The C3I Values – Not People!

Ten Values.

Sounds noble.

All on works. None on people. None on God.

What did you expect?

2 thoughts on “The C3I Values – Not People!

  1. Look, s&p, you’re free. You don’t have to go to C3. You can go where you like. I take it you do already, and are not part of the C3 movement, or of C3OF. But I wonder about your motives with this kind of attack on another church culture, especially since simply watching the video clip shows your attack is both unwarranted and inaccurate.

    In fact, after watching through, I doubt you really watched and listened to the video with any kind of decent appraisal in mind.

    The truth is that Phil Pringle, addressing his movement, and inquisitive onlookers, focuses viewers on God and people throughout. I don’t know how you could have possibly missed this.

    The culture of C3: 10 values:

    1. A people of prayer – seeking God for everything – “We seek the Lord, and build the House on a foundation o prayer”.

    2. People who worship and praise – again the focus is on God

    3. People of faith and vision – so, again, faith in God, and people ‘having a constant hope of a great future ahead of us’.

    4. We are involved in the Presence of God – ‘All of our services, our lives, our lifestyles are to have the Presence of God – the anointing – over our lives’… ‘allow for the moving of the Holy Spirit’.

    5. We believe in successful living – people can prosper in life!

    6. We develop disciples and leaders

    7. We are a discipleship movement – ‘People who live with liberty in their lives, but by a set of values and discipline that makes it really exciting’. ‘We raise up people – help them follow Christ and disciple them in our small groups – our Connect Groups’.

    8. We connect – ‘people of relevance, who relate to the world [people] around us, look after their needs, meet their needs’.

    9. We believe in servanthood – ‘We raise up great numbers of volunteers in our churches… out to serve God, serve his kingdom, serve one another, and honour the people that we serve’.

    10. Freedom – ‘We believe we need to lead a free life, a liberated life…(not) license…we have been set free by the power of the Holy Spirit to be involved ad engaged in a myriad of different areas…not alarmist people; people who are free in he Holy Spirit’.

    So you see, it’s all about God and people, not just works,as you wrongly imply, although it is clear the concept is that we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus UNTO good works, which means reaching out to other people in the name of Jesus, so without some kind of works value there is no value to faith or liberty, which the Book of James has made clear.

    Are you saying our values should exclude good works?

    I am beginning to wonder if you watched the video at all, or maybe saw something else by mistake!

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