Who’s Giggling Matthew Ford?

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Sydney Meetings EXTENDED

Matt Ford, Jul 25, 2009

Sydney Meetings EXTENDED! Hey Jesus Lovers! We were about to leave for the airport at 4:30am this morning when the Father siad to me “I am not finished yet”. Immediately the glory hit again and the atmosphere became charged with angels. That was all the confirmation I needed to stay. I have not yet released everything I am carrying in the Spirit/

We have had two amazing nights of Glory and incredible healing waves of Love being poured out in Sydney. There has been a truck load of opposition from religious church leaders and demonically inspired “witchy” prayer from various circles of saints, which has just added to the weighty glory that has been released. If ya need a good giggle go to https://signposts02.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/satanic-revival-in-sydney-get-drunk-possessed-in-jesus-name/

We have seen amazing fruit and power just in the two nights.

Meetings will continue at The Wine Barrel in Queensland as usual with my team taking over. Pastor Kerry will be ministering this afternoon at 4pm and 10am at Ipswich.

We will update the web site with venue and times later today as well as footage and testimonies of this weekend.

God is stiring something up. Is He stirring you up?

Love, Bliss and Blessings!


22 thoughts on “Who’s Giggling Matthew Ford?

  1. Another as message as well in my e-mail at specks_and_planks@hotmail.com :

    Sydney, Port Macquarie & Glory School postponed for this week
    Matt Ford
    Jul 27, 2009

    A note from Matt.. “on the road”.

    * Tuesday’s Glory School POSTPONED for this week.
    * Sydney Update
    * Port Macquarie Meetings

    Hey everyone,
    Big Buttery Blessings on you!

    We are having a great time in Sydney, the Glory has been amazing, such open heavens over the meetings. Awesome testimonies of lives being transformed and some great miracles too 🙂

    We have had to cancel the Glory School for just this week as we wont be back in time for it, but it will be on again next Tueday at The Wine Barrel 7pm

    We have one more meeting in Sydney, tomorrow night 7pm in Newport NSW, email us for the address.

    Wednesday we are ministering at Port Macquarie from 7pm, email us for the address.

    Email your prayer requests to tony@holyghost.com.au

    Mega Blessings


  2. Something quite radical I suspect in today’s environment where personal experience and the cult of the individual is paramount:

    God is not a drug, and worshipping God IS NOT AN ADDICTION.

    This stuff both diminishes who God is, who He made us, and also who He made us to be in Him.

    He requires more of us that that!!

    Reading Matt’s stuff I can’t see anything about counting the cost – not to be miserable in God, but to count the cost which He requires us to, and may require of us at any time.

    Is there a real reverence, fear, respect for God here?

    Did I miss something?

  3. The info hear is worth the read. Unbelievable!


    Let the Party Begin!
    by the drunk preacher man

    There is so much activity and excitement in the Spirit this hour, me thinks God is up to something.. BIG!
    Did you know that He is a Great Big God! And that you have more power in your pinkie than all the anti-christ of hell.
    I walked into a psychic fair the other weekend, stood in the middle of the area, raised my hands and let rip in tongues really loudly and started to release the Glory of Heaven into the place. Every single medium bowed their head and could not function. One Christian has more power than a million mediums. They were on the same block as my church and office, so I kicked them out and disarmed them.

    God is looking for people who will go into the market place and release Heaven. Who will take His light into the dark places. It’s fun and nothing to be scared of. We have such a great life in Christ, we get to tell the world all about Him and pour out His love upon them.

    There is a release from the Throne Zone of First Love Bliss! It compels you deeper into Jesus, deeper into the character of Christ. Jesus is looking for an army of Joel’s and Enoch’s who live both in Heaven and on the earth, taking the Gospel to the nations with a demonstration of power and love.
    You guys are so full of it! Full of Jesus, full of Glory and LIFE and many of you are coming into a season of total abandonment to self. Where Jesus is birthing His nature in you, His ways, His thoughts. This is exciting stuff, it really is. These are the days you have been praying for!!

    Join the celebration of Heaven and Be Filled with His Love for YOU!!!!
    Big Buttery Blessings.


    What is a Christian Mystic?
    A Christian Mystic is one who lives a life of deep, extensive prayer and has intense prophetic experiences bringing them into greater intimacy with God as well as an incredible faith and anointing for Miracles and Healings.

    Fire It Up & The Wine Barrel N.S.W
    We are in the process of starting a Wine Barrel in Sydney. We are seeking God as to which day / night to hold the meeting, Matt will fly down for the meetings as well as continuing to minister at our home church. We now have a Ministry office in Newport which now handles Matt’s itinerary for NSW and Vic. More details on that in the next up-date.

    Where has all the POWER gone?
    Today we had a young lady walk in who has been sniffing inhalants for 10 years, as well as cutting her self. She had been sexually abused many times by family and friends and was in a terrible way. She visited a “pentecostal” church on Sunday looking for help. So they grabbed some canola oil and made a cross sign on her forehead, prayed a powerless prayer and sent her on her way.

    Where has all the power gone? Jesus didn’t say put a few drops of oil on someone, He said cast the devil out! Today she had a power encounter with the One who made her. Jesus poured out His love and set her free.
    We need to pray and intercede for our churches that they will get hungry and pursue God and His righteousness. We need Jesus in this nation. We need Him now!

    Taking it to the streets!
    Starting in mid July we will be taking a team into the City of Brisbane after our 7:30pm Renewal Meeting. With the purpose of souls, miracles and crazy God stuff on the streets. This is going to be so much fun. For more info log onto http://www.fireitup.com.au and send us a message.
    Love, Bliss & Blessings!
    The Fire It Up Team.

    Come Away My Beloved
    We are in an amazing season of visitation/habitation. God is looking for those who will sacrifice sleep and time to just waste time with Him. Those who will come away to the Secret Place of intimacy with Him. He has many secrets that He wants to share with those that are close to Him. You get to know someone by spending time with them.
    During this season Matt is going to the Wine Barrel from 1am until 5pm to pray, worship and flap around the Heavenlies. Matt is keeping his work schedule as normal and still preaching 6 times a week, so please keep him in prayer as he fasts sleep and presses in for more of God.

    The presence of God at The Wine Barrel is amazing, the air is electric with the Glory.
    We encourage you to challenge God and set aside some you and Him time outside of your usual you and Him time, and see what amazing things He does in and through you. Enter into His rest and never work again. When you are resting in Him, nothing feels like work 🙂
    Partner with Matt.

    There is a very real principle of “Sowing into the Anointing”. Let me be very clear. We can never buy the anointing. The Holy Spirit is not for sale! However, God does honour faith, obedience & sacrifice. When we sow into anointed ministries, to which we are called, we can come into that corporate anointing that rests on that ministry. Something of the virtue and power on those with whom we partner is rubbed off onto our own lives, because of our connection. Whether you ever choose to sow into our partnership program or someone else’s, you will be surprised at the new level of power and anointing that comes upon your life by doing so.

    If you want to move in miracles, then it makes sense to become associated with a miracle ministry. It you want to hear the voice of God, then partner with a prophetic ministry. There are literally mantles on individuals and ministries that are transferred by association to those who sponsor them. Jump In, Get Connected, and let the Spirit rub off onto you! In fact, God invites you to test Him in this! For more info Email us

    “… test me in this,’ says the Lord God Almighty, ‘and see if I will not throw open the flood gates of Heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” (Mal 3:10)
    Direct Deposit:

    Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    Account Name: Fire It Up International Ministries Inc.
    BSB: 064 122 ACC: 1029 0238
    Or Call 1300 911 092 to donate via phone by credit card.

    Or Post a Cheque to: Fire It Up Ministries, PO Box 217, Woody Point Qld 4019
    Thanks for helping us take the power and love of Jesus to the World!

    Extreme Mystic Glory School
    by Yoda

    There are some awesome bible schools and equipping schools operating these days. What we are offering is a bit more “out of the box”. Less structure, more drinking! Less notes, more healing! Less boring, more soaring! Less money, more funny! Topics Include…
    * Experience the Third Heaven, visions, trances, ecstasies, transportation in the Spirit, ascending and descending
    * Drinking from the wine barrel of Heaven
    * Prophetic Bootcamp, All Can Prophesy & Hearing the voice of God
    * Operating in the Anointing & Living in the Glory
    * Prophetic Prayer, Soaking, Toking the Ghost
    * 3rd Heaven Intercession
    * Who you are as a New Creature in Jesus
    * The Person of Holy Spirit, getting to know Him as a friend and God
    * The Angelic Realm and working alongside Living Creatures
    These classes will no doubt be hijacked by Holy Spirit and subject to change. All classes will be available on CD and DVD.
    Total School cost $100 for training manuals. And no silly registration fees either.

    Fees can either be paid in full at start of school or $10 per week. If you are poor and would like to do the school, we will gladly bless you with free tuition. Love offering will be collected each night.

    Visit http://www.fireitup.com;au to download an application form or call 1300 911 092 and we can post one out to you.

    For more info or to enroll email admin@fireitup.com.au . Destiny 4 Life Supernatural School, Intake July 15
    Our good friends at D4L are taking enrolments for their mid year intake at the Supernatural School. This is a course prepared by the Bethel Church at Redding CA. For full details email supernaturalschool@live.com.au
    The course will run Wednesday mornings at Burpengary Community Church. Wednesday Whack! Mid-week Healing Meetings!

    Sickness and pain is so not from God. In fact He detests it and He wants you free from all infirmity and disease. We want to see the body of Christ walking in purity and HEALTH. We will be holding Healing Meetings each Wednesday from 11 till about 1pm at our New Fire HQ. These meetings are open to all faiths and backgrounds 🙂 We’re not afraid of their devils.
    We will get into some awesome worship, soaking, teaching and laying on of hands for the sick. Call or email for more details. Email us your testimony testify@fireitup.com.au

  4. The very worst kind of contempt for the Bible. Take a text out of context and you turn it into a pretext. You can’t claim the promise of blessing in Malachi unless you obey ALL the law of Moses. The blessing is to do with crops. The storehouse is a literal storehouse … not the church.

    Talking about giggling … you know, you offer prayer for someone and when they turn around and spit in your face you realise that you have done something that Jesus warned us about.

    “Pearls before pigs” … you see, when you do that, they trample the pearls underfoot and then turn and rend you. Matt has grieved the Holy Spirit today.

    May God have mercy on him. I urged Matt to soften his heart. He has another chance to do so. The problem is, of course, that he won’t. He is making too much money from his counterfeit ‘signs n wonders’ gig. Still and all, I hope he enjoys the money he is fleecing from the poor misguided souls who want their ears tickled. He can’t take it with him after all.

    If he could … it would burn.


  5. Witchy prayer eh?

    That old argument … “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft”?

    Asking someone to repent to Father God is witchcraft?

    Matt really is someone to be watched out for. He is clearly a Jim Jones in the making. Don’t drink the koolaid whatever you do.

    You have been warned.

  6. I will try to e-mail him tomorrow. He seems to point allot of people to this site. I do believe he has the capacity to reason with us.

    If I manage to negotiate with him to talk on here, I would appreciate it if we kept the common singposts protocol and respect his views. It’s important to discuss this with him. And at least we can all leave the discussion understanding the other person’s side.

    Matt is not a Crowder, and we aint witches. To understand each-other’s differences, may be fruitful. I have said some pretty strong remarks about him and what he does. If he can prove me wrong, I will happily apologise and remove my remarks.

    Hope others are keen to see something like this to happen.

  7. So you want to reason with Matt Ford.

    Good luck with that.

    (in the manner of ‘Dragon’s Den’ presenter Evan Davis who says goodbye in this way to inventors who have been turned down for funding by venture capitalists who tell them they are nuts)

  8. sorry … couldn’t help it.

    I think Matt won’t be interested. The people reading this aren’t particularly gullible. The people reading this site are looking for answers to questions they have as a result of being caught up in groups with very dodgy christian or even anti-christian theology and have often been the victims of spiritual abuse.

    Is Matt a bad guy? A misguided guy? An ignorant guy?

    Is Matt a reasonably nice enough character who’s only problem is that he wants to make himself a truck-load of cash off well-meaning, undiscerning people?

    Well … the jury hasn’t even been convened yet, let alone still out.

    In the Letter of Jude, we see a progression of what happens to people as the go off the deep end.

    Firstly, their conversation gets corrupted.
    Secondly, their conduct gets corrupted.
    Finally, their character gets corrupted.

    Sow conversation, reap conduct.
    Sow conduct, reap a character.
    Sow a character, reap a destiny.

    Matt is clearly guilty of bed conversation when he talks of the Holy Spirit in a way that completely disregards the feelings of the Holy Spirit e.g. “Tokin the Holy Ghost”

    Public Conduct is clearly wrong too. Chaos reigns in the services.

    In case you were wondering, Jude wrote his letter to believers and the people he was concerned about in his letter were believers!

    Matt is in terrible danger. He can poke fun at this messenger as much as he likes but he can’t say to Jesus he was never warned.

    The real question is, does Matt have the spiritual boldness to come on here and defend himself. Elijah was bold. John the Baptist was bold. Isaiah was bold. Jeremiah was bold. Paul was bold. Peter was bold.

    Aside from Elijah in that list, they all died for their boldness. Isaiah was sawn in half. John the Baptist was beheaded. Paul and Peter were both executed for their uncompromising faith.

    Does Matt have that kind of faith? Is Matt willing to lose his life for Jesus? Or is Matt praying for that financial anointing.

    We’ll see.

  9. False Teachers and True Contentment
    July 27, 2009 — Mike Ratliff
    by Mike Ratliff

    “1 But understand this, that y in the last days there will come times of difficulty. 2 For people will be z lovers of self, a lovers of money, b proud, b arrogant, abusive, b disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 c heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, d not loving good, 4 treacherous, reckless, e swollen with conceit, f lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having the appearance of godliness, but g denying its power. h Avoid such people. (2 Timothy 3:1-5 ESV)

    Life is a continual hunt or search for circumstances that will result in contentment. That is the focus for the natural man. When societal norms become relaxed from the “bonds” that restrict certain forms of self-expression” we witness rising levels of aberrant behavior that are simply attempts by seekers of this “contentment” to find, experience, and practice them hoping to finally reach some level of passion or peace or whatever that will last and leave them in that “contented” state. We see this in Christianity as well. What we understand as Orthodox Christianity is not very satisfying to the unregenerate. However, religiosity is an integral part of the human makeup, therefore, with this volatile combination, we witness increasing levels of bizarre forms of “Christianity” as those desperately seeking what “satisfies” go after the “feelings” as they vainly try to fill that hole in their soul that demands fulfillment.

    3 If anyone s teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with t the sound [2] words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching u that accords with godliness, 4 v he is puffed up with conceit and w understands nothing. He has an unhealthy craving for x controversy and for y quarrels about words, which produce envy, dissension, slander, evil suspicions, 5 and constant friction among people z who are depraved in mind and deprived of the truth, a imagining that godliness is a means of gain. (1 Timothy 6:3-5 ESV)

    The words ‘teaches a different doctrine’ in v3 is one Greek word, ετεροδιδασκαλει . This word is a combination of ετερο, which means ‘other but different,’ and διδασκαλει, which means ‘doctrine or teaching.’ Paul used this compound word here to refer to the teaching of others that was different than what he taught. Not only was it different than what Paul taught, but, more importantly, it contradicted God’s revelation in Scripture. I see this a great deal in our time where some insist on forcing cultural compromises on God’s Word in an attempt to justify outright disobedience in the pulpit and using these compromises to teach what is not taught in Sacred Scripture. The word “sound” in v3 referring to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ is the Greek word υγιαινουσιν. This word describes that which is sound, healthy, and whole. The words of our Lord Jesus Christ are the epitome of υγιαινουσιν, however, false teachers even pervert His words. Notice also that they also teach that which does not agree with the teaching that accords with godliness or ευσεβειαν. This word describes the state of people who are pious toward God according to His will and standards. Their piety toward God is the foundation and principal part of their relationship with Him. However, false teachers teach that which does not “accord” with ευσεβειαν. Think of those churches that bring in the ways and music of the world and call it worship.

    The false teacher is puffed up with conceit (τετυφωται) and understands (επισταμενος) nothing (μηδεν). What a description! The word τετυφωται describes people who are full of pride and insolence. They are ‘drunk’ with pride and their hearts are lifted up not only against man but also against God. That sure explains why their eyes are blind and ears are stopped up when they are confronted with their false teachings. What does it mean that they understand nothing? The word μηδεν is emphatic meaning “not one” or “nothing at all.” In other words, they are completely blind to the truth and when it its explained to them, they do not understand it so in their τετυφωται they reject it and God. In the rest of v4 we see what this causes. This is a description of people who love and seek to dispute or argue over words. The Greek used here refers to idle speculation leading to “word battles.” Because proud, ignorant false teachers do not understand divine truth, they obsess over terminology and attack the reliability and authority of Scripture itself. I have experienced this more often than I care to recount. It usually takes the form of a rejection of a dependence on God’s Word as our plumb line. Instead, they insist that God gave “us” common sense and, therefore, we do not need to use God’s Word except as a source of good stories about morality, et cetera. They attempt to cast doubt on word studies like this one because the truth indicts them, but since they are in rebellion against the truth, they become hostile and revert to personal attacks. They see what we do in exposing their false teachings as actual attacks on their livelihood.

    6 Now there is great gain in b godliness c with contentment, 7 for d we brought nothing into the world, and [3] we cannot take anything out of the world. 8 But e if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. 9 But f those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, g into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that h plunge people into ruin and destruction. 10 For the love of money is a root of i all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. (1 Timothy 6:6-10 ESV)

    Remember, all false forms of Christianity are attempts by unregenerate people to find contentment or fulfillment that they cannot get in Orthodoxy because they are not of God. The only professing Christians who have godliness (ευσεβεια) with true contentment (αυταρκειας) are those truly in Christ. What is this contentment? The Greek word, αυταρκειας, means “self-sufficiency.” It was used by the ancient Stoic philosophers to describe a person who was unflappable and unmoved by external circumstances. How does this apply to Christians and true contentment? Christians are to be satisfied and sufficient, and not to seek for more than what God has already given them. The source of true contentment, then, is Christ (2 Corinthians 3:5; 9:8; Philippians 4:11-13, 19). Christians’ sufficiency is in Christ, not their own abilities or accomplishments, learning, or anything that is done in the flesh.

    The great gain that Paul is speaking of in v6 refers to Christians’ focus on Christ and His holiness as true treasure while that which is offered by the world is not. Therein, the believer should seek to be content in what God has provided him or her in order for them to live for and serve Him. On the other hand, those who desire to rich in the world’s goods fall into temptations, which are a snare (παγιδα). This is a device designed specifically to trick or deceive with a temptation that only leads to destruction. When we are enticed with the goods of this world as a temptation to compromise then we are in danger of ruin and destruction. The love of money (φιλαργυρια) is a root of all kinds of evils. There is not one good thing in that love for the Christian. This love of money is also described as “avarice” or “covetousness.” The Christian must repent of this and become one who is content in godliness. After all, we did not bring anything into this world and it is a sure thing that we will take nothing from it.”

  10. BTW: anyone know this persons itinerary for next years “glory” tour of the United Kingdom?

    I am interested in case he comes to my home town … forewarned is forearmed.

    Ta very muchly … I am going back to my coffeeeeeeeee


  11. I have some knowledge of Matt’s ministry and I can assure you all that monetary gain is definitely not Matt’s aim or priority in conducting his ministry. He makes it quite plain on both his website and at his meetings that paying money to attend his meetings or for buying product (other than to cover costs) is something that he dislikes.

    I do agree with many posters here however that his methodology and his terminology are not altogether biblical, especially comparing the presence of the Holy Spirit with illicit drugs and alcohol. I can find no instances in the bible where the anointing is compared to alcohol other than the reference in Ephesians 5:18 “And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit” and even that comparison is not in the positive. These kinds of comparisons alienate and even offend most Christians, and I believe Matt and Crowder et al do themselves and their ministries a disservice by becoming enamoured with these types of descriptions. While I believe that Matt’s intents are essentially to see Christians grow in their relationship with God and to move in His power, it needs to be exercised in a Godly manner and with reverence and humility. And just checking out his website I have also formed the opinion that he believes himself to be much wittier than he really is.

  12. “And just checking out his website I have also formed the opinion that he believes himself to be much wittier than he really is.”

    like it … 🙂

    However, he does have a get out financially. What does covering costs include exactly?

    Benny Hinn covers his costs too but Benny’s costs dwarf my relatively poor salary … which is plenty by the way!

    If you spend a lot of your time on the road, a modest salary ends up being quite large as you end up living on expenses.

    Ah well. We’ll see how his financial anointing develops. He looks way too similar to Todd Bentley … and Bentley is proven to be crooked.

    As an aside, I sincerely hope Bentley’s “ministry” is finished … I wonder what Jessa will end up doing if she realises she hasn’t married a minister of God but an alcoholic biker with a large beer gut.


  13. Actually, she probably doesn’t care since she was obviously unconcerned about being his mistress … leading to a quicky divorce immediately followed by a quicky marriage.

    Neither Todd nor Jessa are great role models for Christian kids are they?

  14. I’ll comment on the other post on Monday. I do not expect either of those folks to post IMHO.

  15. Interesting.

    Stu – I first thought parts of Matt’s website were a joke, too.

    S&P – if he came here (at this stage unlikely, but you never know), agree that we should treat any dialogue with respect.

    But generally:
    That bit that S&P quoted re ‘Sowing into the anointing’ creating some kind of ‘connection’ with the ‘corporate anointing’ which ‘rubs off’ on you???

    Extremely dodgy theology, not invented by Matt of course, but very manipulative and superstitious. Just because its manipulative doesn’t mean that he doesn’t believe it – I think they do believe it. But its just the same as those he criticises.

  16. We’ve all heard this kinda stuff before though – Brownsville etc came & went in a heaving rush, but sadly, left many an injury in its wake. We had the “laughing” revival, (get down on all 4’s & bark like a dog or whatever it is you wanna sound like) in Townsville for a good while & many folk were convinced that it was a Holy Ghost revival. Now, I’m not sure exactly what one of them looks like but I did go along to a meeting & stayed for a good 1/2 hour & I was fairly positive that it should have looked like something else. I remember saying to a person who was at this particular meeting that I’d talk to them afterwards & his reply was, “Oh no, after the meetings we’re normally all drunk…” That said it all.

    It’s more than weird how Matt thinks that going into a psychic fair & standing in the midst of them all & shouting out in tongues is “pouring out His love upon them……..”

    I’ll tell you what though, if there is a buch of folk who have an anointing to walk the streets & see the sick healed & the deaf hear & blind eyes opened then let ‘s go!!! But, dispense with all the bloody weirdo stuff & silly looking red haired mohawk bizzo that makes the world not just “think” we’re weird but know it.

    How the world views me is how the world views the church!!!

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