Jesus: “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is- WOOO! Gyagyagyagya! Bubbalubbalooba!”

I wonder if this is why Paul said we are a peculiar people? Doubt it.

I have officially labelled this spirit the “Shubba Bubba Spirit”. Mainly because I’ve seen it around Sydney as well, and people are stuck in this spirit fetish, calling out “DADDY!” to God and acting immaturely. (Not to mention this spirit likes it when we rhyme or play with alliteration.)

The Holy Spirit calls us to maturity and to get off milk and onto meat. However, this continual state leaves you only dependant on ‘experiences’ and starves Christians from the truth of the Word of God. This so-called outpouring is keeping people in a state of drunkenness that I find actually repels people from God and confuses others in the body of Christ. People who don’t have these experiences feel condemned and think that God doesn’t love them.

Anyways. Here’s the final clip I’d like to leave you with.

What are your thoughts on this Shubba Bubba Spirit Outpouring? Will this really lead people to the Lord? Will this help grow the body of Christ? Is this of God or not? (I don’t think so, but I have had Him minister to me more strongly in these times among such people then He usually does!)

Saw these from the ETP which I thought was worth discussing here:

32 thoughts on “Jesus: “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is- WOOO! Gyagyagyagya! Bubbalubbalooba!”

  1. Well, this is a pretty unconventional street witness. I think we should not be unkind to these people; no doubt they mean well, and they don’t seem to be harrassing anyone…

    This is what comes to my mind (and probably lots of other people’s minds too):

    1 Cor 14:9-12
    “9So it is with you. Unless you speak intelligible words with your tongue, how will anyone know what you are saying? You will just be speaking into the air. 10Undoubtedly there are all sorts of languages in the world, yet none of them is without meaning. 11If then I do not grasp the meaning of what someone is saying, I am a foreigner to the speaker, and he is a foreigner to me. 12So it is with you. Since you are eager to have spiritual gifts, try to excel in gifts that build up the church.”

    Tongues are a sign for unbelievers when they hear foreigners inspired to speak in their own language.

    So I would not expect this to be an effective street witness, from either a scriptural or common sense perspective. This looks misguided, if its meant for evangelism.

    ie: I think it is highly unlikely to lead people to the Lord; I don’t think it will grow the body of Christ; and these people are believers, but they probably aren’t led by God to do this.

  2. It was painful to see these vids.

    The real question is, does this bring Jesus into disrepute or does it glorify Him?


  3. I’m personally a bit uncomfortable with clips like that being posted up here… I don’t want to make fun of the people (some of whom are quite young); I don’t want to propogate the clips; I find what they are doing painful to watch, as you say, Bull… so to be honest, those are out of my comfort zone.

  4. I am personally challenged by them. John Crowder is a founder of this perverse movement. This reminds me of Rodney Howard Browne’s laughing revival, which many mature and discerning Christians have informed me as they lived through this era, was not a move of God.

    Unfortunately, Crowder is spreading this shubba bubba spirit down here:

    His tour is as follows:

    New Earth Tribe
    Thursday 14 May – Friday 15 May, 109 Jonson Street
    Australia Drunken Glory Tour with John Crowder & Benjamin Dunn. / / Church contact:

    Field of Dreams
    Saturday 16 May – Sunday 17 May, Dame Roma Mitchell Building Adey Place, Golden Grove High
    Australia Drunken Glory Tour with John Crowder & Benjamin Dunn. / / Thunder Down Under! / / Church Contact:

    Fire it Up International…
    Monday 18 May – Tuesday 19 May, Australia Fair, Qld
    Australia Drunken Glory Tour with John Crowder / / Church contact:

    Christian City Church Central…
    Wednesday 20 May – Thursday 21 May, Sydney
    Australia Drunken Glory Tour with John Crowder at 7:15 p.m. nightly! / / Church Contact:

    Christian City Church Burwood
    Friday 22 May – Sunday 24 May, Enfield, NSW
    Australia Drunken Glory Tour with John Crowder / / Church contact:

    All information from his website:

    I find these movements are belittling of the Holy Spirit and remind me of acts of pagan worship; priests or prostitutes being drunk before their gods. Just like they behave in an animal-like nature, so do these people.

    (And here’s proof! Here is a supposed ‘confessed’ Christian, living under the power and influence of the Holy Spirit!)

  5. and what a large hat it is Greg!

    I am reminded of this “they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge”


    “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.”


  6. Usual crap where Christians – I use that word advisedly – appropriate elements of secular culture to show God is like normal people’, and even more, He’s cool and hip.

    Trouble is while we may be even in these wild extremes image bearers, I can’t see anywhere where that reduces people to being whacked out junkies looking for the next high.

    God wants us to be more, not less…

    Maynard G Krebbs would turn in his grave

  7. We are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses, according to Hebrews.

    What do they think? What does God think? What does He feel?

    It is an over used cliche but “What would Jesus do?” seems so appropriate for this.

  8. Pretty apt quotes there, Bull.

    I guess , that looking back, that possibly I _might_ have been convinced to participate in something like this, in my early Pente days, though I might have been more of an onlooker/supporter than a star attraction. So that’s why I feel a kind of empathy for those people, even though I think they are misguided.

    I don’t think I would ever have felt comfortable, but I might have gone along with it if I thought that whoever was leading it knew better than I did about effective witnessing. And I did defer to the thinking of leaders that way initially, when I first entered Pentecostal church. I thought that they really did hear from God about _everything_.

    I am so, so grateful that God has unburdened me from that kind of mentality over the years. (Though once susceptible, always potentially a weakness to look out for – hence how wonderful ability to actually look up the scriptures for myself and check _everything_.)

    The video of the kid is really scary.

  9. I feel pretty embarrassed to think I might have gone along with something like that once.

  10. Everyone who has been through “Toronto” has gone through it.

    Everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon. But it passed over us eventually. Did it make a difference to many people. No. A few might have heard God but basically, endorphins were and are responsible for most of this.

    We can all get caught up in this. Maturity comes from being open to what the Spirit of God is doing while testing everything through the prism of Scripture.

    Paul was the most Holy Spirit inspired person, yet he advocated, per service, only three prophecies, only tongues that could be interpreted, and above all, self-control.

    The New Mystics haven’t read and understood anything.

    We need to pray for them.


  11. I mean gone along with it in a public place – I also went to ‘Toronto’ meetings – but they weren’t in a public street! (And I still remember feeling ill when at a Rodney Howard Brown meeting – I left convinced that what he was doing was ‘off’. Couldn’t get out of there soon enough. And this was well before I started questioning a lot of the doctrines I’d been taught.)

    Yes, testing everything through scripture is really important – and being open to the Holy Spirit. I am soooo grateful we have scripture to help us. And yet, scripture can be so misused, to back up all sorts of things that it doesn’t really support. In the end, its God’s grace that our eyes are opened to things where we were formerly deceived. And so important that we do test what teachers and leaders tell us – the good ones will be quite comfortable with people doing this.

  12. “I have met one man in a thousand whom I could respect, but not one woman.”

    uh oh … that’s in God’s Word. So what’s the context?

    That’s the real question. Context is everything.

  13. I’m only hoping New Earth tribe will discern the wickedness that Crowder is spreading ‘in the name of Jesus’.

    I’ve been flicking through his book ‘New Mystics’. I actually read this. Disguised through a catholics writings, he actually teaches the buddhist methods of finding ‘the peace of God’.

    He will be really attracting that animal-like nature among the youth. The youth love him and because he is speaking around local CCC’s in Sydney… *shudders*

    Rodney Howard Browne’s laughing revival is but a pimple compared to this planet-sized hysterical delusion.

    Pray for these churches please and for the youth.

  14. it never rains but it pours.

    No one wants to know the context of the quote above.

    I’ll tell you Monday if you are interested.


  15. Hi Bull, I’ve just been too busy to respond! Naturally I am very interested to hear your explanation of the context. Ecclesiastes is one of my favourite books in the Bible, by the way.

    I have found a nice little commentary on the verse, but I want to hear your one!

  16. I felt uncomfortable watching the videos too. However, I’ve been to Toronto and Rodney Howard Brown and had very good experiences. It was during this time that God challenged me with the larger concept of His Kingdom rather than the sometimes small thinking of church programs.

    So for me that period was very impactful. Was this not the case for anyone else?

  17. I think the Toronto thing was a mixture. I had an experience in a small meeting that was enough to show me not to dismiss it out of hand. I also have a good friend who swears the period had a great impact on them, and would speak highly in favour of it.

    My experience at the RHB meeting was definitely uncomfortable, but I still don’t think that means God wasn’t working in the Toronto meetings, including in RHB’s. So, I think there was a lot going on, and it was a mixture.

    It was my first experience of something that to me seemed to have two different things happening even in the one venue.

    The thing I find off putting about the behaviour above is that its in a public street, and that just seems unwise – it looks to me as though we are cautioned against that kind of exhibition in scripture.

  18. Yes, I totally agree. Sometimes there is a grey area between what is of the Spirit and what is of the flesh. Paul would have seemed odd to on lookers when he was struck blind on the road to Damascus.

    The event was impactful for him (and in public), but it would have been rediculous for someone else to imitate the experience.

  19. Sorry, I wasn’t clear – I think it is unwise to purposely make a public spectacle in such a way, but I wouldn’t discount the ministry altogether because of the actions of a minority.

    So I think I agree with you?!

  20. That’s a good point about Paul. He certainly wasn’t looking for that experience at the time, so there is no doubt that God chose the time, place and method in the wisest possible way.

    Perhaps some of the Toronto experiences were ‘fleshly’ for some people, who were desperately seeking for something to happen, while others were genuinely touched.

    Also, Toronto seems to have inspired hopes for the next wave, which might have led to imitations since then that are led more by mens’ desires than by the Holy Spirit.

    I am loathe to judge the individuals participating in these things, because perhaps they are doing foolish things but with a good heart, and God will bring them into greater wisdom in time if they really are seeking Him. Possibly the ministry is OK, but the public expression of it is a case of over enthusiasm.

  21. Being unwise, subject to fleshy experiences, having your own desires, doing foolish things, getting wisdom in hindsight – now you’re just describing me!

    On a serious note, I felt the “next wave” was the dismantling of organised religion. Since this time, it seems to me there has been a marked increase in the number and expressions of relational church around the world.

  22. Oops!

    Yeah, judging seems to often end up revealing oneself, unfortunately, so there’s got to be a lot of self interest in avoiding judging others. (Have I just made a New Testament principle ‘fleshly’?)

    I hope you are right about this ‘third wave’…

  23. Though I do think its possible to have that relational church in some organised settings, if they are healthy, though there are natural obstacles that arise unless the mindset has been renewed…

  24. It is far too easy for me to point the finger …

    at myself.

    Basically, when “Toronto” happened for our church, the young people (I was young then!) jumped for it and embraced it without a second thought. We went for it.

    Did it change our perspective?
    Did we fall on our faces before God Almighty?
    Did we find our characters remade to be more like the character of Jesus?

    The answer, for me at least, is a resounding NO. It made no difference in the end. The experience did not bring me closer to God. I did not have a new and real hunger for the Bible. I did not find myself operating as a better person or better Christian. If anything, I was more sinful, not less.

    The single point of crisis which changed everything for me was my father dying after a long illness. It was very hard to see my father sitting in a nappy, being totally incontinent and largely incoherent. He had a succession of strokes which stole English from him … he could only speak in Welsh. It took his memory from him, to a certain extent … he said to my mother one time “where’s Mam then?” … and when we would visit, he would start crying like a baby. He’d calm down and it would very odd for my kids who were very small.
    Then we’d be putting our coats on and he’d start crying again.

    Where was God in all this? Why did God allow this? and above all else, what has God done with my Father now that he’s gone?

    This crisis pushed me headlong into the Bible in a way that I had never been before. The more I’ve learned, the more I want to learn. It has become an addiction of sorts.

    I am still far from perfect … 😦 … but I thank God that He’s not finished with me yet!


    It is Monday, and I promised.

    The person who wrote the quote was Solomon.

    Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. This of course meant that Solomon had 700 mothers-in-law. Now people used to tell me that Solomon was the wisest man in the old testament! 700 mothers-in-law does not sound like a particularly wise move to me!

    The tragedy is that he had plenty of wisdom for other people but none for himself. Now he didn’t respect women because he had 1000 bed partners … and any man who has that ends up having no respect for women at all.

    So, Solomon was being honest about himself … 😦

    But in the end, Solomon learned that all life, with all it’s pursuits, with all its distractions, with all it’s short term goals, is totally meaningless. It is totally pointless. He said “Pointless, Pointless, it’s all been pointless.”
    He found that our only reason for existence was “to love God and obey His commandments.”
    Everything else is just killing time.

    I only realised this just days ago. Why does the universe exist? So that we could be put into it. Why are we here? “To love God and obey His commandments.”

    That’s it. If we do that, everything else we do will compliment that. If we don’t do that, everything we do will be instead of that.


  25. Nice post Bull. And thanks for sharing your testimony and your revelation of Solomon.

    I’ve met some very powerful missionaries and people who operate powerfully in the gift of discernment. When the laughing revival came to Australia, they, with God prevented it from spreading in the church. They were dead serious when they told me it was a different spirit that was bringing the so-called revival.

    With the Toronto blessing, I’ve met some hugely affected by God. I met a Christian who was known as a ‘cruncher’, and when I asked why he crunched up continually in worship, he told me it was God.

    They said God really broke the religious spirit in their church meeting’s. It was actually a small break-out of the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit supposedly maded the religious look like fools so they could snap out of theirs fears and traditions before men. As soon as wind got out about the Holy Spirit breaking out, he informed me that it was completely hi-jacked in a few days and he saw what else religion looked like.

    He came out of it only to see it come again in a new disguise. He said the Spirit left not long after it arrived.

    And as Todd Bentley and Che-arn said last year. The first wave was Toronto, the second wave was Pensacola and the third wave Lakeland Florida… and they are insisting (through the transferring of anointings, angels, mantels, giftings, impartations, (monkeys tails, rabbits feet, snake bladders, diamond powder, toad spittle, snake bladder and a pinch of mandrake juice)), that this third wave is still moving mightily across the globe!

    It’s the great wave of delusion and John Crowder & Benjamin Dunn with Bickle and Freucht are surfing it!

  26. Its fairly obvious that the Christian walk is based on one’s relationship with the Holy Spirit.

    Sometimes something evil can come straight to us hoping to affect our hearts and the Holy Spirit activates our naivety without realising it and we are completely safe. He’s done this to me.

    When something is spiritually wrong and totally in error, the Holy Spirit might teach some that this is not him because he wants them to mature. Or, once again, in the other person, do a work in them that needs to be done before taking them out of deception.

    I know God totally led me to a church that practiced deception so that I could read the entire bible and come to him personally for answers I didn’t know. I he used me to really minister to others in that place and got me involved with the really broken. It was a real privilege for me to go through that with God.

    He knew I was ready to go deeper with him and fight for truth. He birthed in me a passion to preach the gospel, love the bible, be free of religion and love those that hurt me and others.

    There was an article posted up here last year where God did exactly the same to a woman who was caught up in the Charismatic hype. She wanted truth and in the midst of her search, she suddenly realised what she was involved in and thanked God for opening her eyes but making her realise many truths about him at that point and along the way.

    These moves of God are false. I will not take those statements back. God moves for a reason and it is man that blows it up and exaggerates the move of the Holy Spirit. The few that were impacted by the TB were upset how bad it got because of the hype and religious fervor.

    Believe me. I’ve met fakers and they know what they are doing. There is a reason why we need to seek God in both spirit and in truth, truth being the anchor in all this.

    If truth is not our anchor and focus in line with our spirit, God will hand us over to our delusions. To those that choose to not fellowship with truth, God will grieve and hand them over to their desires to be deluded.

    Sometimes we have to learn the hard way.

  27. Bull, thanks for sharing about your father. I can’t imagine what that would have been like, and for your small kids also.

    I can understand that you have been pushed into the Bible in such a way that it sounds like your understanding has been transformed as you’ve been dealing with really hard issues. Next to that, things like the Toronto Blessing would seem fairly light weight. Immersing yourself into that kind of seeking and study would be life changing.

    I guess some people may have been helped by Toronto, at different levels, but there is no need to seek any kind of experience so long as we go where we are led by the Spirit, which may often be into the Word.

    There are times I’ve studied the Bible because I thought it was a good thing to do, and that did have benefit. There are other times I’ve been really seeking about some issue or other, which has compelled my reading – those times have been formative and even changed my direction as a believer at times. Definitely part of the Holy Spirit’s work.

    I think, from memory because I haven’t checked this, but John Wimber also had misgivings about some aspects of Toronto in the end, which caused a rift between him and the original church in Toronto. If I recall rightly, he wasn’t condemning the whole thing, but some aspects of it – people barking like dogs for example. So it has been controversial.

    There is a big tension today between those who want to accept every apparent signs and wonder movement as being from God; those who write them all off, and those who try to discern at some level whether some aspects are from God and others are in the flesh, or worse, a demonic imitation.

    My view is that people should trust God in their personal walk, lean on Him, not on their church leaders, and do their best to exercise discernment, since the Bible is clear that not every wonder or miracle is from God – or even real. Accepting everything all the time goes against what the mature believer is taught to do in the NT. Yet people are criticised for even attempting to discern one thing from another.

    We don’t have to condemn people who may one day look back and find they’ve been naive or misled, but we can and should satisfy ourselves whether something we are invited to become involved in is firstly of God, and secondly, for us if we want it.

    Leaders who are obviously showing bad fruit, demonstrable character traits that are out of line with the guidelines for elders etc, are also people to be concerned about – and we have a mandate to watch out for them. Even then, I don’t think we have to condemn the leader – but we don’t have to have anything to do with their work; we can be free to leave without regreat; free to explain our actions when asked; free to raise our concerns for the sake of the rest of the body of Christ.

  28. sorry, i totally forgot about this movement (TB) and was watching RHB et al on utube. Imagine if we think this looks a bit silly what the world thinks…eeeh gads. I think after reading alot about it, it could be a distraction from God more than the opposite. I was caught up in it a bit, years ago, but in my heart of hearts knew it was not glorifying God. I know people have faith in this type of thing, and thats fine, just dont want to go to a church that upholds this as super-spiritual or anything

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