Just For the Beauty of It…

We’ve had the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) to remind us all that material security can be incredibly fleeting, and bring a new focus on ‘things that really matter’.  Now, we have an example about not judging by appearances – and that it doesn’t take appearances to lift the hearts of a crowd. 

Just in case anyone’s missed it, here’s the video of Susan Boyle, the ordinary, overweight, 47 year old spinster, who astonished the judges in the auditions for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, and which apparently made Demi Moore cry.

Since embedding has been disabled, you can click on the link here. It’s worth it if you haven’t seen it.



3 thoughts on “Just For the Beauty of It…

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me!

    My friend just showed me this on Sunday night.
    Showed a few friends on Monday.

    Got on now to post it up… Wollah!

    You beat me to it Raving Pente.
    Maybe I e-mailed it to you?

    If I didn’t, talk about divine brainwaves.

    I absolutely luurve this!
    Check out Paul Potts:

  2. LOL – I think almost every blog in the world must have posted this up by now! Talk about warm fuzzies.

    There’s something terribly reassuring about someone so apparently ordinary revealing such superb talent. It just cracks apart the association between talent and image.

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