Are shiny teeth better than a shiny attitude?

On a completely silly thread on groupsects, a bunch of Christians leap at one another’s jugulars, in the name of goodness knows what, whilst discussing the merits (or not) of face-lifts, teeth jobs and the enhancement of other parts of the anatomy, whilst completely missing the point of the outside not being necessarily reflective of the inside. I base this on the flow of the thread.

I wouldn’t bother with it, except my blog name, FaceLift, or FL, was added to the fray, even though I am still inexplicably banned from the site for having contrary arguments to the site-boss, who prefers agreement with his views, so I’m unable to speak up when falsely accused. Of what, you may ask.

RP comments:

I agree that Nikki does usually try to character assassinate you; this was helpful to her. Once I wondered if she might be FL, but after this we can be pretty sure she’s not. )

Quite! But when did I ever ‘character assassinate’ Lionfish, or anyone, including Lance, for that matter? In fact Lionfish is quite capable of holding his own when it comes to throwing it about a bit. I would have thought Lance was the archetypal character assassin. Have you checked his posts recently? What was it he called Phil Baker for having a bit of Christmas fun with his church members?

As far as I remember most of my comments are reserved to comments on the issue, and I rarely call people names, choosing rather to constrain my comments to the subject, and though admittedly, on occasion, strong in the past, I have recently consciously toned down. You mean you didn’t notice? Or it isn’t convenient to?

The thread in question is based on a post which condemns Brian Houston for allegedly having his teeth shined up at the dentist. Big deal you say. So what, you add. My sentiments exactly.

One wonders if Lance, Lionfish and the rest the anti-white-teeth critics of decent presentation bother to brush their own teeth twice or three times a day, or make sure, at least, that their children (Lance excepted of course – nephews, nieces?) shuffle the Colgate around their choppers for a few minutes. On what basis? So they’re nice and clean and shiny, of course! When did cleaning teeth become a bad thing? What is it the Word says about teeth like milk? Ah yes, Genesis 49:10-11: 

The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and to Him shall be the obedience of the people.  Binding his donkey to the vine, And his donkey’s colt to the choice vine, He washed his garments in wine, And his clothes in the blood of grapes. His eyes are darker than wine, And his teeth whiter than milk.

So the reality, then, is that we need also to have a shiny heart and a shiny attitude. That’s what counts with God actually. If Mr Houston gets fixed up on the outside, but is rotten on the inside, of course, it’s all to no avail. But if he is already shiny on the inside, and gets his teeth fixed, what difference does it make?

And, if Lionfish wants to let his teeth go, but has a shiny heart, no worries. But of he hates shiny teeth and is critical of others for having shiny teeth, making his inside dirty and unwholesome by being rude to people who defend shiny teeth, woe to Lionfish!

UPDATE: Hang on, having actually watched the YouTube clip objectively, what can anyone on groupsects be really on about when they criticise Brian Houston for what he’s saying? It’s actually a very encouraging message of hope. Look for yourself:

He may have had his teeth looked at, but the message is the important thing here.

And Lionfish, you said:

Thanks RP: “I agree that Nikki does usually try to character assassinate you; this was helpful to her. Once I wondered if she might be FL, but after this we can be pretty sure she’s not”.

I thought the same – when you consider that Nikki tried to leverage such a sensitive issue to her advantage – it speaks loudly about her personal value set and moral compass.

It is an indictment on anybody – especially a woman, who would leverage the issue sexual harassment for personal gain or point scoring.

Undoubtedly, for this reason Nikki’s actions could be classified as being on a par with Ps Danny Nalliah or Westboro Baptist Church.

I am having doubts as to whether she really is an Anglican (as she claimed), or maybe a WoFer in disguise.

Which tells me you consider FaceLift to be on a par with what you consider Nikki to be, which is on a par with Westboro Baptist and Nalliah. A despicable assertion on both counts. In what way can you assert these things against either me or Nikki, who I don’t know, but seems to be someone who is able to voice her opinions on dodgy blog, and all power to her? If you have something to say, come on over here and say it where FaceLift can respond, or leave FaceLift out of it over at groupsects.

7 thoughts on “Are shiny teeth better than a shiny attitude?

  1. For the record,

    FaceLift and I have had words over the years. But we have never resorted to personal insults … (as far as I recall, I may have been childish and called him names but I can’t remember when.)

    While we have had our differences, we were able to express them to each other. Since FL can’t post on that other blog, he can’t respond to even the suggestion of critisism.

    Brian has had his teeth whitened preternaturally. A glow in the dark smile perhaps. While looking a little sinister, it isn’t a sin.

    Why, I would go for whiter, brighter smile too!

    If I could afford it. How can Brian afford the dental work? Let’s face it, he did badly need it.
    He should gone for full works though … the ‘Tom Cruise’ smile is to die for.

    [See … haven’t lost it have I? … and the Welsh Rugby Team beat Australia in November … also excellent. 😉 ]

    People can be critical since they will question whether or not it is good stewardship of the large salary he gets from Hill$ong plus the royalties from Hill$ong merchandising … they will also see that it makes Brian look less authentic and more like the undead Kenneth Copeland.

    Brian will be pushing 80 and still trying to look 45 through cosmetic Surgery if he’s not careful. If he’s going thin on top, then a hair transplant is definitely on the way.

    It’s the image thing. How can Brian make his church look young, hip and trendy if he looks old and knackered? Bobbie has already spent a small fortune on looking good.

    The only theological point I could make about all this is that it would amount to a basic denial of the reality of what God has made us into. Turning the clock back (and believe me … when I look in the mirror I don’t see an Alpha male anymore 😦 ) is a way of denying god’s judgment on our sinful flesh. Can we grow old more gracefully? Please?

    The trouble with fellowships is that they always follow their leaders. They don’t follow what their leaders say but will follow what they do.

    Local dentists are going to get a lot of work in the near future.


  2. Since FaceLift has used other identities to stir up trouble on that blog before, it is not out of order to ask FL to confirm that he is indeed not ‘Nikki’

  3. Wrong assertion, wazza2.

    I have never commented anywhere to ‘stir up trouble’, as you put it. Groupsects stirs up enough trouble on its own.

    I merely commented on Lance’s sites when there was an excessive use of abusive accusation, or to put across a point of view, or, more often than not, to add to the discussion.

    When did I ‘stir up trouble’ on groupsects?

    In fact the original name I used on groupsects which Lance claimed he ‘exposed’ was ‘signpostsfree’, a known epithet, used on this site because ‘FaceLift’ is already taken on WordPress. I commented on groupsects just after adding a post on Signposts02, and hadn’t logged off, which I explained. Lance, despite being told of this, has never admitted falsely accusing me on this.

    Mildly incensed at the accusation, I wantonly and tongue-in-cheekily used another blog-name to protest and demonstrate that, in essence, it is pointless to ban a person from a blog for using a pseudonym (I don’t think there is any blog-law against using any name you want, provided it isn’t being used by someone else), but, as a result of protests from people here, I have since desisted, having apologised to all and sundry, and said I wouldn’t do it again on Lance’s blog.

    I comment on a variety of blogs, and use other blog-names which reflect the substance of the blog, and my intended relationship. Here, I’ve been generally known as FaceLift, but have also been signpostsfree.

    You may have forgotten, or not known, but Lance actually challenged FaceLift to dare to comment on his blog in the very first post he put up on the site, Having started Signposts02, after the demise of Signposts, where he was the one who used a constant stream of abuse and foul language against people, including FaceLift, and anyone else who took exception to his heavy handed innuendo and accusations.

    There was one other person he challenged, Homer Paxton, who didn’t take him up on it. You’ll remember that Homer also had more than one blog name, as does groupsects, if you think about it, so I didn’t exactly set a precident.

    The problem Lance/groupsects/signposts02/etc had, and has, is that he doesn’t like to be challenged himself. This whole issue at hand really reflects this, because, although Lance has, thus far, been pretty well-behaved in regard to Nikki, a couple of people around the blog are seemingly almost pressing for Nikki to end up in the sin-bin. Why? Because she actually has a contrary position to groupsects, and regular groupsects supporters like Lionfish.

    So the senior anti-pastor, groupsects, has to make the decision about who he lets stay in the anti-hillsong/ccc/pente/pastor church, eh? And those he has chosen to eject are the most vocally supportive of pente’s and pastors. Go figure!

    But, if people are going to use my blog name to accuse me of things I haven’t done, then I should be allowed to respond.

    No I am clearly not Nikki.

  4. In fact, I was making a joke (in the context of the other thread), since FL is obviously male, and its clear from that thread that Nikki is either female or a very good actor.

    I was being honest when I said that once I’d thought Nikki could possibly be FL and I’d mentioned it in an early thread. Nikki herself subsequently denied it.

    So I stand by my comment.

    I meant it to be a joke – and stuck to the facts as I understand them. However, I cannot control how others took it from there. Clearly FL leaves a lasting impression on people.

    As things now stand, the topic on the other thread has now reverted to LF challenging Nikki, and any diversion to FL was brief and finite.

  5. Point taken, but clearly Lionfish doesn’t think you were joking, and has taken your comments literally, and added to them!

    The blog seems to bring the worse out in people. You’re right to say, on the other thread, I should avoid it. It’s a very negative environment.

    I’d rather be left out if it, if you don’t mind, as long as I’m unable to respond. Maybe that’s what I’m trying to say to you.

  6. FL said this “I’d rather be left out if it, if you don’t mind, as long as I’m unable to respond. ”


    I have not really looked at groupsects. I just feel at this point that I actually want to concentrate on the good, even though it is hard to ignore blatant false prophets and money-changers in the temple.

    God is bigger than all that. We can blog to our hearts content but what really matters is how we build one another up, and how we help our local situation stay free from error.

    A blog like this one means we can at least help one another out and give each other prayer points or point out persecution that is happening rather than concentrate exclusively on the Ted Haggards, Todd Bentleys and Peter Popoffs of this world.

    Or as I categorise them, hypocrites, liars and thieves.

    Anyway. Like I said. It’s easy to be exclusively negative. It’s not so easy to take responsibility in real life for both the things you do and for the spiritual health of church you are in.

    When doing this, sometimes we need moral support from others who have been through this themselves and also prayers and thanksgiving. We all need wisdom and so I am now thinking about and praying for wisdom as I write this. I encourage you to do the same.

    I ask the Lord for wisdom in our own lives and in our activities in our own fellowships. May we be a light to others this week. Amen.


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