He Who Blogs Not, Blogs Now: Todd Bentley’s Blog

If there was anyone against the blogging community; if there was anyone that got stung worse by bloggers cynicism and criticism; if there was anyone who spoke badly about blogging… It would have been Todd Bentley.

But what is this? Do my eyes deceive me? Lo! Todd Bentley has now become one of us! He is starting to blog! Will he be answering his critics? Is he just being healthy and now learning to see what people think?


10 thoughts on “He Who Blogs Not, Blogs Now: Todd Bentley’s Blog

  1. Just looked at the blog itself …

    apparently he’s going to the gym and building healthy muscle mass. Obviously has a long way to go.

    How can he afford to live? He can’t be drawing much salary from Fresh Fire USA ???

    Oh … of course. He’s living off his ill-gotten gains from Lakeland, after splitting them with the Pastor Strader. (When Straders brother was jailed, the Judge said to Pastor Strader “You are as guilty as your brother for stealing money from wilnerable widows … but I don’t have the evidence to convict you too.”)


    Bentley’s wife has probably sent him to the gym. However, all that means is he is more likely to run off with the next Fresh Fire intern. Fresh Fire … Fresh Meat.

    Sorry folks … seeing that crook on Signposts has got my blood boiling. Time for a nice cup of soothing tea I think.

  2. Bentley recalls to my mind “The Butcher” from the game Diablo.

    Story of a mis-spent undergraduate degree, playing Diablo. The first or second level boss creature was called “The Butcher” and he appeared when you opened the door to a special room. You would hear the sound of some demonic voice growl “Arrrgggg … Freshh Meatt!” in a very deep voice.

    Quite scary if you had your ear-phones in. That was a slight adrenaline rush … then this big fat thing covered in tattoos comes out of a room looking like an abattoir with dead people carrying a meat cleaver and starts attacking you.

    Well … ok … it didn’t have tattoos but you get the picture.

  3. *The Butcher swings and hacks off Bulls arm with it’s cleaver*

    Butcher: BAM!

    *Bull falls backwards onto floor*

    Bull: Oh my gosh! I’m slain! I’m sla-

    Butcher: BAM!

  4. I feel sorry for his mistress … well, ok, his wife number 2. I bet she’s worried about Wife number 3.

    How can we possibly be mean about someone who performs heavy-duty wrestling moves on sick old grannies during ‘healing’ and smashing men with stage 4 colon cancer in the gut.

    The guy should be prosecuted for assault!

  5. still no comments on Todd Bentley’s blog … not even a puff piece.

    What is wrong with sycophants these days?

  6. my last post on the Todd Bentley blog.

    what a complete waste of time … he might as well pull it. I guess no posts are recorded as most of them are defamatory.

    Why has this crook not bothered to get himself a proper job?

    The rest of us have to get a proper job … even if we go out preaching as well.

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