Brandon Barthrop: A Smoking Dope (Lighting Up on the Wrong Light )

Thanks again to the lurkers of Signposts02 for e-mailing me this:

What is the point of this ministry?

Youn people are walking in his footsteps.

If I see a Christian minister, (who likes to offend the religious), treat my closest Friend and Maker and Lover of my soul as a drug or a form of an abusive substance,  does that make me religious?

The music clip at the bottom of the home page is about “Joel’s Place”. Latter Rain- Joel’s End-Time Heresy anyone?

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  1. Brandon Barthrow’s Facebook Status – Brandon Barthrop Kaye Beyer’s got the mana sign, Joshua Mills has the gold sign, Lucy Rael has the blood sign, but we carry a heavy intoxication called the wine sign! LOL in tha glowray!

    On his wall is a video with a bunch of youth ‘toking the ghost’ in a church service at a “Holy Spirit Conference”, Arden Hills, Minnesota. They are getting ‘whacked out’ and making the toking motion, unsettling and offending old and young people. There looks to be 1000 people present but only a handful can see the juveniles getting ‘whacked’. They are carried out of the building by ushers or responsible adults (because they are incapable of moving due to ‘ghost’ intoxication). Man tells filmer to stop shooting. Argument ensues. They tell them to turn the camera off….

    Camera starts up again as they are left in the car park by ushers. As the ushers turn their backs, the young adolescence give them and the camera the middle finger (heavenly finger). They are ecstatically excited of being kicked out of a church. Their little stunt ends with the following dialogue with a picture of Marcy looking as though she is having an orgasm or looking sensually at the viewer, fully robed.

    Dialogue 1: They will know we are Christians by our love. We just bless all these people. We forgive and pray for them to get revelation of the glory.

    Dialogue 1: Like Jill Austen said, “Being misunderstood is the price behind the anointing.” Persi is on the payroll!

    Dialogue at beginning (spoken): Roll me up Lord in a 1.5 and smoke me!

    What was funny about these youth is that they respected and obeyed the police but not those in the church. Not only that, they ‘sobered up’ straight away when the police rock up. One could question if they were faking it or not.


    Joel’s bar is open!
    Operation Intoxication Minneapolis

    On May 22, 2009, Red Letter Ministries planted their first church, “Joel’s Bar.” The bar is located in North Minneapolis and focuses on the bridal wine of Jesus Christ. The drunken glory movement is the restoration of all things written in Acts 3:21.

    “He must remain in heaven until the time comes for God to restore everything, as he promised long ago through his holy prophets.”

    The number 1 characteristic of the bride of Christ is her intoxication, or intimacy with her bridegroom. The wine is not a strange side dish, it is the main course! It is intimacy with God and very pure! When Jesus started the new covenant he said,

    “Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. I tell you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it anew with you in my Father’s kingdom.” -Matthew 26:27-29

    The new covenant is a cup that we must drink! Jesus handed the church a wine filled glass and said drink the new covenant! The entire Christian life is about this wine of His blood. Religion has taught Americans to work and do things after they’re saved instead of just getting whacked and letting fruit happen. We don’t need soulish bible tickles, we need to learn how to be a spirit. Joel’s bar is all about learning how to be a spirit, live whacked… Be normal.

    Every Friday night 7pm.

    Webchurch coming soon…
    © 2009 Joel’s Bar

  3. Oh S&P – those graphics in the post are horrible!!!!

    No, I don’t think you are being ‘religious’ to object!

    Also, I can’t see how ‘tokin’ actions bring glory to God. I think people are being misled by it.

    At Pentecost, Peter was quick to reassure people that the disciples were not drunk; he emphasised the truth of what was going on and corrected that comparison; he didn’t encourage it. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is a contrast to being drunk on wine, not the equivalent.

    Reading the above, maybe its partly a mis-reaction against a religious works mentality. There’s no need to react against works mentality by ‘getting whacked’; why not learn how to really live in the Spirit, as you go your way, amidst all things, in your normal life – which you can’t do if you are constantly ‘whacked’.

    Anyway – I gather RHB is promoting this, so it could spread into any denomination that endorses him. We could be seeing a lot more of this.

  4. No I don’t think they are ‘cool’. I think Franc is a brother in Christ, even if he is involved in practices I disagree with. I don’t know about Matt; he hasn’t participated here; he could be a complete charlatan fooling sincere people like Franc. Basically I don’t find I need to despise the person to dislike the doctrine and practice.

    I don’t attend a church. This is because of my inability to support the doctrines taught at both my recent church, the movement it is part of. I still have friends and good relationships with people in both my ex-CCC churches. They know exactly what I think of the doctrines. They also know that I value their friendship regardless and that I see them as my Christian brothers and sisters.

    I didn’t just leave CCC. I previously left the Anglican church. Very different from the Pente’s. I differ with parts of that environment too, particularly the arrogance that I was exposed to at the particular Anglican church I attended. I value my Anglican friends. I value my Presbyterian friend who despised my charismatic involvement.

    The person is not the same as the practice or doctrine, or we’d all be lost.

    I truly dislike this ‘toking’ thing; I don’t despise the people involved in it. What is more, if those people can demonstrate love, I’d rather be around them than some misguided person who gets everything right but has no idea how to respect, love etc. At the same time, that does not mean I need to indulge in their practices or agree with them – or pretend to agree with them.

    Sorry if this makes you sick, Greg. I’ll compromise on many things, but this is a sticking point for me.

    The devil wants us to hate and despise one another; to be violent towards one another.

  5. Greg: “You people make me sick…you object to this but you think Franc and Matt are cool? This sort of stuff is what they advocate – it comes from their theology – but of course I’m being too religious aren’t I?”

  6. How did that happen? Too quick!

    Who is “you people”?

    Where in any of the relevant threads did S&P, RP or myself say Franc was “cool”?

    Where have any of the regular contributors here specifically agreed with “levitation”, “tokin”, or “getting drunk in the Spirit” as being “correct”?

  7. I think Greg was referring to the previous post.

    “To Matthew Ford & Franc Manhattan Of ‘FireItUp Ministries”

  8. These images are just shock-marketing. Anti-adds designed to get through the usual malaise of ambivalence about Christianity and its stereotypes.

    If you react to shock marketing the marketers have done their job. Looks like it is working.

  9. Heretic is right. In my humble opinion, I have agreed with everything he has said. I have read through a few things on the blogs and I recon that he is spot on.
    A true thinker and can see into situations. Very smart. God loves his ability to still the waters.That is if he is a man, he could be a woman and I would have to repent as I am married, forgive me Father.
    I was woken up this morning at 1pm and read through some scriptures and what shot out at me was THE ANOINTING. The secret hidden truth. The Anointing is not in scripture, the hidden truth is not in scripture at all. It is in THE ANOINTING. If people cant refer to it in a real way then they have missed it.
    Jesus is the Gateway to the Father. Thanks Teddy for pointing me to Jesus. You have blessed me by your unrelenting ways. I have it all in Him. Signs and wonders follow and thats OK isnt it, I wont stop God from blessing me with signs and wonders.
    Thanks all. You are all beautiful.
    Thanks for taking me further by exposing a weakness to man. God is no fool. I am sealed into him by the HS. Nobodies words can take that from me

  10. Are they still in moderation?
    Everyone should read Barthrop’s testimony.

    It is amazing. So why does he do ministry like this in such offensive ways?

  11. Bingo.

    Franc said “I was woken up this morning at 1pm and read through some scriptures and what shot out at me was THE ANOINTING. The secret hidden truth. The Anointing is not in scripture, the hidden truth is not in scripture at all. It is in THE ANOINTING. If people cant refer to it in a real way then they have missed it.

    The secret hidden truth? Well that’s a call to get your own gnosis isn’t it?

    If the Bible is insufficient and needs extra personal revelation of THE ANOINTING, well … what gospel are you preaching Franc?

    People talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit … people argue about that, but usually about when in the Christians life this happens.

    THE ANOINTING sounds like something else. If it’s the same thing, why use the new jargon? You create a jargon or use familiar words in a different way and you exclude the rest of the family for no reason.

    If THE ANOINTING is new blessing and revelation but only happens to those ‘special’ people who have tapped into the ‘hidden’ knowledge … welcome to oldest heresy in the history of the church.

    Good luck with that.

    At best you have set up a multi-tier christianity. At worst you aren’t practicing Christianity.
    (JW’s and Mormons are not Christians by the way.)

    Multiple levels of achievement is not christian. All have sinned and fallen short … neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, male nor female. One new man in Christ Jesus.

    All are equal in dignity, depravity and destiny.

    Franc … get over yourself. You are no worse than I am … but you need to make a start on the study of God’s Word.


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