The Gospels of Vanity, Money, Power

We’ve all heard the gospel of money. (Tithing, WOF, blab it and grab it, etc.)

But have many hear heard of the gospels of Power and Vanity?

Behold the works of an old heretical movement, the Latter Rain movement, stamped out by the American AOG in 1949 as an heretical movement. It’s been underground for a long time and now it’s leaven has devestated the American church. As a result, I’ve personally boycotted buying American Christianity (even though I don’t buy much Christian junk anyway).

This movement has come back stronger then ever before. Through the last few years it’s hid itself under many names, Joel’s Army, Third Wave, Kansas City Prophets, New World Order, New Breed,Overcomers,First-Fruits,Elijah Company,The Bride,Phineas Priesthood, New Wineskin, New Wave,Kingdom Now, Manifested Sons of God, Manchild, I-HOP, The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR- where the ‘touch not God’s anointed came from). People who are apart of this heretical movement are Peter Wagner, Paul Cain, Todd Bentley (tattoo on chest), John Wimber, Rick Joyner (sadly), Sarah Palin,  TB Joshua and many that fall into God TV and under the prosperity gospel sect too like John Bevere, Hagin and Copeland. Benny Hinn is the worst to fall in this category as he is all the above.

What makes this movement so heretical and evil?

Well. Let the movie ‘Jesus Camp’ do the talking.


This is the fruit of the movement and explains some of the reasons why the church is so rotten. Wagner has been the main driver behind the movement. Rick Joyner’s book’s Final Quest, The Call, The Harvest, The Torch and the Sword, although famous have been classics that have made the church swallow massive bones and take on the gospel of vanity and power. Their gospel message is simply that in the end times, generations will be raised up to bring forth or establish the Kingdom of God, therefore quickening Christ’s return. Other believe that those who are doing the will of God whil the rest of the church is asleep can choose whether to be raptured or stay back and fight, bringing forth the return of Christ and being beside him.

This explains the odd philosophies that America has with the middle-east in terms of Israel, themselves and Jesus. It’s through this movement that ‘America is the New Jerusalem’ comes from. This movement has also swallowed up other religions, movements  and teachings such as gnosticism, New Age, Oneness Pentecostalism and free-masonry.  Some critics go further and say occultism is in there as well with necromancy and shamanism (and other eastern religions). Rick Joyner talks to the dead in his book series also.

Under this movement, we can now see where the Money Gospel came from. But what is this vanity and power gospel about? If their focus is to ‘take cities for God’ by raising up the future ‘Joel’s Army’, how is the idea not appealing to the flesh that one church will raise up that generation? This is why there are too many churches focussing on young individuals in ‘biblical’ institutes but go through still lacking theological depth and discernment. Rick Joyner was among many of the Apostles and Prophets who commissioned Todd Bently in ‘raising up’ the coming generations to influence America.

I encourage people to post interesting articles on here in light of this disturbing division and uprise of such an heretical movement.

Here as some articles I have read and I’ve read many more too:

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  1. I will read this S&P – but I’d be _very_ surprised if anyone will look at all those links, though they are probably very interesting. Its just too time consuming. A short summary might be more effective in getting people like me to read it properly… and I know I write long posts at times, so perhaps I’m speaking to myself here…

    Happy New Year, by the way!

  2. The topic is interesting as I’ve friends who are into some of these teachers. But I wouldn’t necessarily have lumped them all into the one basket.

    I went to an event related to this kind of thing, and it had the most wonderful worship time I’ve been a part of for years. The speaker interestingly made disparaging remarks re tithing and overcontrolling churches… not at all like John Bevere for example.

    It seems that there may be some links between people, but if one could be bothered going deeply into all of their teaching, there must be some divergences as well.

  3. How can I explain it?
    It’s like the movement tried to restart the American church again. And very early on, they’ve gone down very different branches, some prosperity, others end times.

    We have to live with it. Too many of my friends are love with American speakers like Joyner. A mate condemned me for not embracing his writings. Another friend was being given the cold shoulder because they dared mention Mike Bickle as being a controversial figure to another mate who was only apart of the IHOP for a season.

    Some of the movements within the NAR are dangerous. There are some more healthy ones. It’s just that under this banner, it makes so much sense why ‘we’re going to be taking these cities for God’, ‘see revival like nothing before’, ‘touch not God’s anointed’, etc.

    Bevere is, because he carries the belief in the NAR that he is apart of the prophetic or apostolic category. I’m personally amazed how I never sniffed this trojan church movement. RP, just watch Jesus Camp. It’s a great film and I put the links up to see the movie. This is the fruit of the NAR.

  4. It would be better to critique each as you go along in more depth with concrete evidence, rather than thrust a host of unrelated names into a bag and swinging it at us.

    First of all, what is the ‘latter day movement’, in your view? That would be a starting point, then we could see where you’re coming from. I think there have been several manifestations of what might be loosely termed ‘latter day’ movements.

    Jesus talks about the last days. Paul talks about the last days. Peter talks about the last days. Jude talks about the last days. John talks about the last days, as do most of the OT prophets. Revelation is about the last days. According to Luke, Peter, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, announced that the Pentecostal outpouring in the Upper Room was the beginning of the last days. Since the last day has not yet arrived, we must still be in the last days, in a scriptural sense.

    What is it that separates the ‘latter days’ teaching you are upset about from orthodox last days teaching?

    Added to this, you need to tell us what your stance is in regard to this subject, so we can see were you are coming from.

  5. Oh dear, s@p, having skipped through some of the stuff you’ve been cramming into your heart, I’d say you need a life-long sabbatical from those ministries. Let it go! I mean the so-called ‘discernment’ mob, who are feeding one another with frenzied suspicion which has nothing to do with truth, really. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!

    Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.

    Better to spend time reading your Bible, frankly, and seeking God for the truth.

    I’m amazed they put someone like C Peter Wagner on such a pedestal. In fact, he’d be embarassed to discover what they claim about him, I’m sure. He’s more of a commentator on current trends than an organiser of any kind of movement. He looked at the rise of apostolic and prophetic ministries and wrote about it. Basically that’s it.

    He is invited to speak on the subjects he is interested in, but I don’t think he’s seen as a leader of any particular movement, let alone have any involvement in what is known as ‘latter rain’! He is one of the emerging ministries which has influenced all denominations and movements with his study of emerging trends in the Church. Have you ever read any of his books. He makes it clear that he writes as an observer only, and that his views are subject to change and correction as other trends develop, or he is proven wrong.

    I like where Grewe claims, in effect, that Wagner mentored Wimber. Wagner wasn’t even baptised with the Spirit, in a ‘charismatic’ sense, that is, speaking in tongues, let alone a leader of some Pentecostal ‘latter day’ movement. That is absolutely ridiculous! His book on the gifts of the Spirit makes it abundantly clear that he was a orthodox evangelical seeking answers to the emerging gifts and manifestations being evidenced in some revivalist movements, such as Vineyard. His interest has become a career, in effect.

    Wagner was, at the time, an interested professor studying a remarkable ministry, which, then, was enjoying phenomenal growth, and seeing many healings and deliverances in their meeting, as well as many salvations amongst young people.

    A diet of critical analysis can’t be healthy for anyone. I think it drives ‘discerners’ crazy after a while, and they start to see demons and conspiracies under every rock! the outcome can only be pride, and an unbalanced view of the Church.

    Here’s the cure:

    Philippians 4:4-9
    Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!

    Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.

    Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

    Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy–meditate on these things.

    The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.

  6. I think its good to raise concerns about worrying doctrines – we are never going to agree on all of them though, so I guess we all need to be careful. Also respectful of others’ different positions, even if we find them very difficult to understand. For example, I respect people who tithe because they believe it is a requirement, although I personally have the freedom not to, and believe that tithing as a requirement or the standard for giving is falsely taught.

    I believe that it is important that various false doctrines are challenged – preferably in digestable amounts rather than too many at once.

    Still, I also believe that for all those who truly desire to follow Him, God will lead them into better things over time.

    Even though I grieve re some of the horrible deceptions being falsely taught today, I still trust that God works for good in all things, and we cannot time His work in each other, much as it might frustrate us. So we need to have faith that God will bring those we love through into truth in His good time, as he does the work not us. We can’t force anyone to leave a belief behind and agree with us. Instead, we need to have faith in God’s work in the heart, which we cannot even see, over time. Perhaps the priority we have will come about, but after God has worked through some other issue that needs to be addressed first. I can see how He has done this in me over the years. I know I’m not alone in this.

  7. Alright.

    The Latter Rain movement:

    Essentially, the idea is that the believers at the end-times will receive the latter rain of the Holy Spirit. When that happens they either become end-times god-men, or become part of the endtime Manchild. It’s quite convoluted and heavily related to dominionism where the Church takes over the world and rules it before Jesus comes back, so the idea is that the Church has to get on with taking over world Government as soon as possible in order to hasten His return.

    Naturally, this has taken root in the good ole US of A. They think the Kingdom is just round the corner. However, the rest of the western world, UK and Europe especially, are praying for revival.

    David Pawson has prophesied that the UK will become a Muslim state. I believe he is correct, as everything that has happened in the last 7 years just confirms the prophecy.

    The big problem with all these american movements is that the core beliefs that cause them to stand out do not stand up to biblical scrutiny. The New Apostolic Reformation, for example, essentially sets up a handful of people as the New Super-Apostles. These guys now claim to be able to invent doctrine (decree it) as additional to the Bible.
    Welcome back to the Catholic Church people. Clearly the original reformation was wrong.

    Along with the False teaching comes False Prophecy … say hello to the ElijahList.

    The ones that ‘happen’ are the ones that have a human control element in it. “There will be a big revival on the east coast of America” … Big PR firm gets hired and GodTV starts screening the services and before you know it, with all the advertising and heavy push of the whole thing, you’ve god the Lakeland thing happening … but it was a whole lot of man-made euphoria.

    You know you have a problem when there are mobile ATM’s at the back of the tent, a whole 30 minute offering talk and then a huge baptism pool where Todd Bentley baptises in the name of the Father and the Son and the BAM!!!

    It is irreverent. It is probably blasphemous.

    I could go on and on. My focus has moved northern hemisphere as a result of the Lakeland thing. My attitude to CCC and Hill$ong has mellowed somewhat.

    The reason is that the American branch of the Church is far more rotten.

    I am also more focussed on what impact I can have as a believer in my own community and in my own church. The Lord is opening up doors of ministry here so I am actually very upbeat and excited about what God is planning to do in my home town.

    I will post more when I have more time.


  8. My post above is a bit of an overview of what I have been discovering. It’s something that I will be keeping my eyes, ears, nose and heart open too.

    Some of the following articles are ‘interesting’. I don’t agree with everything that has been said in them. FaceLift. I do my best discern the discerners. But the more information given on this underground heretical movement, the more we can see the common threads and beliefs that each article is saying that define what they’re all about.

    Anyone can be in doctrinal error in these articles. But the more we read what is constantly being said in each article what their doctrinal stances are, the more they are being seen for what they are.

    Some of these ministries in NZ and here I have discovered, have rubbed off on my friends. Unfortunately, as a result, our relationships have become abrasive. This wasn’t my doing or being difficult with them. They have come out of these books or places ‘changed’, further away from me or others because of some of the things they have taken on.

    Frankly, I like Wagner’s books. I have a few of his books and have found them personally insightful- usually collections of works gathered by various missionaries, sharing their experiences.

    However, if he has his own agenda, he has his own agenda. He needs to be exposed. Now before consumption, I know the ingredients that make up the contents of his writings so I can choose what to eat or test before eating.

    This article is to hopefully encourage people on SignPosts to:

    1. Make people aware of this movement.
    2. Christian friends and family who seem open to places like IHOP, NAR, ElijahList, etc. can now be warned so that they don’t fall into error.
    3. Encourage members to post up interesting articles that may add more definition to what this movement is about or to find out which ministries are linked to this movement. For too long, many ministries have hidden themselves behind fancy names to hide the fact that they are indeed ‘Latter Rain’ers.
    4. Helps us to identify in the body, who are under it’s influences whether they are aware of it or not. I’m on ElijahList because of one of my friends at CCC. Now I finally understand why there are now some Christians the way they are. This is said, not to cause division but to understand where their minds, hearts or conditions are at.

    Great comments Bull. And it’s great that you are community focused. God bless you in where God is taking you in terms of blessing others. I’m lowly winding down from Signposts in case you’re wondering why I’m still on.


  9. Some pastors have recognised IHOP to be of the Latter Rain / Joel’s Army movement.

    So while congregations have been ripping down IHOP posters that youth have been putting up around their churches (because it is the youth that is targeted), IHOP have started a new movement under a different name called Burn 24-7. Burn 24-7 is connected with IHOP.

    NewEarthTribe have been infected by the movement, so has the infamous Jubilee Church which is incredibly unfortunate. Pray that they expel the leaven. The guy who is trying to plant Burn Centers or furnaces in Sydney is a guy by the name of Sean Freucht. Fini and Isi are working with Sean Freucht to get them started locally.

    This movement is once again founded on false prophecy and faulty scripture. I encourage anyone to post anything they find up on Signposts that sheds more light on this. There are some good resources, but not much on Burn 24-7’s tactics locally yet. Defend the minds of the youth from this unbiblical and religious craze!

  10. I have been posting on since Lance pulled down Signposts2 !!!

    Miriam is great … and she’s been totally vindicated about Todd Bentley. It’s pretty full on though. Check it out if you have a lot of time to do so. She has put quite a bit of her own prophecy on there as well.

    Her heart is definitely in the right place and, in my opinion, very worth listening to.

    There is a place for discernment ministries online. What I long to hear, however, are the GOOD news stories alongside the warnings against false teachers and false prophets.

    It’s a good site to check out the NAR, Word-of-Faith, false revivals and so on, but be warned … it does get relentless.

    I find I have to take frequent breaks from it, it takes a long time for comments to be responded to and eventually, you have to look elsewhere for positive news of what is happening in the world.

    If you have good news stories … post them here please!


  11. Specks, I emailed Koorong regarding “The New Mystics” and “Toking the Ghost” John Crowder”s product being sold as useful to the body of Christ. I should have kept the response from the marketing manager, but I was so disgusted I deleted it. It’s about MONEY! It’s about amusing goats not feeding sheep. He even offered me a free copy of the book. I would not like to be standing before the Lord handcuffed to that particular “ministry”.

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