Everyone seems to be reading ‘The Shack’

Over the Christmas season I’ve been mixing with a lot of Christians from various mostly Pente churches at different social get togethers.  A common thread for me has been wandering over to join a group and finding them discussing ‘The Shack’.  One person had even been to a talk given by the author, William P Young, when he visited Sydney.  That was interesting to hear about.

I read the book back in August 2008.  I found the first part of the story, which talks about Mack’s personal tragedy, very hard to read, but it is needed as the context for what follows.  The rest of the book I found interesting, sometimes challenging, and definitely worth the read. It’s angles on forgiveness and judgement, and suffering, are worth examining.  The reactions I’ve seen to the book have all been very positive; no one is examining their theology; rather they are relating to the theme of forgiveness and God’s amazing love.  Some people  are very deeply affected by the book.

I wondered if anyone else here has read the book yet, and if you have any comments or opinions on the content?  It’s interesting to me, as it now seems to be entering the consciousness of mainstream Christianity – I suspect that its prominently displayed in our local bookshops, having been a New York Times No 1 best seller.

I haven’t described the content here, since unless you have read it, it will be difficult to comment.  However, I hope that some of you have.



2 thoughts on “Everyone seems to be reading ‘The Shack’

  1. I’ll have to wait to give my own opinion after I have read it.

    Oh and the discussion after the review at Challies is worth a read. Most tend to agree with Challies (who is critical) but there are some who challenge his crtique.

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