Donkeys, Monkeys & Jesus Boobs – Taught At Matt – (BURP!), Fords School

jesus boobs

I am just hoping that these schools are free so that no one is wasting their money on such baloney.

(BTW – “G” bomb is a glory bomb, direct lingo from the IHOP Prayer24/7 cult.)

7 thoughts on “Donkeys, Monkeys & Jesus Boobs – Taught At Matt – (BURP!), Fords School

  1. I used to scold my 8-year old son for talking like this. I didnt realise he was an annointed school of ministries teacher.

  2. Oh that guy is soooo last year when Crowder came out. He’s a full on wannabe. I would even go as far as to suggest that he has demonic issues. See him in his other youtube videos. His eyes take on a full animal appearance and… similar to what you just saw, carries a very suggestive mocking tone.

    There is a spirit of mockery and a spirit of blasphemy that often invite the anti-Christ spirit. If you look at his other videos, you can probably assume he has them both. And the spirit of anti-christ will and does confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    I would say he has been deceived beyond recovery. I’m sad for him.

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