Satanic Revival In Sydney! (Get Drunk & Possessed in Jesus Name!)

I just got a phone call from a friend ten minutes ago. He gave me this website and attempted to play what he was hearing through the telephone. He was an elder of my church, shocked and stressed at what he was seeing.

Five months ago I talked to the pastors of this church warning them about what was coming to Sydney. I wrote reports, e-mails, letters informing them of what was happening. Unfortunately some shook their heads at me thinking I had issues (close friends). But fortunately, the pastor of the church heard what I said, but thought it not right to label specific false teachings, ministries, people or revivals. Instead he did a few sermons on how to discern, how to rightly divide the word of God, understanding interpretations of scripture and testing the words of teachers.

Unfortunately, just up the road, I was going to a cute little church that unfortunately jumped into the Lakeland camp and got swept up, up and away into seeking after signs & wonders, levitation, Crowder, alchemy, dunken glory states, portals, translating and all that creepy new age stuff.

When the pastors of the church started seeing that the ‘supernatural’ was what people were wanting, they refused to listen to the word I continually begged them to do: discern. Discernment was never discussed, so I begged other pastors who knew this church well to help take them out from where they were going.

But this is it. Expect delusion to hit hard in Sydney unless the churches are ready to stand up and say “no more”.

The fruit of these kind of movements IS the promotion of doctrines of demons and witchcraft. I have been on the receiving end of these spiritual meetings, and spiritual confusion runs rampant. The religious spirit is steering the movement and pride is shouting from the rooftops that they are the next best thing in Christendom. To them, those against them are heresy-hunters, Spirit-quenchers, problematic, dead boned, religious skeletons, jealous, don’t know God, unsaved, ignorant and deprived.

BTW. You might think to call this revival satanic is a bit did you spot this on their website?

Which Miracle do you want to see your pastor do?

Levitate while preaching
Walk through a wall
Walk on water during a baptism
Turn communion juice into wine
Raise a dead person back to lfe
Go onto the street and evangelise
Repent of control and allow Holy Spirit to run a mok!

If a pastor is evangelising, then doesn’t that make them an evangelist? I would consider a pastor who defends the flock from this madness to be  a miracle. This is not about JESUS! Just watch the youtube videos provided! No Jesus! Only ‘the power of heaven being unleashed’. Watch 7 minutes of nothing but adults acting like monkeys and weirdos. It’s all about Matt Ford. Not Jesus. Do a word search and you wont find him mentioned! Ooo-OOOOHHH… Shabba shakir SHINGDING!!!

But Jesus must be online somewhere on this website. I just got shabbafied!

One more thing: to identify if a church is tainted by the American Church (or more specifically the KCP), just see if that church runs a school of the supernatural (SOS) or glory schools (GS):


Experience the Glory of Heaven in your daily life!

Commencing Tuesday 7th July 2009, we will be starting our 10 week Extreme Glory School . This is an amazing course which will launch you into a whole new realm of Heaven and will cause the Kingdom of Heaven to explode all around you, every where you go.

This school will be held on Tuesday Nights starting at 7pm @ Fire HQ.

Topics Include…

* Experience the Third Heaven, visions, trances, ecstasies, transportation in the Spirit, ascending and descending

* Drinking from the wine barrel of Heaven

* Prophetic Bootcamp, All Can Prophesy & Hearing the voice of God

* History of Christian Mystics and past revivalists

* Operating in the Anointing & Living in the Glory

* Prophetic Prayer, Soaking, contemplative prayer

* 3rd Heaven Intercession

* Who you are as a New Creature in Jesus

* The Person of Holy Spirit, getting to know Him as a friend and God

* The Angelic Realm and working alongside Living Creatures

* The Fire

These classes will no doubt be hijacked by Holy Spirit and subject to change. All classes will be available on CD and DVD.


our pastor do?

50 thoughts on “Satanic Revival In Sydney! (Get Drunk & Possessed in Jesus Name!)

  1. Had a quick look at Matt’s “prophecies”.

    Hmm. I didn’t realise God was so patriotic for Australia.

    God is raising up an end-time army of people undefiled by the world or the church?

    He’s very “Manifest Sons of God”. Well now, regarding the fact that Danny N is talking up the end-times falling away while the NAR is talking up the “Joel’s Army” false prophecy, it strikes me that there is a bit of a turf war going on here.

    It’s like Benny Hinn slagging off Todd Bentley for lying about miraculous healing and resurrections from the dead … only without the personal attacks.

    The prosperity Gospel in the middle of a recession ends up with different hero-preachers promising more for your 10%. (which of course, is less in a recession overall … more for less. Sounds like Tesco.)


    PS … looks like S&P and myself will be having a debate about the Rapture before too long … I can’t wait!

  2. This stuff is scary.

    I’m reminded of the partying going on while Moses was up the mountain, and we all know what happened after that.

  3. 3000 people perished at the giving of the law, on the first Pentecost.

    The next significant Pentecost was the giving of the Holy Spirit and 3000 were saved. (that is, repented to the Father, believed in the Son, were baptised in water and received the Holy Spirit …. why don’t we do all that for new believers now? no … we wait at least six months before baptising them in a blaze of glory, cos that’s almost the only evangelism we do.)


  4. Whoa!

    “* Experience the Third Heaven, visions, trances, ecstasies, transportation in the Spirit, ascending and descending”

    If I’d read that 20 years ago I would have immediately labelled it as New Age. (Is the term ‘New Age’ still current – its been around for a while now.

    Those things sound like direct results of transcendental meditation; if there are spirit guides as well, then its the same thing just using Christian labels. It will have fruit that could be quite scary – and based on my knowledge of friends experiences, actually physically scary, potentially. Won’t go into it here as I’ll just sound like a nut case. Suffice to say, I’d recommend people read a good book on TM, then compare the two.

    It makes me wonder who their ‘Holy Spirit’ is.

    Re discernment. I do know people who believe in Jesus, and believe in New Age stuff, and don’t distinguish between the two at all. To ask these people to ‘discern’ is to hear them say, “What??” They are easily influenced by whatever they hear re spiritual things, and aren’t particularly guided by scripture – its one of the many influences in their lives.

  5. But… I did have a look at Matt Ford’s website. There was no description of his Third Heaven experience. But there were some good things – for a start, this quote made me laugh:

    “Matt’s passion it to release Heaven everywhere he goes and even into dead religious purpose driven seeker sensitive churches.”

    I’d love to hear his thoughts on ‘purpose driven’ and ‘seeker sensitive’ stuff.

    Secondly, one of his messages was titled, “You are Loved By the Father” – unfortunately it wasn’t available to download; but that’s a pretty good preaching topic.

    Thirdly, some of his stuff is downloadable for free, or they’ll send you a CD for ‘any size’ donation. Their attitude towards donations seemed pretty good – they asked for expenses to be covered, but nothing extravagant, and seemed happy to receive whatever offering the Lord put on a church’s heart. So they don’t seem overly money motivated.

    Apart from that, the site was good humoured and friendly.

    So if they are whackos, they seem like a pretty likable bunch to me.

    Nonetheless, the advertised trances and raptures to be experienced in Jesus was a bit of a worry.

  6. Do I detect a note of cynicism in Bull’s quip about the rapture? Hey I really am too busy (or at least I should be), don’t know about SP, but I really will dedicate time to it one day (maybe a whole hour). In the mean time

    Has anyone ever changed anyone’s mind on an issue by debating with them though?

    In any case God’d going to do what God’s goin to do, we won’t change that by debating about it.

  7. Pheonix … I am not cynical about the Rapture.

    I believe in the Rapture.

    The question is when will it occur … before, during or after the “Big Trouble”.

    I know, I know … there are large parts of cyberspace dedicated to saying that Pre-tribbers or Post-tribbers are going to hell. Well, I don’t subscribe to that distinction.

    What I will say is that I am convinced from scripture that the Rapture will be post-tribulation.

    The pre-tribulation rapture ideology only goes back to about 1840. J. N. Darby also introduced dispensationalism which leads to the conclusion that Jews are saved by their own ‘dispensation’ (of God’s Grace) while Gentiles are saved by theirs (through Jesus).

    But my Bible says that Gentiles have been grafted into the Jewish Olive Tree.

    Dispensationalism says that Jews will be on the New Earth while Gentiles will be in the New Heaven.

    But my Bible says that there will be one new man in Christ Jesus. We have been added to Israel and we will be on the New Earth with God.

    There … see ???

    I am not Cynical about the promises of God. However, I am cynical about the doctrines of Men.

    I tell everyone to get ready for tough times. So … get ready. The counter-intuitiveness of the Bible is that we prove God’s love for us as inheritors of the Kingdom when we go through trials and tribulations. If things are easy and we have all the worldly things to make life easy … we are not proving His love for us. He might be showing us grace or we have a calmer time now after proving him with everything then but tough times are necessary in our lives.

    But we want to avoid suffering at all costs.

    What does that say about us?

    Time for a nice cup of tea.



    Matthew Ford.

    Matt is the Fire It Up Bar Tender! He is in a continual state of Holy Ghost drunkenness! At times not too in touch with the natural realm. Matt’s passion it to release Heaven everywhere he goes and even into dead religious purpose driven seeker sensitive churches.

    Matthew was raised in the Baptist family of Churches from when he was a baby. Even getting a Certificate of Baptist Youth Ministry, before he was radically fried by the Holy Ghost and taken into the Third Heaven for three days and nights. Matt was given the gift of faith and the working of miracles. Matt carries a powerful apostolic anointing to break through religion and sin and to take ground for Jesus.

    Matt carries the Fathers heart for this nation and for nation wide reformation and transformation. Matt is a Jesus junkie! When he is given full reign over a meeting, all Heaven breaks loose and lives are radically changed by the presence of Jesus and totally changed for ever for His glory. Matt has been thru hell to get to where he is now. Through years of hiddeness and separation as Jesus was developing his character so that he could sustain the gifting and anointings on his life. Matt lives in the supernatural grace realm and had given his entire life to freely serve the body of Christ in any way he can

    When Matt ministers he is very selective about where he goes, and will only travel to churches and towns that are truly wanting a move of God, and not just on Sundays. Our meetings aren’t for the feint hearted or religious, but come along anyway and get a new heart and be delivered from religion 🙂

    You are so loved!

  9. “I’m reminded of the partying going on while Moses was up the mountain, and we all know what happened after that.”

    Yeah. We saw the manifestation of gold dust. >:)

    I didn’t realise this, but I actually know one of the guys on staff there. I e-mailed this around to friends and one of them e-mailed me back saying how we both know someone on staff. He’s the guy with the blue shirt that follows Matt around. I might catch up with him to see what all this is about. It doesn’t make sense that someone of his callibre has lowered himself to such a kundalini kind-a way.

  10. The thing is, S&P, that despite the eyebrow raising nature of some of the stuff mentioned on the web sites, they actually came across as possibly seeing some of the same problems with some of the church types that many of us here do. And they didn’t seem money obsessed. Of course all that doesn’t make them right or OK in itself, but its worth noting in terms of their character.

    I’d be pretty interested to hear what you find if you catch up with the guy you know.

  11. I think I’d enjoy reading a debate about the rapture between phoenix and bull. And the nice thing is that both of you clearly aren’t in the ‘damned if you have a different viewpoint from mine’ camp, so it could be educational for ignorant people like myself. It’s a while since I’ve really paid attention to the rapture – the thought of it being after the tribulation was pretty scary, so I put it in the ‘I’ll think about it some other time’ area.

    I do wonder though if we could even be in the tribulation at some point and not even realise it. It’s just that the world can be a terrible place, and you get so used to it that you might not know the difference. After all, there are parts of the world where people are severely persecuted for their Christian faith, and it does seem to be spreading further in a variety of ways.

  12. this one is a tough message from J. Jacob Prasch


    Rick Warren, whose efforts to turn Evangelical Christianity into a psychologized religion based on marketing with his ‘Purpose Driven’ agenda stunned many who claim to be regenerated bible believing Christians when he appeared on Larry King Live globally offering an apology to the homosexual & lesbian community for his ‘apparent’ opposition to California’s Proposition 8 outlawing legal recognition of same sex marriage. He did this after creating the unambiguous impression he did oppose it. Warren’s hypocrisy or Christ-less treachery appear to know no limits. Yesterday’s theological liberal is today’s supposed ‘Evangelical’.

    From his butchering of scripture out of context, to his reliance on Eugene Peterson’s ‘The Message’ which to any biblical Evangelical schooled in New Testament Greek can only be described as an utter bastardization of Holy Writ , Warren has set mew limits to spiritual seduction.

    On the basis of scripture, Warren’s translocational hermeneutics in which he literally ‘cuts and pastes’ verses from one book or passage into another to completely change the original meaning demonstrates categorically that Rick Warren is clearly of the devil – an agent of hell dispatched by Satan to destroy what con artist tele-evangelists and ecumenists have not already destroyed of biblical Christianity.

    Warren’s perversion of the Gospel where he replaces the biblical centrality of repentance with a consumer friendly instruction not to preach repentance at one time would have left any biblically grounded Christian, and certainly pastor warning others against this deceiver.

    His exhortation to avoid end time prophecy, directly contradicting the opposite exhortation of Jesus (Achieved by deleting Acts 1: 6 and replacing it with a cut and pasted insertion of Matthew 24:3) means that he places his instructions above those of God. This is indeed the spirit of anti Christ. Like the Lucifer who whom he is employed and from he takes his orders, Warren likewise in character of Satan in Matthew 4 perverts texts out of context in isolation from co-text to create a distorted pretext. This is the devil, and this is Rick Warren.

    Warren joined with Brian Maclaren (who demands a moratorium on debating the morality of homosexuality and lesbianism until the church decides if it is right or wrong) in forwarding Dan Kimbell’s book ; ‘The Emerging Church’, a post modern metaphysical philosophy of mysticism drawing on early medieval monastic spirituality with everything from icons to labyrinths to the ‘lectio divina’. Indeed, a return to the dark ages with no objective biblical compass to determine direction. Maclaren is a by theological definition a Gnostic who says then parables of Jesus should rather be interpreted on the basis of ‘our imagination’. It is Warren’s Purpose Driven lie that is the door into Maclaren’s emergence. What is astounding however is that these sons of Lucifer are portrayed as ‘Evangelicals’, despite they cannot justly claim any subscription to an exegetically biblical Evangelicism.

    What is more perverse than this however is that even after Warren’s apologetic backtrack to the homosexual & lesbian community who demand legal recognition of what is biblically an unholy matrimony now claiming he is not against such same sex marriages the backlash from Christians has remained mooted. Christian bookshops continue to sell his Purpose Driven Lie.

    Warren spoke at a synagogue but made no proclamation of Jesus as The Messiah as St. Paul and Jesus did when they were invited to synagogues and as others such as David Hocking have done today. Rather he lectured on his Purpose Driven programmatic approach will work to grow synagogues as well as churches. One would ask why anybody would want to help a false Judaism rejecting its own messiah to put more Jews on the path to hell? Yet Warren extends his agenda to other religions as well. Now , and most notably Islam.

    Truly Born again Arab believers normally address Jesus as ‘Yesua Hamesa’, but after praying in the name of “Issa’ , (the Islamic name for Jesus who is not the Jesus of The Gospels because Issa is not God’s Son) at Obama’s inaugeration, Warren has gone once more gone further. He has now addressed an Islamic convention organized by Islamic organizations funded by oil money from Saudi Arabia which executes people for becoming Christians. Like Obama, Rick Warren said not a word about human rights abuses , the persecution of Christians throughout the Islamic world, or the rife hatred of Jews even taught to children in moslem schools and madrasses. Persecuted Christians are not on Obama’s agenda, and neither are they on Rick Warren’s. Neither of course did Warren in any sense present the Gospel to these lost souls. It is obvious that we have wicked men like George Bush and Barack Hussein Obamas in The House House because we have wicked men like Rick Warren in the pulpit.

    Backslidden nations get the leaders they deserve. So do backslidden churches.

    Moslems, unbelieving Jews, and homosexuals & lesbians are not the cardinal problem. These are unsaved people doomed to a Christ-less eternity unless the true church by God’s grace and with God’s help can reach them with the gospel. But what is left of the true church?

    For too long it has been sandwiched between one lunatic fringe of ultra Pentecostals and hyper charismatics not knowing the difference between charismata and charismania on one extreme and another lunatic fringe of hyper Calvinistic kooks and cessationists not knowing knowing the difference between reconstructionism and The true Kingdom of God on the opposite pole of the ecclesiastical spectrum. Now the center is being satanically subverted.

    If Jesus were not coming, I would become very despondent. But Praise God He is Coming. Now as the faithful remnant strengthens the things that remain the question becomes what our strategy should consist of in the meanwhile. The Lord will indeed show us if we ask Him and He has in a greater sense already showed us doctrinally in broad terms in His Word.

    How can The Body of Christ not remove this demonic and highly metastatic cancer from itself but instead watch not only the lost perish but the church progressively rot to death with this auto tolerated malignancy? That demonic cancer is indeed the agenda of Rick Warren & Co.

    J.Jacob Prasch/ Moriel

    That’s a bit of an eye opener … thoughts?

  13. “The thing is, S&P, that despite the eyebrow raising nature of some of the stuff mentioned on the web sites, they actually came across as possibly seeing some of the same problems with some of the church types that many of us here do.”

    I think they do too. But they see it through the tainted eyes of the American latter-rain/endtimes/kingdom now movement. I just came out of a church that has decided to fully immerse itself in this kind of way, and it is scary, religious and damaging.

    There is NO discernment, the pastors promote experiences and encounters rather then have scripture do the talking. I have been gossiped about, slandered, lied to and encouraged to take drugs and get drunk on beer and wine because “then you will understand what it’s like to be drunk and smacked with the Holy Ghost”.

    If I don’t fit the cookie cutter, they’ll try by force in the most loving ways. When they couldn’t accept me as I was, they started labeling me as spiritually dead; religious; heretical-hunter; someone who quenched the Holy Spirit; and being under the influence of the doctrines of demons (because I dare say that people are failing to discern the spirits).

    Only last month I was accused of being possessed by demons. Said to me by a brother of mine who I love dearly. I was shocked.

    Exaggeration of testimonies were rampant. I saw young ego’s fly out of control, all types of people talking about the latest spiritual trend (levitation, walking on water, raising the dead, healing the sick). It wasn’t about God but about them.

    The church was in another world, obsessed with spiritual things, divine revelations, orbs, gold dust, fires consuming our beings, hebrew words, resurrections, outpurings, anointings.

    They had a few controversial ministers who operated in this stuff. And in a few of these meetings I was spiritually attacked, spiritually confronted and physically confronted by ministers.

    Now you know why I want to hang out with you Raving Pente. SO MUCH HAS BLOODY HAPPENED SINCE LAST TIME!!! XD 😦 … 🙂

  14. great S&P … by the way, you are not the only one to see things.

    However, I have not seen anything like what you have.

    So, what have I seen. Really mundane things by comparison. A vision of the house we would go to live in. (It looked like our house but with an extension. My interpretation of that vision was wrong … me didn’t add to our house, we moved to the house as it was in the vision.)

    God occasionally speaks to me. When thinking about Vineyard and CCC, He said “I am happier with what they DO, than I am unhappy with what they believe.”

    That shook me. It was so out of the blue and in contradiction with my own thinking and doctrinal understanding that it had to be God.

    The bottom line was that God was comparing me and my Church with Vineyard/CCC and saying that it is not enough to believe completely correctly everything if you don’t put your faith into action. “Faith without deeds is dead” said James.

    So I get that sort of thing occasionally. Very low key though. I also had a word of knowledge recently about a much loved church member … we were asked to pray for someone in the church recently, with no details at all, didn’t even know who … but the Lord showed me exactly who it was and I believe I know the reasons behind the problem as well.

    Intuition or “Word of Knowledge” … I don’t know to be honest. However, the Lord did give us thinking boxes and we can use these to prove Him and His Word to us.

    Right … enough about that … anyone would think that I like to talk about myself.

    What is much, much more interesting is S&P’s visions of what was happening in his church! Tell us please.

    Let us examine the vision and the evidence.

    BTW, you said Gold Dust? Did you get some and have it examined? Could just be plastic glitter.


  15. I was making a joke about gold dust at mount sinai. The golden idol was ground to gold dust by moses and scattered upon the water. He then he forced the Israleites to drink the poisoned water.

    About the ‘eyes’. I hoped that no one read it. I felt a bit weird writing that out about myself, so i cut and pasted that into a word document for another time. I have trouble talking about this online. It’s kind of personal and sacred… That’s why i want to meet up with RP.

    For people to understand me I’d like to talk about it. but the idea that I’m ‘spiro’, i don’t want people to think highly or lowly of me. I do have an ego, and it drives me nuts when people flatter me at church about what I’ve got. I’d just like to know others who are on the same page about this kind of stuff before I possibly speak about it.

    It’s a fairly lonely gift to have I must say, but it is something I have accepted. I’d prefer to see the truth rather then follow blindly, which is why I think he gave them to me. I got this gift in 2007, not long after I had a few demonic encounters – one in Manly, and one not long after that in a church in Cromer.

    I’m afraid as soon as we start talking about the ‘supernatural’ on places like signposts02 to this kind of level, we’ll be attracting the weirdo’s and the crazies who’ll try to bignote themselves (like at the church I just came out of and some of those that post on miriams’ endtimespropheticwords). I like signposts02 the way it is without having people fore-see, hallucinate and chest thump their patriotic, end-time, global, God-judging visions to everyone. Some good forums have gone down that way.

    “What is much, much more interesting is S&P’s visions of what was happening in his church! Tell us please.”

    Maybe over e-mail?

    I’ve decided to remove the content that talks personally about what I have encountered with the spiritual side to things and with what God’s revealed to me about it. It’s trippy and I can feel very vulnerable. My friends know something’s up when I suddenly go quiet, whether I be in a restaurant, walking past a place or sitting together at a bus stop with other people. There are movies and youtube videos I can not watch now either. I have to be careful with what I feed my eyes, I have to keep them on things that are good otherwise I tend to see things that are bad on the spiritual side. I feel more threatened. To feed my eyes with things on the good, I can see both the good and the bad, but I feel real secure. But to talk about what I see in the spiritual, online, unsettles me. Maybe I will sometime when I feel stronger about this and less vulnerable.

    What I will say is that there was something spiritually sinister in the eyes of the minister at Lakeland. It was not the Spirit of God and someone else got the same word I got: insecurity. They operate out of a spirit of insecurity. I had a serious argument with the minister from Lakeland. They were incredibly blind and proud, listing off their credentials in front of me, using their presence to intimidate me.

    A lady I was with, who is a strong Christian, was shocked a minister could operate under the power of witchcraft. I was shocked by her statement but saw the manifestations of the spirit of alchemy (some people got gold teeth.) My strong Christian friend would know this because her household were very familiar with witchcraft and using spirit guides.

    Enough said. Don’t like glorifying the enemy too much.
    This man made revival is evil.

  16. S&P – check your emails from a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I’ll email you later today.

  17. God speaks to me occasionally too, and I always remember it. Over time, its quite comforting. But I couldn’t describe this as some sort of experience to be sought; its more a result of our intimacy with Him over time. One example is that I had a vision of when I would start going out with my husband (not of who he would be). I certainly didn’t tell him about it until much later; I think not until after we were married, since you don’t want to use these things to influence people. If I’d told him, he would have run a mile anyway. The thing is, I was quite happy being single at the time, but had this ‘vision’ in prayer anyway; over time, the sense of time associated with the vision kept on getting shorter and shorter. It went from months away, to weeks away, and then to a particular weekend. Suffice to say that I knew if I didn’t start going out with whoever this person was by the end of that particular weekend, then I was just going mad. But in any case, it happened, and the rest is history. (I’ve abridged this heaps.) BTW – despite the vision, I was under no sense of compulsion to marry the man. But he got to me!

    Anyway – I cannot discount that God shows us things from time to time, but its a result of our intimacy with Him. You don’t have to be in any meeting for it to happen, and it doesn’t happen in the same way for everyone.

    I know two people who’ve had visions of things while they were awake in meetings. One was demonic. They came to me to find help through my church; it didn’t work out; later they lost their faith and pretend that it never happened. Too uncomfortable I guess. The other person saw things a bit like S&P has described, and it brought them back to God.

    But no matter what someone says they have seen or heard, it always sounds wierd if we write about it, and people do wonder if its just drugs or if you are some kind of a nutcase. And some people also see/hear (or claim to) things for those reasons. So I believe we just have to love one another; share in a safe place, and watch for the fruit over time.

  18. This guy is a nutcase. He may be critical of seeker sensitive churches but he is replacing that with something that I think is much worse. All this stuff about drunkenness, levitation, walking through walls etc. is occult.

  19. oh yeah. they are serious about levitation.
    Paul warns the church about accepting those that teach the doctrines of demons. Levitation is of the occult and I have witnessed it being accociated with the demonic. A deliverance that started to take place at our church, went out of control as the man’s body lifted up out of the seat and started heading towards the church door.

    He was levitating right out of the room against his will. Something in his life did not want to leave him. He held onto his chair, while two ministers pulled him down and commanded what was on his life to be released in the name of Jesus.

    As Bull now knows, I had a lakeland minister who laid their hands on me as well. I hovered in the air diagonally, my feet just nicking the ground where I was shaken three times like a human rattle.

    Levitation is witchcraft and demonic. There is nothing Christian about it.

  20. Hi SP

    if you don’t want to answer this I’ll understand, but how did you fell about that?

    Violated is a word that comes to mind. That’s how I would have felt and I would have wanted to take that pastor’s head off with a round house right.

    Apart from getting out of there yesterday…..

  21. It looked like a joke … but I don’t think it is very funny.

    The joke being of course:

    Which would you rather see your pastor do:
    Walk through walls?
    Walk on water?
    Go out onto the streets and evangelise?

    as if your Pastor going out to witness is somehow as big a miracle as raising people from the dead or walking on water.

    It’s so ironic it makes you wonder if the whole website is a satirical take on the extreme prophetic …

  22. very intense from S&P … kudos to you.

    did you notice how much airtime Todd Bentley gave the critics from the stage in Lakeland?

    And I thought he was too busy keeping up with what God was doing there to pay any attention to questions about validating the healings and answering questions about the financials.

    He even tried to distance himself from Angel Emma. Trouble is, it’s all available on the interweb isn’t it?

    He’s condemned from his own mouth. He’s also condemned by his adultery. Marrying your mistress isn’t going to make your adultery alright with God.


  23. Matt Ford is not joking about levitation. I have been to churches very similar to Matt Ford’s ministry where pastors have claimed to have made people levitate, turn teeth to gold, walk through walls and all kinds of wacky stuff.

  24. Oh – definitely not joking then, by the testimony of several people here, all of whom I’m familiar enough with via blogging to listen to.

    Not good. I thought he seemed misguided, but now it seems he is a bit more extreme that that – completely off.

    S&P – your experience sounds awful. Very telling though.

    Many Christians who believe in signs and wonders don’t seem to be able to distinguish between the occult and the spiritual things that are from God. The really awful part is that many don’t seem to even want to try. I don’t understand the frequent assumption that any sign or wonder proves the person is from Jesus when the Bible is quite clear that that isn’t always the case. (When they are real, and there are also plenty of willingly accepted fakes.)

    Well its good to be able to talk about it here. I hope some of the people caught up in it all stumble over discussions like this and start to ask some questions.

    As for Todd Bentley – his behaviour speaks for itself, as does the haste with which certain prominent people ‘restored’ him. They seem more interested in keeping the campaign running than in the healing of the man and thosse around him. Business before love.

  25. MN: “if you don’t want to answer this I’ll understand, but how did you fell about that?”

    I told Bull about this via e-mail. (Provided above).
    I fell to the floor, my hairs standing on end, breathing hard, cold and sweaty, feeling completely isolated from everyone and God. I didn’t feel love and felt an overwhelming sense of fear. The first words that escaped my lips were “violated”. I felt completely and utterly violated. Spiritually shaken to my very core. I think spiritually raped would be an appropriate word. I felt disgusted with myself and started heaping allsorts of judgments on myself and God. “He’s not here.”

    I had trouble getting up. My shoulders were heavy as I fumbled back to my seat, quiet and inwardly alone. I know longer felt I knew myself, God or anyone I came with.

    I know this was demonic by an encounter I had down at Manly with a possessed woman who indeed had unclean spirits/demons, (who played with the occult and new age teachings and practices). I was in her home…

    The experience was so much like that, which is confirmation that some stuff Christian’s dabble with is Satanic (but in Jesus’ name).

    Bull: “did you notice how much airtime Todd Bentley gave the critics from the stage in Lakeland?”

    Oh yeah. Validated by frauds. Invalidated by loved ones.
    The concept of being drunk before the Lord is also very pagan in origin.

    I remember praying about the state of the church to God at the start of the year. He gave me one name, and I ignored it. But it has kept coming back again… And again… And I see that God is right… Again.

    I will be doing two articles soon. They’re pretty touchy subjects, and hopefully it wont change the environment of Signposts02. One article on the ‘Doctrines Of Demons’ and what they possibly are. The other is ‘Apollo’. Refrain from writing anything on here about them until I have done so. If comments are made, I will simply move them to those articles.

    And Bull; I didn’t consider the turf war now arising between Nahliah and Ford. I’ll be keeping an ear out for that. They’ll probably work together though.

    About the rapture debate: I don’t think they’ll be much of a debate between this whole rapture thing. I’ve heard most of the views and accept their reasons. They all have their strengths and flaws. But if you insist we have such a discussion going. I’ll start one up soon too.

    love you all. and thanks guys.

  26. I thought this one was interesting. About 90% of it sums up my conclusions about the CCC movement when it follows Phil Pringle’s teachings. (For a while there my own CCC was a bit more independent than that, and avoided a lot of the stuff in the article, but it changed when the leadership did and is now back to the CCCOF mode of doctrines.)

    BTW S&P – there is mention of ‘doctrines of demons’ in this link, but I put it here anyway in response to Teddy.

    There are some good thoughts in there for future posts, too.

  27. forget the debate on pri-trib, mid-trib, post-trib stuff … bigger fish to fry here, clearly.

    Besides, we could argue each and every position but without bitterness or rancor because we both know that we could both be wrong and God is sovereign. He is right whatever we think.

    I am going to be looking at the links … sounds bad.


  28. Ok RP,

    so this pretty much sums up CCOF in your opinion.

    Right then, what is the key teaching, or several teachings of PP that really push much of the agenda we can see from the post linked to above?

    I can start asking a few questions in as gentle a manner as possible from links I have to CCC in the UK.


  29. S&P

    thanks for that very candid response.

    God bless you brother.

    The concept of spiritual warfare is remote to many of us, but clearly you have been in the trenches and it isn’t pretty.

    Again I appreciate your candour.


  30. can’t be that bad…
    I’m going to sus it out, not afraid of the devil.
    they changed their venue (lol) to:

    the Garden Room at the Checkers Resort @ 7pm
    331 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills NSW 2084

    I’ll see you all there, If he’s full of crap we can take him down

  31. “If he’s full of crap we can take him down”

    Not if they attract the weak-willed and gullible. If they believed this from the beginning, they will fight for what they believe in and send anyone who doesn’t agree with them out the door.

    You don’t have to be afraid of the devil. But if you want to stand up and make a scene of something, be prepared to be afraid what you might lose. (Reputation, image, respect, honour, etc.)

    The church that I silently removed myself from, I have been gossiped about, slandered, accused, back-stabbed, etc, all in the name of “love”. Make’s you feel great about your Christian brothers and how low some can sink when they choose to believe in deception and compromise rather than ‘truth and Spirit’.

    I will check that out. As usual, I will convince myself to believe in them, participate and see what God is actually doing. I come to these things always hoping my judgment is wrong. They are our Christian brothers and sisters, so it’s the best thing I can do.

    Hope I bump into you their Anglican Warrior! 😛

  32. If anyone can facebook or myspace these guys and get access to their walls; I’d be very interested to see what they get up to with their followers; schedules and see what type of doctrines they pump out.

    Right now, I’m requesting anyone who has access to Matt Ford’s facebook wall info. Just copy and past all into a Word doc and e-mail me the stuff.

    I’m on Todd Bentley’s and other members of his staff. (It’s the new media thing to do anyways!)

  33. and poll has changed too from their website. (Forget EVANGELISING NOW! It’s all about insignificant things that gratify the flesh!)
    Which Miracle do you want to see your pastor do?
    Levitate while preaching
    Walk through a wall
    Walk on water during a baptism
    Turn communion juice into wine
    Raise a dead person back to lfe
    Pop a stiggy on their paws
    Do a trance dance to Macareena

    I’ve gotten a few mails from various people already from FaceBook. He knows about Signposts02 and this article. The mail is from people unimpressed that I’ve blogged about him the way I have.

    Oh well. They accused me of slander. I thought it (slander) might have been in the heading. I don’t see it. I’m calling it how others see it too. Truth hurts people. And I don’t like it when it wakes me up either. Like I always say “Truth happens!”

  34. Check out his dodgy prophecies on Matt Ford’s FireItUp website:

    Winds of Worship, Winds of Change for Australia.

    Rev. Matthew Ford 12/01/2009 4:12 AM

    Our Nation is about to experience one of the greatest ?Winds of Change? it has ever seen. A Holy Revolution is coming to our worship. Not only will the Heavens be opened above our churches, but the Living Rivers of God are once again going to flow through our worship centres and sanctuaries, unhindered by man.

    An invitation is sent to our worship leaders and musicians. A deep cry from the very Heart of God. No longer will performance based worship satisfy. Instead an incredible groan from within your spirit will cause you to worship freely and openly by the Holy Spirit of God. This year, 2009, Is the Year for a ?Holy Revolution?.

    Preparing the way for a Revival of Righteousness. No longer will we get away with what we have gotten away with for many years. There is a joy being released again throughout the Body. This is a cleansing, refining and refreshing joy. Not only will it cause supernatural strength in your soul and spirit, but it will renew you from the inside out.

    Many have feared the refining and healing process, and have not entered into their true covenant with Jesus. But at this hour there is a mighty release of Grace, unmerited favour with God, for supernatural, instantaneous deliverance from bondage, addiction, religion and sin. I am causing a joy to be released, making healing and deliverance more relaxing and enjoyable. I am a loving Father, I will not cause you pain. But I will set you free as you worship me in Spirit and in truth. I see an army across Australia. Raising up new ?banners?. Banners not seen on the earth before. With an array of colours not yet seen. Unleashing a new wave of God?s Spirit, a new wave of freedom, a new wave of how we do church. I am seeing a predominance of purples. All shades of purples. I am seeing a release once again of the ?Kingly Anointing? into our nation. A ?Holy Inheritance of Royalty?. I am trusting the governance of my Church and Kingdom to a new generation of Generals.

    I have kept an entire generation separate and un-touched and un-defiled by the world and church. I am releasing them this hour to form my end time army. Men and women together on the front lines. Worshipping me in Spirit and truth. They are un-compromising in their call and determined to finish the race stronger than when they started.

    My voice will resonate through their being. They will beat with my heart and they will transform a nation. I have already begun to release them. They will have supernatural favour and will lack nothing. I am their inheritance and the inheritance of this land is theirs. I will cause a coming together, a Heavenly meeting, a Heavenly council, where together they will strategise and I will Minister to them. They have been fatherless and motherless, but I have been all to them. I will entrust them to you, the church. You are to care for and support and honour them, as you would me.

    Were ever they are accepted, there I will pour out my Spirit and the Rivers of living water will once again flow. I have not stopped the Rivers from flowing, you have. Religion and tradition and control has over taken you, but I am setting you free once again, to dance, to run and to bathe in my Glory. This is a defining and refining hour for Australia. I have not forgotten you, I am about to place you at the forefront of international attention. I am releasing a new generation of Apostles, young men and women, committed to the call on their life.

    Ready to lay down anything, go anywhere and do anything for Me. You will see them start to arise from this day forward. I am causing my army to carry my Fire. I am releasing fresh fire from Heaven, fresh fire from My heart, and this Nation will once again burn for Me. You will notice a new wave of signs and wonders, never seen before. I will light up your skies at night and do amazing things in your midst, as you give me the room. I am calling you deeper into my rest, back into My arms of Love and Grace. I am a safe place for you and I will give you the rest you need. Turmoil is around you, financial crisis is real, but My word is True. I will never leave you or forsake you, and I will provide all your needs.

    I am enjoying you as my Child, and I am enjoying this nation. My joy will cause you to become a new person, a new creation, and my joy will cause you to do many things in My name. I am setting you free to live again, and My joy is your strength in times of trouble.

    Here I am.

    ————Notes from Matt.As I was awakened at about 3am, I went into a vision and saw our great land, Australia. And throughout the cities and country towns I saw groups of people waving new banners with great fervour. They had joy all over them. They were getting the attention of Heaven. (Banner: The banner was used as a rallying point for groups with a common interest, such as a call for an army to begin to assemble, or as a sign that a battle was about to begin. Holman Bible Dictionary)

    I started to get smacked with the Glory as I lay there. An incredible alertness came upon me and I heard the Father say ?there are no big screens in Heaven?. Then my spirit man began to fill with joy and the realisation came that no longer would we stand like stunned mullets singing words from a screen. Those days were gone. Instead a new corporate anointing was being released across Australia to lead us into spirit to Spirit worship. Corporately worshipping our Father as the Angels do, in Spirit with the revelation of Truth.

    Get ready to be caught up into a spiritual experience with your creator. Australia has lead the charge in the past with worship. Now it will happen again, in a whole new way. The performance aspect, the professionalism, the showman ship is being stripped away, and we will learn to not only worship from our spirit man, but also live in the spirit. Day and night, ascending and descending. Through this process of ?Spirit Worship?, if I can call it that, we will see unprecedented signs and wonders.

    If you have trouble with people shaking and gold dust now, then this next season is really going to mess with your head :).

    There is a huge excitement in my spirit about what we are going to see happen. I have no idea, but a room full of Glory floaters sounds good to me. Spiritual laws over riding the natural laws of gravity.
    Bring it on Jesus.
    Keep our eyes focused on Jesus and let?s see what He does in and through us this year.
    We are going to be amazed, even at our selves.
    Look to the Heaven mid- March 09!
    Enjoy each other and Enjoy Jesus!

  35. You don’t need to advertise a Fire – People will see it burn from miles away!

    Some are saying that “God is finally moving in Australia”… let me share something… HE NEVER STOPPED! 🙂 He is always pouring out His power and love.
    Jesus loves this Land so much and has wept over the state of the church. But that is changing as there is a changing of the guards and the new generation rises up in truth and righteousness and that foul performance based worship is booted out the door, flushed down the toilet and the true worshippers arise.
    A new generation of apostles take their place and you will see the Father heart of God wash the blood off this land. Do not put anything in place that will stop people coming to Me, because I will either move through you or I will move around you and move you out of the way, because I am coming to visit my people.

    M. Ford 2009-04-04

  36. well … that’s manifest sons of God doctrine right there.

    I suppose the only real question for Matt is, why does the message preached/prophesied contradict what Jesus said would happen at the end?

    “There will be a great falling away, the Love of most will grow cold and then the Gospel will be preached to all the Nations”

    At best, he’s skipped out the falling away.

    At worst, he doesn’t want to believe that the Church will be under severe pressure in the western world. It already is, with the church looking to compromise on righteousness first, then truth later.

    What do I mean? Gay sex is not to be called sinful at all, and marriage is only a contract not a covenant.

    Indeed, why wait to get married?

    Truth is next on the list … Islam is to become a sister faith (same father) and not an evil lie.
    This of course means we will keep Son of Man but lose Son of God. We will get an edited version of the Old Testament and a mangled Gospel account that looks like the account in the Koran while losing all the epistles. (No prophets or apostles between Jesus and Mohammed … see?)

    We will lose Salvation in order to get into bed with Islam. Islam cannot save. Only Faith in Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, can save.

    But Truth will be under attack … and then, when they think they can get away with it, churches will be. At least those churches who refuse to compromise with the prevailing thinking of the society we live in.

    I know, I sound like a Jeremiah. Understand what that means folks. He had to deal with false prophets who wanted to comfort the people and said “Peace, Peace” when there was no peace.

    Now we see ‘prophets’ screaming “Revival, Revival” when there is no revival.

    They’ve been saying this for more than 20 years … and there has been no revival. Why?

    There will be no revival without repentance. I mean the church needs to repent, not sinners. If we repent then the Holy Spirit will relent and we will have the harvest we have longed for, for so long.


  37. Hello all you beautiful Jesus lovers.
    We were so hoping to see some of you last night 🙂 We had such an amazing time that we have decided to extend our stay another three days in Sydney!

    Come along and get smacked out on the love of Jesus!

    Love and Blood Blessings!

  38. I would say it’s really Matt Ford. He knows about our blog. How do I know? Let me just say someone posted up a comment about this article on his facebook account…. 🙂

    It’s impossible for any minister to not get in contact with one of my friends around here locally. Facebook exposed him pretty badly. Someone copied and pasted me his facebook content and by what i have read, he is completely off with the great Holy Fairy.

    He’s cleaning up after Crowder; collecting people who likes Crowder’s style of ministry.

    Friday and Saturday nights at Terry Hills were intense. I didn’t have to go (but I did! Frank saw me). Quite a few of my friends of mine went and told me of their experiences that night too afterwards and on Sunday too; some sincere and genuine about Matt’s ministry, others not.

    Did anyone else know what the disagreement towards the front was about? Didn’t know what that was about.


    Matt; news is already spreading of your antics and some didn’t even turn up for Saturday. Someone even counted the numbers at the meetings there for me, which I didn’t even think of doing. (You know who you are friend.) =)

    Thanks for confirming our suspicions Matt Ford. Seems like you’ll say and do anything to draw a crowd.

    Even people from CCC are avoiding you too. What else can I say? Those that are discerning are avoiding you. Those who are loving you are already loving you and their experiences, more then Jesus. So please take your magic tricks and your hocuspocus somewhere else.

    We worship Jesus Christ, the one who tells us to put faith in an invisible God, not into experiences, signs and wonders.

    I know you love Jesus Christ, but please don’t dabble in spiritism, mysticism and New Age occult experiences and teachings. Don’t prophesy falsely. Don’t operate under sensationalism and hype. The place was unclean on Saturday night and the place was spiritually unsettling for quite a few.

    It’s a common tactic as well for ministers like yourself to be all cheery and rosey to stir up the so-called ‘religious’ as well. I would like to think your sincere, but since your familiar with articles like this popping up around controversial ministers like yourself, I would say this is you trying to stir up the ‘religious spirit’ in us so you can prove to yourself that we are as you think we are: ‘religious’.

    Think again. I do love you, but I’m so heavily concerned that you are going into dangerous grounds with your ministry. Preach the Jesus and Holy Ghost of the bible, PLEASE! For your sake, my friends, and others.

    Freedom and grace are expressed when people are convicted and obey the leadings and teachings of the Holy Ghost. God wants us to put our faith into Him; the one who we can’t see. This is so that we can’t trip up when we put faith into worthless visible things that are only their for a moment. Maturity is relying solely on our invisible God to be there for us; not the visible, not experiences, not manmade faith and not signs and wonders.

    Please consider what is said and evaluate yourself before God honestly.

    God bless you for listening to my hard words.

  39. Smacked out on the love of Jesus?

    Paul quite clearly tells us everything must be done “decently and in order”

    The letter to the Hebrews says “Worship God Acceptably, with reverence and awe for our God is a consuming fire”.

    Unfortunately, Matt has lost the reverence and awe. He is also clearly ignoring Paul’s teaching.

    That’s a real shame. The problem is church-wide of course. We don’t bother to find out how God wants us to worship him today. (By looking in the Bible)

    We just decide what we want to do and bother find out if God actually likes it. We like it so it must be GOOD … we are really arrogant and ignorant.

    On Sunday morning, do we make Him smile? Or do we make him angry?

    Matt becomes completely irrelevant then … here today, gone tomorrow, but what really matters is our worship to God. Matt’s relationship with Abba Father is between them. He can still repent and stop doing whatever the Lord doesn’t like … which is a life-long process for all of us of course.

    If Matt is willing to Listen to God then great. God will not endorse shamanism from a Christian Pulpit. So stop it Matt. It’s time to stop this … because if you don’t, one day, when you meet Jesus face to face, will you be able to look him in the eye and say everything you did was right and above board? Will you be able to say you never deceived anyone about what you were doing? Will you be able to say you didn’t manipulate anyone to produce ‘manifestations’ etc? In short, will you say you did everything right? Or will you be unable to look Jesus in the eye? Will you be ashamed?

    Listen, we are all guilty sinners … but you can turn this around and publicly say sorry. Jesus is coming back and the time is short. Are you ready for Jesus Return? May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob soften your heart, touch your conscience, lead you to repentance and bring you into his Shalom.

  40. read the beatitudes in Luke’s Gospel

    blessed are you who are poor in spirit … woe to you who laugh now.

    The words of Jesus.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom …

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