What is the Church Equivalent of this?

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald today looked at the latest celebrity craze for charm bracelets that bring ‘good luck’ – apparently you have to think positively for them to work.

Superstition is rampant – a positive frame of mind is no doubt helpful in most things, but magical power in a bracelet? We wouldn’t do anything so silly in the church, would we?


7 thoughts on “What is the Church Equivalent of this?

  1. Isn’t unrelated crap, with the word Jesus embossed on it 80% of what you find in a Koorong Book Shop?

    I’m sure there are people out there willing to believe they will get better marks if their pencil, ruler and eraser have a fish symbol on them. Or that a WWJD bumper sticker helps benevolent angels to hold onto your car when you drive.

  2. I always found it ironic to see cars with fish stickers on the back embroiled in car accidents.

    My fear of my own driving prevented me from ever putting one of those stickers on my car – didn’t want to give Christians a bad name. 🙂

  3. Lol! I was in a car with a non-Christian once and a Christian car nearly hit him. All he could see was a sticker on the back of it. He tried to you yell an insult at the window:


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