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Teddy e-mailed me this site. I finally had a chance to read some of them. Many of the article are fantastic and the one’s they post up are very insightful to ministry and understanding the bible and the times we are living in.


A bit that I liked (out of the many articles and snippets) was this:

Caveat Emptor

“… I contacted the Christian bookseller to let them know this was not a Christian book. They did not care.

Here is their response:

It might be useful for you to understand our philosophy of product selection.  Because we attract and service a wide range of customers (from pastors to homemakers, and seminary students to parents) whose interests and theological tastes vary enormously, we sometimes carry products that contradict each other or that are written by people that not all of our customers agree with theologically.  It is this kind of diversity in selection that has become a trademark of our company.  We don’t want to become a theological or social ‘censor’ of the books we carry, but we also try to remain selective.  So we tend to carry most popular Christian titles unless there is a compelling reason not to…”

‘Rallying To Be Heard’ is a good article too (at the very bottom):

“So why these big displays of prayer and fasting rallies held in large stadiums with lots of advertising and cries for support- a large following of people and a large cash flow to go along with it?  Are the prayers of these people heard by God? Or, it is just a display to control and manipulate thousands at a time towards an agenda of man? Usually there is a reason behind these rallies – to end abortion, to end homosexuality, to honor marriage between one man and one woman, judicial rulings in the courts, etc.

But again, there is more to the story, I think. These rallies are done by those who think they can change the world with their words, speaking the right things at the right time in accordance to what is viewed as “God’s will” or what God is doing in “this hour” because we are at a “pivotal moment in history that can be missed”.  Someone has “received the prophetic word” or the “mandate” from God “for such a time as this”.”

May the site bless you with it’s articles!

Enjoy! (And thanks Teddy for this!)


2 thoughts on “M’Kayla’s Korner – A Site To Bookmark

  1. I thought the response from the bookstore seemed fair enough, depending on the bookstore. If it was a Westminster bookshop or something like that it’d be surprising. If it was just a general Christian bookstore then it makes sense. It wouldn’t be easy trying to cater for the diversity of Christian thought. On the one hand you’d have people upset that you didn’t carry the books they want and others upset because you carry books they believe are wrong. I understand the sentiment though, but unless the store is connected to a particular church organisation it’s unlikely the online bookseller would even be Christian, just business people supplying the Christian ‘market’.

    So if I did want to buy what’s-his-name’s book it’s probably reasonable that I be able to find it at a general Christian bookstore since I suspect it’s content is at least Christian related (but I don’t know which book or it’s content). I think it’s different if the Pastor starts flogging copies from the pulpit but at the general Christian bookstore that’s not specifically Catholic or Westminster or whatever you should pretty much find a broad selection of material I think. Everyone from Benny Hinn to Desmond Tutu.

    One time I went into a Christian book store and there was a lot of psychology, self help, relationship stuff etc. Not all of it strictly Christian. Useful to people no doubt. Written by Christians, I suppose. Then there’s all the motivational stuff which stretches credibility when it presents itself as Christian, occasional bible reference aside. But with all of the pop cult stuff I couldn’t get the study books I wanted and ended up at the Catholic bookstore to get them! Which, when you think about it, is pretty ironic…

    But I am sorry for people recovering from corrupt teachers and strange doctrines. I do understand how one would not want to be subject to deception again. In that sense I understand the reaction to the book and the shop. It a very personal thing. A number of people end up with PTSD after overcoming some of the more bizarre sects and doctrines so it’s perfectly understandable to be very wary having suffered being deceived or spiritually abused. The need to be able to relax and grow in Grace without the pressure of dealing with unorthodox material would be a priority for many. In that situation perhaps go with the book suggestions of trusted friends or ministers so that you can enjoy and learn without the stress.

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