For the IT crowd… and those that know them

In the last thread, Wazza wondered if: “IT entails a particular way of thinking that perhaps is incompatible with the way some church leadership think.”

Is this possible?

For any uninitiated readers, ‘IT’ stands for ‘Information Technology’ which covers the broad field of computing in all its permutations.

Who else here as well as Wazza and Bull is in IT? Heretic has always been in IT as well. Bull is a graduate physicist with a Masters in Computer Science. I also had a late entry into the industry though not as highly qualified – I transferred in from a different field with an unrelated degree.

Others might just know IT people. I do know IT people who enjoy their church and don’t appear to think much differently from leadership at all – but we’ll see what everyone has observed.


12 thoughts on “For the IT crowd… and those that know them

  1. I’ll answer the role call.

    I have an undergraduate degree in Physics in which I did well enough to now be doing (completed apart from minor details) my physics PhD.

    I first learned to program in basic on an Apple IIe as a teen and programming has been the mainstay of how I earn a living since then though I posses no formal IT qualifications apart from the programming subjects I did as part of an attempted and abandoned Elec Eng degree (where I learned pascal and computer architecture and similar subjects).

    I worked for defence dept for 5 years as on operations research analyst in name but programmer in practice (Delphi). Even now as a traffic modeller half my time is programming in C#.

  2. IT people and lawyers seem to have a totally different way of thinking. A couple of times I have been told that it dosent work to get the two groups in the same room, they will just argue.

    Maybe thats because an IT person likes to get to the heart of an issue by querying and studying the evidence. A lawyer on the other hand makes a convincing argument for something, and it is finally settled by the decision of someone in authority.

    A lot of IT people do not have a great deal of respect for authority. IT (or engineering) is one field where you can let the results speak for themselves – you dont have to appeal to an authority.

    IT folk generally tend to disregard political or social factors when discussing ‘truth’, whereas others take them into account. This can be a strength and a weakness.

  3. Oh wazza – I have a couple of lawyer friends so we often have the IT and lawyer mix. We do have some challenging discussions – not much holding back!

    Hadn’t thought about that lack of respect for authority, but now you mention it, I’d have to say I witnessed it, in the place I once worked. A flatter structure worked pretty well, partly because it was always obvious if something worked or not. I’d say IT people respect actual demonstrated knowledge and expertise, as opposed to mere positional authority.

    I think one difference between IT people and some church leaders, is that IT people know exceptions matter, and don’t avoid them.

    (Maybe I’m generalising here 🙂 )

  4. This coming from a guy who takes his name from a Hispanic cartoon character aimed at 4 year-olds.

    lol.. I think I’ve worked with some of those guys in the photo.

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