Pat King Hole – Film Fame Fervor Promotion

Its aaall about meeee!
It's aaall about meeee!

Just got this e-mail from a friend. Your thoughts?


Patricia King

Hi Friends!

As most of you know, we are hosting the Phoenix International Christian Film Festival (PICFF) in Phoenix next year from August 23-28, 2010.
We are looking for short promotional adverts to promote PICFF that will be aired on GOD TV (USA, UK, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA), The Miracle Channel (CANADA), AZTV (Fox ARIZONA), YouTube,, and on various web and social networks around the world, as well as at all our conferences.

We are offering cash prizes for the best promos ($500 for first place, $300 for second place, and $200 for third place).
Even if you do not win one of the three cash prizes, your promotional advert could still be chosen to be aired and seen by thousands or even millions of people!
The contest ends on November 15, 2009. So you must submit your short promotional advert for PICFF before then. Winners will be announced by November 30, 2009.

Here are the guidelines:

[1] PICFF promotional adverts must be exactly 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds in length.

[2] Hi Def format is preferred, but Standard Def is also welcomed.

[3] Submissions may be sent in DVD format or an e-file sent in MP4 format.

[4] Feel free to run a credit at the end of your promotional advert with your production info (name and website), if you wish.

Submit your PICFF short promotional advert by mail in DVD format, or send an MP4 format file to

Mail to:
20987 N. John Wayne Parkway
Maricopa, AZ 85139

Include your name, contact phone number, address, email address, and website with your submission.
We will post your PICFF promotional advert on the XP Contests channel on for public viewing. The XP Leadership Team will judge the submissions and announce the winners before November 30, 2009..

Contact Jonathan Williams at for more information.

For more information on the Film Festival, we have a temporary website up right now with festival information that will help you produce your promotional advertisement. Check it out at

NOTE: By submitting your PICFF promotional advert, you are giving XP/CSA and the rights to use it as we deem. This may include running it on XPTV, GOD TV, The Miracle Channel, AZTV, YouTube,, Facebook, or any other media, sites or channels that we choose. There will be no remuneration beyond the initial cash prizes for the first, second and third place finishers, but any and all PICFF promotional adverts that are submitted may be used, aired or posted in perpetuity by XP/CSA or


Patricia King

16 thoughts on “Pat King Hole – Film Fame Fervor Promotion

  1. I did laugh when I read all those verses you posted, Greg. Since when did churches ever pay people what their labour was ‘worth”? The majority of the time church groups are staffed by people who have made a decision to live on a lot less than they would earn doing a similar thing elsewhere.

    I guess the irony is that it’s people like Patricia King, who I am assuming (correct me if I’m wrong) is one of the mega preachers who due to their fame have become very well paid, who are still running this kind of competition.

    The issue has a couple of other sides to it as well –

    1. In the creative industries, people wanting a start who don’t have a name frequently enter competitions to get known. Sometimes the winner is paid a cash prize, other times their office may get work as a result of the project. Sometimes the competition is between a limited field of entrants who are paid a fee for their submissions, which typically doesn’t cover all their entry costs. In these industries, inexperienced people are particularly poorly paid, regardless of their education level, and even despite enormous talent.

    Typically, it’s ‘unfair’, but people do it to begin to get a name, and hopefully add it to their portfolio or list of awards/achievements to gain other work.

    2. It’s very typical for church organisations to ask for free or volunteer labour for all kinds of things! Those who support Patricia King may be quite happy to donate their time, just for the pleasure of perhaps seeing their work go out in front of a large audience. For the glory, or else, to build up treasure in heaven, before God, rather than in a bank account.


    Sometimes, people are undoubtedly exploited by these things. I’m just suggesting that sometimes people are willing participants; sometimes they enjoy it; sometimes they want the ‘glory’ or future work. Plus that in the creative fields, it’s not uncommon.


    I have participated in similar things myself many years ago, and never begrudged an organisation for using my work.

    However – it would not be a way to make a living!

    The problems really happen when people work for a church organisation for a long time, forsaking other forms of income, being paid a pittance, and are then left out in the cold (or are even pushed out) when they have a significant problem which they can’t fund their way through because of their previous sacrifice. I could go on for a while on that one.

  2. “His promo contest is to encourage God’s media army to arise and begin to create great works for the Kingdom.”

    This just cracked me up! What a load of crock!
    Rick Joyner must read this with clenched teeth. The Lord’s Army is now being turned into a MEDIA Army!

    Oh God save us!

    But how can film serve a purpose for the kingdom? Out there, it gets food on your table. But film for advertising doesn’t further the kingdom of God. (Prove me wrong please if this is wrong!)

    Creating a film for a church audience… There motive might be ‘blessing’ the church with truths, but the risk of being a ‘Couch Potato Army’ might be even a greater risk.

    Go to Matt Ford’s church to get some spirit alcohol and drop by Hillsong to get the latest songs your i-pod. Ignore the heathen around you and put up your feet in witch King’s church to enjoy a film on her supernatural journeys.

    If that’s what we are starting to call church ‘service’, once again, God help us!

  3. Pat King is also the spiritual mentor of serial adulterer Todd Bentley …

    They are all insane. … no, actually they are really savvy. These false teachers have made merchandise of God’s people and are incredibly wealthy.

    They are complete charlatans. Jude warned us about them long ago.

    I think I’ll have another coffee. 😦

  4. “These false teachers have made merchandise of God’s people and are incredibly wealthy.”

    Do you think there’s a pattern here? There have been exceptions, but aren’t there rather a lot of religious movements and leaders who have ‘made merchandise’ of God’s people throughout history?

    Seems to me that the media we have available these days has just made it a whole lot easier.

    I wonder, is God TV etc a service, or just a merchandising opportunity? Not that I watch it.

  5. Hell TV is essentially a way for the Alecs to get rich.

    It wouldn’t be a problem if they were pushing good stuff, but the bad teachers earn more so they can pay more for air time.

    And it always seems to be Missions week (which lasts a fortnight) and whenever I switch it on, which isn’t often it’s … (guess what?) … (drum roll) … Yeasssss!!!! …. missions week it is!!!!

    What are they raising money for? yet another TV mast somewhere. So they can charge more for the airtime presumably.

    It’s a great business model. They earn pots of cash and then to extend their coverage and invest in the business, they just ask the punters for more cash as a donation … wow!

    The Alecs are multi-millionaires.

    Just remember, Wendy Alec prophesied that JESUS would appear on the stage at Lakeland with Todd Bentley. … June 8th 2008 I believe but check me out on that.

    This is while Todd was making the beast with two backs with his then Mistress, Jessa.

    nuff said.


  6. It’s very interesting to hear that he likes R.C. Sproul and Charles Stanley – they don’t come much more conservative and reformed. So pleased to hear he doesn’t follow the flake crowd (who would only take advantage of his profile anyway).

  7. Alice Cooper is born again.

    He teaches bible to kids on Wednesdays.

    He’s great … even if his stage persona is awful. I like him.

  8. Wow – I had no idea he had become Christian. I rather enjoyed his song from a very long time ago, ‘Welcome to my Nightmare’.

  9. And he had such a christian heritage in his father and grandfather. Interesting where he mentions the boundaries he set himself in the band even as a “prodigal son”.

  10. Cooper seems to set boundaries for his behaviour, while maintaining what he needs to for his stage character. He seems to know how to distinguish between what’s inside and what’s outside, and knows which matters. Whereas having the right ‘Christian’ visual image is very important to the marketing of some megachurches, with their advising people to dress in certain ways (these days some version of fashionable). So the megachurches kind of teach through this that outward appearances matter – they are role models after all, whereas Cooper doesn’t seem to let that worry him. And his faith seems genuine and not seeking to take advantage of anyone, whereas the others are so addicted to their audiences in various ways. It is an interesting contrast.

  11. Interesting comment about when there’s too much healing on TV, it’s ‘showbiz’. You’d think he’d be pretty good at identifying showbiz.

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