An Empty Anointing

Pheonix Preacher made some very good points re the restoration of Todd Bentley to ministry so soon after his downfall.  Among those points was an observation regarding ‘anointing’ ministers and their families.

Todd was publicly anointed with [his then wife] Shonnah for world revival. Then he disappears from public view and reappears with a new wife Jessa …[]… and all the talk is immediately about getting him back to ministry as soon as possible.

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This reminder that Shonna was ‘anointed’ at the same time as Todd makes a mockery of this restoration. Despite being ‘anointed’ together, and with the same anointing, it seems that one person’s anointing is more important than another’s. In fact you’d have to conclude that her anointing was pretty irrelevant. So why bother anointing both of them in the first place?

If such a ceremony is meaningful, it is meaningful for both, otherwise it is nothing but marketing and showmanship. It adds credibility for a mass audience, but no actual substance.

Pastors in Pentecostal churches often refer to the laying on of hands ceremony and the ‘anointing’ received that day as that which brings them authority over their congregations, and greater gifting and insight than the rest of us into God’s Word and God’s will on a daily basis. Sometimes it is even used like a rod of authority – he is anointed and you are not, so don’t question when you are told to do something, don’t question his choices or decisions.

Was this the purpose of the laying of hands on elders in the Bible? How could it be serious and yet so empty, or used as a tool to dominate? Is God’s anointing temporary? What has gone wrong?



3 thoughts on “An Empty Anointing

  1. The Anointing is another name for the Holy Spirit.
    If it’s used in any other which way or form, it’s either:

    a) the person has no idea what they are talking about.
    b) they don’t know the definition means ‘to smear’.
    c) they somehow relate it to the power of God over someone’s life (which if you think about, we all do and want another person’s anointing because we’re too lazy to get off our own behind!).
    d) to keep up appearances.
    e) use the word to hide pagan practice.

    To me this movement uses the word ‘anointing’ or ‘mantels’ with magical connotations in ways witches release their powers and annointings onto others. The comparisons between the two between the KCP/NAR and the real deal are frightening!

    This is why it’s so careful to have people lay hands on you. I was once spiritually attacked by having someone lay hands on me. A good friend of mine had this happen to her as well.

    So be cautious how the word ‘anointing’ is thrown around and how it’s used.

  2. I will state publicly and for the record.

    Todd Bentley should never be allowed back in the pulpit ever!

    At the very least he should spend the next 20 years in a proper job. If he’s still married to Jessa by then, maybe he can think about public ministry.

    But he’ll cheat on her too, if he isn’t already.


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