,

    Yep, if it was OT principled, it would be something like “repay the theft seven times over”.

    In the NT it looks like; “Whoever used to steal, now go & work & have something to Give-”

    To answer your questions above; it looks as if there are NO protections for Parishioners, except for :

    A the Employing Body or Authority council, or person.
    B The Civil law code itself [ in case of criminal paedophilia or actual theft, etc!]

    If either system worked properly, there would be no problems, except when our churches slip into ‘cultic’ states, as noted elsewhere in this site; then the value-systems go askew- However the Christ noted all these crimes when it all began, so we were warned, eh!

    The 2nd question, “Should there be”?:–hmmmm,

    God has been messing with my mind recently; here are 4x typical topics he has been showing me:

    2’The Point’
    3Boredom;the great enemy of society.
    4Things: -placement / units or arrangement in time

    Lets consider that all normal ‘Law’ deals with the just distribution of “Things”–ie, material stuff, for the safety and benefit of the civillian population.

    Also, lets consider from the Bible perspective, the abundant scriptures telling us quite plainly that ‘God is good’ and has ‘come for our good’ [Rom8:28, jn10:10 etc etc]–things pertaining to a”‘full life”; not so much in terms of material stuff as in a ‘good, full life’.

    Thirdly, various religious evildoers & shamsters were marked publically by the likes of Paul, and people were warned away from them.

    SO then, doesnt if follow very simply that YES, ‘There should be’, for the good, health and safety of the various Christian groups.

    I remember in the Australian Army, that soldiers are liable for BOTH sets of law codes, both Civil & Military; obviously the same applies to criminality in Church situations.


  5. Lets get even more specific;

    Napoleon believed that “the Kingdom of heaven has nothing to do with the earth”, and so he reasoned that the Church was relevant only for societal control, and focussed on a humanistic style of society.

    If however the Kingdom of heaven has EVERYTHING to do with the earth, then Makinds humanity, his things and his moral conduct DO count; and similarly, the Church is fully temporal and spiritual at the same time!

    Therefore, when criminality takes place in Churches, people need to repay and as some say; “bear fruits in accordance with repentance”, as everything we do IS accountable, however forgivable!

    yours, Z.

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