EndTimesProphetic Missed This! Also LakeLand Q&A Opportunity…

A recent speaker from Lakeland has been touring around Sydney. They’ve given me their contact details as they saw that I expressed concern about the Lakeland ministry. We left on good grounds where they gave me their contact details.

Your questions answered here!

This person apparently did ministry with Bentley and they too have been talking about down here the angel ‘Winds of Change’.

A friend of mine has already given me a list of questions they’d like answered. So I’m opening an opportunity here for people to ask questions. Max between 5-10 questions.  I’ll want to keep these conversations private with them and those who I will pass on her replies too.

So e-mail me at specks_and_planks@hotmail.com .

In talking with this person, they also informed me that EndTimesProphetic is being sued for gossiping, slandering and attacking a member from Todd Bentley’s ministry. So keep Miriam in your prayers. It’s sad how things have gotten so ugly.

So e-mail me your questions and I’ll e-mail their reply. Hopefully this will be a fruitful time where we can understand Lakeland’s dilemma and are sensitive and wise with our questions to this person. No pointed questions that are attacking.

So what you waiting for???

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  1. Promoting an Angel???

    Haven’t alarm bells started ringing for you yet?

    Re-read Hebrews and the arguments the author makes.

    Jesus is better than all the prophets.
    Jesus is better than all the ANGELS.

    We have a direct line to the Father. Why do we need an angel?

    The so called angel “Winds of Change”, if it exists, is nothing more than a counterfeit. An “anti-Christ” if you will. “Anti” means “instead of”.

    Todd was told “you’ve got to get them to believe in the Angel”

    Well, I am with Luther when he said “Man only needs Jesus Christ.”

    Stay well away from anyone promoting Healing Angels, Anointing Angels, Revival Angels etc. You have a direct line to God. You don’t need any other intermediary between you and Father God except Jesus Christ.


  2. Actually. Hebrews 1 says that He was called out among the angels.
    Jesus is recognised in His earthly ministry that He is Lord of the Angels or ‘Heavens Armies’, Creator of Spirits, Lord of Spirits which titles given God in the OT and the book of Enoch.
    Christ in the OT was also referred to in the Old Testament as the Angel of The Lord. If you look at Phillip’s speech in Acts 7 in how he speaks of the Angel of The Lord in the OT.
    Acts 7:30-32; 35; 37-38.

    This Angel was Christ and you can see what God says about the importance of believeing this angel. This angel had God’s name and was the ‘promise’ of God. This Angel of the Lord, which finally appeared to Joshua, was none other then Jesus Christ, God’s appointed Spirit being revealed to men as man and angel – Lord of Man and Angel.

    So yes. I have asked a question relating about the angel ‘Winds of Change’ and various others (Emma and financial angels). These angels seem to usurp the position of Christ and seem to want to take their attention off of Him.

    And Bull, I am against the promotion of this angel. Have been since Lakeland became the revival hot spot.

    Anywho’s… I’m going to add that Luther quote to my quote collection. That’s too good not to use.

    A true ‘Amen!’ to Your post Bull!

  3. Amen indeed.

    While it may have sounded like I was speaking only to S&P, I was really speaking to everyone who might be reading this thread.

    Basically, there is a whole load of jargon that’s coming from the ‘prophetic’ movement that infects the rest of the church. What then happens is that the rest of the church thinks it all means one thing while the ‘ElijahList’ NAR means something else so when they all get in the same room, the NAR starts talking, the true church thinks they mean something else and everyone goes away happy … even though the NAR knows that they have intentionally misled the Church in order to further their quest for dominion.


  4. Well if you’re like me, it would be wise to take as many articles that you like from EndTimesProphetic and save them to your computer. For obvious reason if the site is taken down.

    Or if you are feeling adventurous, give credit to Miriam and post up some of her articles here so we can discuss them.
    I’ve e-mailed her about this.

  5. This is what I think about Christians suing eachother for slander – I’ve copied it from the groupsects site, so sorry if you’ve already read it:

    “Jesus did not defend himself, though he more than easily could have. If we are to model ourselves on Jesus, then any genuine Christian ought to think about that before they start suing or threatening to sue a brother they disagree with.

    Jesus took floggings, torture, derision and slander to the point of death. At any time he could have turned the tables. He didn’t make threats or bully. I’m not excusing it when we treat eachother badly, but threatening to sue is contrary to the character of Christ.” – RP

    But Jesus threatened the religious establishment of his day. If a religious establishment is Pharisaical, it will react in the same way eventually, though these days crucifixion is not an option. It may sound like its asking a lot to expect them to put up with things they don’t like being said on popular blog sites, and they have every right to enforce copyright rules etc, but to actually sue and try to damage someone in response undermines their credibility as ministers of Christ in my view. But that’s what martyring someone does. It exposes the character of the one doing the martyring; brings it into the light and shows it for what it is. Jesus did this all the time, when he did not fight back physically.

    We should pray for Miriam.

  6. Agreed, we should pray for Miriam.

    However, I wonder if she is being ‘taken to court’.

    She can’t be taken to court in the US because she isn’t US based. She is UK based. Therefore any legal action would have to be in a UK court, wouldn’t it?

    I think that maybe, legal action is being sought but nothing has actually happened yet. I reckon it would be very difficult to prove defamation of character.

    Those dominionists have no problem ignoring scripture completely when it suits their agenda. To stifle legitimate, biblical critisism and be completely hypocritical by “belittling Divine Authority and smearing Angels in Glory”. This is the effect of their Manifest Sons of God/Latter Rain/Joel’s Army teachings.

    They transform human beings into the divine in their thinking and invent their own doctrines which good-sounding soundbites but actually are extremely dangerous.

    Doctrines of Demons if you will.

    The plain fact of the matter is this … the prosperity gospel is not an anti-christian doctrine in itself. It is most unhelpful, in all it’s forms. However, the real problem with it is that the mathodology by which the Bible is treated in order to attempt to biblically justify it means that practitioners of it are susceptible to NAR/Dominionist teaching.

    Our focus up till now has been in showing up prosperity thinking for what it is and helping people pick up the pieces after they’ve left it all behind.

    Our focus now must be to not attack Hillsong/CCC for prosperity teaching but to encourage them to reject dominionism, otherwise the Australian Pentecostal Church will spearhead the great falling away from Jesus in Australasia.

    It is that important. I believe dominionism to be apostasy. Joel’s Army … Neo-Nazi.


  7. My own thoughts on the issue. Sorry if it’s not well put together.

    In the Old Testament Israel is often portrayed as God’s wife (albeit an often unfaithful one).

    In the New Testament the Church is portrayed as God’s bride.

    I wander then if the Harlot of Revelation is a group of people who should be God’s wife/bride but instead are committing adultery with other gods. Makes me wonder if the harlot of revelation is the apostate church (i.e. people who actually claim to be Christians but are in fact anything but). (This isn’t exactly my original idea of course-its a common belief).

    I note the harlot rides the beast in revelation. I understand the term “beast” in revelation to refer both to the man the “anti-Christ” (false Christ) as well as the demonic entity who inhabits the anti-Christ and also the entire beast empire
    /state/world/military/economic system he commands. (I think this is similar to how the king of tyre and the devil are addressed as if one in Ezekiel 28). (As an aside – I believe in biblical symbology the horns of beasts refer to specific rulers/kings but beasts to the underlying spiritual principalities driving them).

    Anyway I wander if in the future the apostate church doesn’t actually come close to achieving their goal of world domination (I mean if that’s what Revelation is predicting – given that her harlot is riding the beast).

    In Revelation I note that the beast turns on the harlot and destroys her (though she was likely instrumental and even the dominant partner for a while in his coming to power).

    I suspect the final world religion is probably new (the old lie but new in a way) and unlike anything seen before (rather than just a cult of Islam or Christianity on steroids) though it obviously revolves around worship of the AC (I say that as we are told the AC doesn’t worship the God of his fathers). But I suspect that apostate Christianity (in particular dominionist apostate Christians may be key to its coming to power (based on the Harlot of revelation). (I suspect in the end the final religion will contain a mix of apostate Christians, with wicca, new age, Hindu you name it. To the apostate Christians the AC will probably be seen as Chist – hence the name AC).

    The script has been written from long ago (we can read it in the bible). The question is which role do CCC/Hillsong want to play in all this, bride or harlot? For a while the harlot role will look enticing, but we know what happens in the end……

    (PS I am talking about religious Babylon here – I suspect that the US is economic Babylon but I could be wrong).

  8. Mmmmm – that’s an interesting comment, Pheonix. I’m no expert on Revelation, though I did get into it about 20 years ago with ‘The Late, Great Planet Earth’ etc. It does make sense that if the Harlot is riding the Beast, there will be some linking of an apostate church and the power of the anti-Christ.

    If people can’t identify the gospel because of poor teaching, or new teachings based on ‘new revelation’ not present in scripture, it makes it more likely that an apostate church would exist in that way, deceiving even itself. The distortions we are seeing today could set things up for that scenario – prosperity gospel, submission doctrine, leaders as some kind of step between God and individuals, dislocating local authority with higher central authority, systemic approaches to link individual churches on a global scale (a la Purpose Driven)… You could make it all fit.

    It’s hard to say for sure of course, and I know you are not saying for sure. Once people thought the RC church was the Harlot. Now we can see it might be closer to home. Or it could be something on the horizon – maybe NAR, maybe Purpose Driven.

  9. Yeah I’m not saying for sure. Just how things look from where I am now. I’ve been into the “end times” since my early teens thanks to my Grandfather. So I’ve allways been on the look out for how it will unfold, being one who believes that he likely lives in those end times.

    I used to think it would be the New Age religion that would take the world over, led by the AC and false prophet. As a result at one stage I had several “understanding the new age” type books on my shelf at one stage. It was all the rage for “end times” obssessed Christians back in the 80s.

    The whole NAR thing came out of left field for me but well its looks like a good candidate to my eye. But I’ll keep watching.

    I’ll say though that I am disturbed by the similarites between WoF theology of controlling your world by faith and constant confessing that faith (I’m not talking about faith in Christ here) and similar beliefs that we create our own reality among new age/buddist/hindu/wicca types.

    For example I was briefly in a CCC homegroup were the leader warned me against for example saying “my toe is killing me” if I stubb my toe, because that statement of faith could become a reality. That sort of understanding of faith is in line with the new age/buddist/hindu/wicca type beliefs.

    I am also distrubed by how much in WoF (or NAR or whatever you what to call them – they’re all from the same cookie batch) that I see man being elevated (to Godhood in some cases – see Benny Hinn’s and Haggin’s various welll known blasphemies) while on the other hand Gods power is downplayed.

    Seeing how fast people fell for the “new thing” of the torronto blessing (in my own church at the time) and how quickly family members fell for Rick Joyner books (have since seen the light), nothing would surprise me regarding apostacy in the chirch these days (especially in WoF churches like CCC/Hillsong).

  10. By the way Bull’s use of the phrase “Doctrines of Demons” reminded me of Tricia Tillins articles (it was the name of one of her essays), who I got a lot of knowledge about WoF, NAR etc and how they link to each oher, particularly their history, (before attending CCC and experiencing it fist hand myself).

    Her site is archived at


    (I don’t know what happened to her, or what made her retire form her “ministry”, she as an old lady I guess) interesting articles though, including her testimony of waking up to WoF at


  11. The thing that seems to have changed now compared to 20 or 30 years ago is the globalisation of the newer church movements. That’s a trend in many things these days of course, not just churches. Rick Warren even has a systemic approach that works on a global scale.

    Many Pente movements talk of revivals which start in one spot such as Toronto, then ‘sweep the globe’. Lakeland was supposed to do that, it seems. Obviously its got something to do with how small the world has become – travelling between countries easily; communicating in real time, both audio and video. The internet has changed everything. Even this site is a mini example – over time, we do get people here from all over Australia and around the globe just because we can.

    So that does set the stage nicely for the Dominionists, who can see the technology falling into place. It isn’t a big stretch these days to imagine a church movement with true global impact, especially if it strongly influences countries with the most powerful governments.

    Just exploring the scenario…

  12. You do realise that the true church will be taken up and those that are not of the church will be left behind (supposedly Christian).

    Well with the counterfeit Christianity, with all the other religions of the world, I’ve always seen the harlot of babylon uniting all the faiths together. (Christian and Roman Catholicism, mysticism, Buddhist, Hindu, occultism, Aetheism, Agnostic, Taoism, Judaism, etc.)

    The Tower of Babylon was a moment where mankind was united against God. While all religions seem to glorify God, when united they WILL fall short and glorify man above God.
    To the called or elect of God in that time, their blood will be spilled for all mankind will be sick of seeing different religions warring. All faiths have compromised and are all pointing to work together.

    Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.

    The ‘church’ that remains will join with this universal faith. For now the salt and light have been taken from the earth along with the presence of God, man will put his faith in man and spirits. This false hope will lead kings, nations and multitudes to destruction – a fight for glory.

  13. This weekend I read that link you posted up, Phoenix:


    That was a really reflective read for me. So much of what she talked of was familiar to me from my time in PP’s church, including many of the teachings and expressions she referred to. She put it in context so well, and I can really relate to the way her eyes were opened. For me it was a different trigger, but the process was a similar progression. I could also relate to there being some helpful teaching in with the distortions – making it more difficult to just write it off.

    Thanks for putting the link up.

  14. I am quite removed from the NAR thing, but it all makes sense to me.

    The best and most dangerous lie is the one closest to the truth. Seems logical that ‘the church’ will seek man’s glory over God and effectively become apostate.

    This certainly is the pattern of biblical history.

    But there is always a remnant and the Bible tends to indicate they will cop it big time.

    I worry for my children and their children – fortunately I think they are pretty cluey and can smell a con job much better than I could.

    For the record coming from a heavily pre-trib background I am now not committed to any particular eschatological theory, except that Christ will come again and we’ll start over again.

  15. ‘I am quite removed from the NAR thing.’

    Mind you I checked out a video of Bentley kicking a guy in the guts with major cancer of the colon and calling it healing.

    One massive ego-power trip – another school yard bully who thinks he has a license. How anyone could justify that as being of God I’ll never know – plain sickening actually.

  16. I’m a post-tribber myself.

    I simply cannot find any biblical text that clearly states that Christians will be taken away from the world before the big trouble.

    There was not a trace of this teaching before the 1840’s and John Nelson Darby. The teaching sprang from a prophecy and certain bible verses are twisted to fit the prophecy, rather than the prophecy fitting in with what the bible already clearly teaches.

    Before anyone says “we are not to be objects of Wrath!” well, while that is true, more than 250,000 Christians are butchered every year, simply for being Christians. Why are they objects of Wrath, and the rest of us are going to be raptured?

    Secondly, the whole scenario comes from dispensationalism, which essentially tells us that the ‘new’ people of God, the Church will eternally be seperate and distinct from the ‘old’ people of God, the Jews who will be saved by their own dispensation, the Mosaic Covenant.

    If that is so, why did Paul bother trying to make the Jews jealous for their Messiah?

    Listen, we have been grafted into God’s Chosen people. We haven’t replaced them in God’s sight.

    We are in training for the tribulation. When Jesus returns, we will then meet Him in the air and put the world right way up, there and then!

    Sorry to get so heated, but am very keen on this point. As a man, I don’t think tribulation can get worse than having your bits cut off and then getting your throat cut so that you drown on your blood while your wife is banging on the door to your office … as what happened in Turkey last year.

    Why do we think we’ll avoid it?

    That’s not eschatology, it’s escapology!


  17. Glad to be of help RP.

    Haven’t got time for a great heated pre-trib vs pro-trib right now (and yeah I know feelings are strong on the issue on both sides). It is certainly something worth talking about (which is why I don’t want to give a flipant or of the cuff reply now). The charge of escapism is a common one coming formth e post-tribbers, I dont think its true though.

    Also for the record I don’t think Christians are immune from persecution anywhere. We may all suffer terrible deaths for our faith, I just don’t think it will be during the trib as I am convinced for a number of reasons Christians are raptured before then (no gaurantee the Muslins won’t take over and hack of out heads before then – especialy in England – but I believe any Christians still alive will be raptures at start of trib). A proper reply requires a large essay which I can’t write right now.

  18. It would be an interesting thread, which I think everyone here could handle while maintaining respect for one another; especially given the really supportive tone of the recent threads. I think we all recognise our unity in Christ here, regardless of different viewpoints on some issues. I’ve felt very encouraged by this. 🙂 So good to participate in a place where this can happen.

    It would be best when Phoenix has the time to put his case – so let us know, Phoenix, or if you like, post an article to start it off, when you are ready.

    For the record – I was once a pre-tribber. Now, I just don’t have a point of view on it – I’d have to look back into it all again. Part of my journey recently has been to question many doctrines I’ve been taught, and I’ve become very suspicious of their origins… as you know. Doesn’t mean they are all wrong, just that I’m starting from scratch in a few areas. But I’m pretty darned sure of some other things!

    I do think Phoenix is right that we won’t necessarily escape persecution, regardless of rapture viewpoints. There are so many Christians suffering for their faith these days. Any disapproval/rejection we might experience from megachurches or certain people who think we are ‘rebellious’ for simply believing only what Jesus taught (and not other various man-made extensions), is just nothing in comparison.

  19. One other thing I don’t think that the tribulation is primarily about the persecution of us Christians (although certainly people converted to faith in Christ during the tribulation i.e. Saints will certainly be thoroughly persecuted – as we won’t be very popular among the non-Christians then for a number of reasons).

    Rather I think the tribulation is primarily about God’s wrath on the Non-Christians, I think it is primarily God’s wrath on the non-believing world (that is how Revelation reads to me). It is primarily the tribulation of the non-Christians. (I also believe it is also the time when the time of the Gentiles ends and the Jews take centre stage again and return to God). (Though certainly there is also a major role play in defeating the devil I think played by those who do give their lives to back up their testimony of faith in Christ).

    The point is I think that we as Christians read what happens in the tribulation and think “how does this affect me?” and they see – “Oh no Christians get persecuted by the AC” – so they fixate on that and think it’s all about Christians being persecuted by the beast – and don’t see the bigger picture that’s its actually the judgement of the non-Christians (which incidentally is one reason among many why the church body is raptured before then).

    Anyway the point I wanted to make is that while some (most) post-tribbers think we pretribbers are fixated on some special rescue mission from God, accusing us of saying we can’t suffer because we’re special (more special than all the gazillions of Christians in other times and places who have had to endure persecution), – I think the post-tribbers are doing the same in reverse i.e. instead of thinking “I’m special I can’t suffer”, they are doing the reverse and thinking “I’m special so I must suffer”. When in actual fact the tribulation isn’t about you. If you didn’t get to die for Christ and get to have your bits chopped off (and so have an eternally better reward in heaven for doing so) before the tribulation, tough luck, you missed your chance, God isn’t going out of his way to make sure you do (in my opinion). – sorry if that’s not the best way to phrase it – just my clumsy way of communicating my thoughts on the issue.

    This post doen’t mean I’m starting the debate now though 🙂 (was just a quick thought that came to my mind).

  20. I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said before or can’t be found else where on the web (try “rapture ready” for articles for example – and their forums were the issue has been debted ad nausium). But yeah I’l put together my thoughts some time. (Sorry I told my PhD supervisor that I’d have work on my PhD corrections to send him this week – and am a bit behind schedule – its preocupying my mind right now and will be next weekend – by the way I passed my PhD but have to make corrections and basically when my PhD supervisor signs off and says they have been made its completed – doesn’t have to be re-examined – he’s a hard task maser though -and I’m a procastinator – like right now).

  21. You’ll have to change your name to Dr Phoenix when its all done then.

    Congratulations on passing!

  22. They were good links Phoenix. Thanks! Good read!
    I’ll join in the discussion for that, that is for sure.

    I’ve have people say I’m millenial & a-millenial, post-trib, pre-trib and whatever Facelift said I was as well when I posted on article up from a site once.


  23. The question is, of course, what does the Bible say about it.

    Is there a reference that unambiguously claims that the rapture will happen so that Jesus takes us all away before the big trouble?

    Did the early church fathers teach this doctrine?

    Did this doctrine appear before the 1840’s?

    I never claimed that the tribulation would by primarily about persecution of Christians. Rather, God’s Wrath is being revealed very clearly and will affect everyone, believer and non-believer alike.

    Christians will suffer persecution as a result of not conforming to society and worshiping the AC etc. We’ll become scapegoats.

    Phoenix mentioned that the tribulation would be the time of the Jews because the Christians wouldn’t be here anymore.

    Well, that’s Darby-ism right there. So, don’t worry about converting Jews or introducing them to their own messiah, we’ll just wait for the rapture and then the Jews will come back to faith. (Separate dispensation again.)

    There will be one new man in Christ Jesus. There will no longer be any distinctions. That’s why Paul fought so hard to win his own people.

    In case you were wondering, there are many tens, if not hundreds of Israeli Messianic Fellowships, started by believing Jews, in Israel today. They are involved, amongst other things, in helping Palestinian Believers and fellowships with food, money and other things too.

    There has always been a remnant and that remnant is growing.

    We are all saints, whether we a Jewish believers or Gentile believers. We have all received mercy, for “God has bound All men over to disobedience so that He may have mercy on them ALL”, said Paul.

    “The same Lord is the Lord of ALL and richly blesses ALL who call on Him, For everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.”

    Just as I reject Dominionism, I reject dispensationalism. There aren’t 7 dispensations.

    There are 5 covenants.

    and Messianic (The New Covenant foretold by Jeremiah the Prophet)

    The Mosaic Covenant was completely fulfilled by Jesus and so that has passed away and through Jesus we enter the New Covenant.

    There is nothing to suggest, in the new testament, that Jesus would return twice. Once, secretly, for believers and then a again in a blaze of glory. Everything suggests one return only.

    It’s interesting that Jewish tradition expected two messiahs. One, called ‘Son of Joseph’ would suffer for our sins, while the other ‘Son of David’ would be the all conquering hero. So they called Jesus Son of David. They didn’t see that there would be one messiah who would come twice.

    There is no such tradition since the ascension that Jesus would come twice. Only since Darby and Schofield’s Bible (with his bible notes) has this idea permeated the Church. Was 18 centuries of Christianity wrong? Were the early church fathers wrong? Was Paul misunderstood for 1800 years?

    Well … I’ll leave it there.


  24. On a completely different take – Phoenix, you might remember our first conversation on this blog under your original name… well, I had a stranger in a shop refer me to “The Surrendered Wife” the other day – to learn how to get what you want from your husband. (I was in the shop with a friend who had wondered aloud whether her husband would agree to a furniture purchase she liked or not.) The shop owner had done the course… I suggested that it sounded more like “How to Manipulate Your Husband” than “The Surrendered Wife”. But mainly I kept my mouth shut. (Great self discipline for me) 🙂

  25. I’m amazed that everyone’s quick to point a finger at Lakeland yet haven’t e-mailed any questions to see what is said first hand by staff who have been ministering there.

    This is an opportunity to have your questions answered by someone on stage from Lakeland. I’m amazed no has any questions they want answers or clarity about the ‘revival’.

  26. I’ll start up a new thread tonight so we can discuss trib stuff. It’s kind of important we do discuss it in contrast to what NAR/Lakeland/IHOP are teaching.

  27. Sorry S&P

    For me I wouldn’t have any queries because this is so transparently ‘wrong’ from my perspective, my only query is how on what basis did the previous pastor agree to take his hands off the wheel and hand over to Bentley?

    And did anyone have second thoughts and when?

    To me this is in the realm of asking ‘why is murder wrong?’

    probably a very simplistic unhelpful response.

    Amy be someone else can do better?

    Where is testing the spirit or any other biblical approach?

    Everything I read hear and smell says there is/wasn’t any.

    If it walks like a duck……

  28. I have no questions – haven’t followed it overly closely – saw enough to know it wasn’t for me.

    I’m not automatically condemning people who participated in it, but I don’t accept that TB’s ministry is God’s ministry. We’d have to ignore what the Bible says about fruit. (Even healings if proven aren’t fruit of the spirit.) I think TB is serving himself in this; I also think Joyner looks pretty bad, the way he’s handled things; it all seems pretty arrogant to me; its taught me some things about NAR which are worth being aware of.

    I think MN’s questions are worth answering. Particularly the ‘did anyone have second thoughts and when”?

    Miriam’s prophecy in relation to this is interesting.

  29. “Where is testing the spirit or any other biblical approach?

    Everything I read hear and smell says there is/wasn’t any.”

    Exactly how it seems. Perhaps that’s a good question – was there any testing the spirit or qualifying the man against scriptural guidelines?

  30. Here’s a question …

    where did all the money go?

    Here’s another …

    Why did Todd encourage everyone to believe in an Angel?
    No Angel of God would encourage that.

    And another …
    Since believers have a direct line to God, why did we all have to go to Lakeland to “get some”?

    Forget all the ‘healings’ … why did no one raised from the dead go public? No verified raising from the dead. So why lie to the people?

    Are Christians just naive?

    Does Todd treat the body of Christ like a cash cow? Answer … Yes.

    If Todd ever comes to Wales and to my church, I’ll throw him out myself!!!

    I truly believe that at the moment, God Hates Todd.
    Why? Because God Hates Sinners who refuse to repent.

    I’d kick Joyner out of the church as well. Not for supporting Todd, but for being a gnostic heretic.

    I am incandescent with rage. Time for Coffee.

    Or strong sedatives. Perhaps Ritalin.


  31. Shame you aren’t at my place Bull – the light bulb in here has just blown.

    I’ve got a post coming up about anger…

  32. Anger is good.

    Anger is great.

    How you express it can sometimes be bad … or downright stupid.

    Throwing plates into the sink or shouting at your children … or husband … is not a good way of dealing with anger.

    Husbands get annoyed at that point and drive to work feeling impotent with rage. If I react, I end up regretting it! 😉

  33. My question with the new post is, is it immoral not to be angry? – and other questions in consequence…


    While you’re wondering why everyone featured the “Tribulation Index” (using the essence and not the title) for 1800 years before a Nebraska “rustler” changed it into the “Rapture Index,” check out “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” on the “Powered by Christ Ministries” site. But gulp down some tranquilizers first!

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