All For Love’s Sake Became Worse?

Benjamin Dunn is the man that ministered besides the heretic John Crowder with the Drunken Glory Tour and the Wales SloshFest. Dunn seems to be someone else now! (Or is the camera lying!)

This voyage around the world may seem harmless. But knowing how Dunn ‘ministers’ (and how I found myself going ‘aawwweeee!’ to the people they came across), what do you think about his “drunken glory” antics to the poor places he’s been too? Is this enough to glorify Jesus? Or is he actually behaving like another person completely and ministering in an anti-drunkenglory state? Or (dare I say it), do you think he may be using the poor to give himself and his ministry a new identity away from the lunacies of Crowder’s ministry? Has there been a separation between Crowder and Dunn?

I was personally moved by this. Their seemed to be genuine tears (as we assume they just gave their life to the Lord). I can only pray they met the Lord that day. Still I heard nothing about Jesus. This was the closest they came to talk about a Godlike conversion (?) on the second video:

1:43 – “A couple are really backslidden and they’re prodigals coming home. So ya’know there you go.  We wanna lift the burden of religion off of them. And show it’s just about love and hugs…”

What are your thoughts on that? Is love enough to make a difference in this ministry, or does Christ crucified need to be preached to make all the difference?


3 thoughts on “All For Love’s Sake Became Worse?

  1. I was moved by this too. Their message to these people seemed pretty simple – that God has not forgotten them and Jesus loves them. They did mention Jesus a number of times in the video, even though no comments about Jesus dying for us were recorded.

    Even if a person doesn’t know much, they can still turn to Jesus and call on Him. If these people can do that, it is a start.

    Jesus said ‘Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of God’ (Luke 6:20 – and in Matt 5:3 it says ‘poor in spirit’). People who live on garbage dumps must be amongst the poorest,whether materially or in spirit, yet the Kingdom of God is available to them. If they are hearing this message, it is what Jesus wants them to hear, and even without more theology, that is worth them hearing. God, in His love, has made the Kingdom of Heaven available even to those who normally have nothing, and no way of earning anything.

    I hope that Christ crucified is being preached, but these people surely need to hear of God’s love more than anything, rather than a heavy fear based message. It is quite possible, and good, to hear about God’s love in Christ crucified, rather than judgement. After all these people have experienced the judgement of the world already, which has abandoned them. So in this instance in particular, love is so important.

    What is a message of repentance without love? Harsh and judgemental. Nothing.

    As for this ministry – if they are doing what God has drawn them to do, then fantastic. If they can bring these people the hope of Jesus, fantastic. I don’t think they have to do everything ‘right’ to do that. Perhaps there is something in this ‘drunken glory’ (I hate that term) which these people need? They do need joy. I loved the way the team didn’t shy away from people’s teeth or smells. Perhaps this ‘joy’ gives them the ability to completely rise above things that would put a lot of other people off.

    Well – I hope this is good. From the video, I did not notice anything bad. It did not bother me the way the Matt Ford stuff in the street (or the levitation references) did.

  2. I thank God, that people are being saved. But Bill Gates can look good in front of the world by giving 6% of his money. I’d hate to think that to justify Dunn’s ‘drunken pagan’ ministry, he’s using the poor to make themselves look good. Some churches have done this. I came from one that did exactly that.

    God forbid that! But it has been done in times past to make even dictators look good. He is a man that has two faces. One on stage and another off.

    In a church setting, he will be drunk. In this setting, someone completely different. Jesus used a word for those who did show and were not consistent in character…

  3. Well, I’m not sure I can tell much about them from this video. It doesn’t show that much of the team. I see a guy playing his guitar, a few quick gestures, some words from a couple of women (not much at all in the first one), and its all pretty minimal. I don’t think there’s enough information. Of course working with the poor doesn’t mean that anyone is necessarily right or ‘good’. However, at face value, there wasn’t much that I saw here to be concerned about (except for one woman who looked like perhaps she didn’t want to be touched). Most of the people were reacting happily.

    Sometimes there is a mixture – we keep seeing this – where people have some truth and some falsehood. When does God work through perfect people who get everything right? Maybe they have some misguided extremes, but also have good hearts, and God can work with that. Maybe the emphasis changes in different settings. Some churches have done lasting work in these dumps; the main criticism some would have is that this team arrives, ‘blesses’, then moves on. Perhaps that could be seen as entertainment more than something with a lasting effect. Still, it may be that this delivers hope to people.

    There isn’t really enough information here to know unless you have more familiarity with the team.

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