Shalom this Christmas!

Wise Men looked for the Star leading to Jesus

Have a very wise and starry Christmas time with your eyes fixed on the Saviour – still the sign of our times!


5 thoughts on “Shalom this Christmas!

  1. Thanks FL – that’s a great Christmas greeting.

    All the best for you and your loved ones this Christmas and in 2009.

    And the same to everyone out there who joins in or regularly reads this blog… may you experience God’s blessing this Christmas and have a wonderful New Year.

    Thanks to all for joining in the discussion – I’ve enjoyed it and learnt things along the way.

  2. umm, I know it’s like January but hey … “Happy New Year!!!!”

    wow, I thought everyone had given up playing after Lance had taken his ball home.

    That’ll teach me won’t it!

    Hi FaceLift, how are you doin’?

    RavingPente good to hear from you again.

    MN, been a while.




    Right then … Todd Bentley … I am sure you have thrashed this one to death but …

    Should Todd be allowed back in the pulpit when he can’t control his crotch?

    Can we have new thread please? 🙂

    It’s good to be back … 8)

  3. Bull – would you be interested in starting the thread? – you’d just need to email S&P. I’ve been so flat out lately that I’ve had little time to author.

    BTW, Lance has a new site too, which various people here are also actively commenting upon – its at

    Sometimes people comment here about issues on Lance’s site, especially in the past when he didn’t allow comments. Now he does, so we can author here if we want, and comment on either site.

  4. That is, most people can comment on ether site! Only FaceLift remains banned for questioning the leadership at groupsects! Typical of mega-blog leaders!

    Welcome back, Bull. Hopefully a few posts will make their way up soon. Why not add one, as RP suggests?

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