99 Bottles of ‘Smear’ on The Wall…



First Bottle:

Hannah’s Anointing Oil

Hannah’s life story of how she travailed to birth the future of Israel in the midst of a tumultuous seas

on in history (1 Samuel) will help you better understand the year ahead so that you can bring forth the “new.”

Hannah’s Anointing Oil was developed for the year ahead. The fragrance is incredible, as it consists of rose (for blossoming forth), pomegranate (for success, healing, overcoming, and ending well), and apple (for beginning and maintaining health to succeed throughout the year).

Second Bottle:

Harvest Anointing Oil

Harvest Anointing Oil represents the mindset that God is developing at this time in His people: the mindset of multiplication and harvest.

Anoint your home, business, church, and friends with this anointing oil!

Third Bottle:

Pomegranate Anointing Oil

The pomegranate, which represents healing, prosperity and overcoming, was a highly valued fruit in Biblical times.

Cultivated in Egypt and highly esteemed by the Israelites, the carved figures of the pomegranate adorned the tops of pillars in Solomon’s temple. In shades of blue, purple and scarlet, this fruit ornamented the hem of the robe of the High Priest, representing fruitfulness, blessings, and the favor of God. And, as described in the book of Numbers, chapter 13, pomegranates were brought back by the spies to show the people how fertile the Promised Land was.

Sweet and spiced aromas characterize this anointing oil and its delicious (although not edible) fragrance will permeate and warm your soul.

Fourth bottle:

Queen Esther Anointing Oil

Queen Esther Anointing Oil is a 1/4 oz. mixture of Olive oil with the fragrances of jasmine, sandalwood, and myrrh.

Anointing oil means much more than just putting a smear of oil on someone and praying. Did you know that anointing yourself is a Biblical tradition? Many use these oils on their face as protection from the elements. Olive oil is one of the best skin care products there is. Some use it to moisturize nails, hair & tired feet and to soften scar tissue. Many use it in the bath.

This anointing oil is made by an Israeli licensed perfumer who has won the highest and most prestigious Awards of Excellence that Israel offers.

The last bottle was made famous among women by Palin… EndTimesPropheticWords made this known to me. See the many more bottles at:


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