Senator Grassley a tither

It’s all quiet down at Senator Grassley’s place, maybe because the election fever in the US has subsided for a couple of years, and he’s back on the road, touring his Iowa constituency.

Interestingly there hasn’t been much to report recently about the six ministries Grassley asked to provide details of accounts, including those which did not comply.

I checked his site for information, but nothing much since 2007 on this issue.

However the good Senator made this interesting statement, on which he based his challenge to the six ministries involved:

As a Christian myself, and a person who believes in tithing, I feel I have a right to know where my money goes. If a person gets a tax deduction for a donation, the deduction and donation should be for a legitimate purpose.

I’d have to agree with this, since it’s every tithers’ right to have a basic understanding of where their offerings are being applied.

Most of the ministries in question, however, are media based rather than churches, particularly in their TV wings, which is where the connection is made in this request for financial information, although some have churches attached to their ministries.

I would have thought tithes, if you agree with the principle, would have to go to the local church, or so we’ve been taught, anyway, rather than to a TV ministry, although I know Kenneth Copeland, for one, has suggested, in the past, at least, that tithes should go to his ministry, which I would disagree with, since he is a travelling Teacher/Prophet, not someone who oversees a local church. He is not involved in all the intricacies of local church leadership, including births, deaths and marriages, counselling, comforting, and the myriad hands-on work Pastors and their staff need to be able to handle. Those who go to his Eagle Mountain church would be encouraged to tithe there, but members of other churches world-wide shouldn’t be asked to tithe to his TV ministry, but, rather, give offerings if they so desire.

But I wonder how people on this blog feel about Grassley’s adherence to tithing as a principle, and as the basis for his enquiry into the workings of the said ministries.

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  1. I know this is old, but I can’t help find this amusing. He wants shonky ministries to come clean, but it’s shonky ministries that made him swallow a shonky doctrine!

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