Cult Watchers Possible View of the River

I’m sure by now if you’ve read a few articles on, you’d be familiar with a site called Cult Watch (

On the very first page:

Tithing, is it really for Christians?
Does the Bible really instruct Christians to tithe? Check out CULTWATCH’s new web site and discover what the Tithing Teachers don’t want you to know. The following is a sample of the wealth of information you’ll find at You’ll discover that the Tithing Teachers are taking Malachi out of context. That Christians are not under the Mosaic law discussed in Malachi. That the term “storehouse” cannot equal the “local church”. That the pattern of the tithe being taught today (ten percent of your gross income per year) is not found anywhere in the New or Old Testament. Also, Jesus never instructed Christians to tithe, and the early church did not tithe. These and other startling Bible facts revealed at

On the Tithing Debate, they say:

Paul de Jong’s Tithing Arguments Fail

In our opinion Paul de Jong, unless he can defend his tithing teaching, can no longer be held up as a tithing expert.

Paul de Jong is held up as a defender of Christian Tithing doctrine in Australia and New Zealand. But when his confident assertions on the subject were examined by tithing expert Dr. Russell Kelly they failed to stand up Biblically. And confronted with this in-depth review of his teaching Paul de Jong has, so far, not provided a rebuff to any of Dr. Kelly’s points. Read for yourself Dr. Kelly’s point by point analyst of Mr. de Jong’s teaching. Paul de Jong is pastor of Christian Life Centre in Auckland, New Zealand and a board member of Riverview Church in Perth, Australia. Dr. Russell Kelly is a USA based theologian who earned his doctorate with a thesis on tithing, and is author of the book “Should The Church Teach Tithing?”.

Stay tuned. Paul de Jong has been challenged to provide answers to Dr. Kelly’s rebuttal. If Paul de Jong provides answers then we will publish them.

This is  Phil Baker’s church.

So Riverview Church are being monitored by cult-watch eh?


3 thoughts on “Cult Watchers Possible View of the River

  1. It seems to me that the first tithe took place when Cain and Abel Gave sacrifices.Abel is said to have given the firstlings of the flock,including the prized fat.Now whilst not signifying a 10% which is decreed to be the figure to be given in the Mosaic law,it seems that the pattern of first fruits to the Lord starts here.It is at the same time in Scripture that The command against murder and killing comes into play.Whether we decide to obey certain commands or observe Days and Sabbaths,needs to be arrived at, by determining what Law Jesus was referring to, and indeed which particular scripture, both he and ,later His Apostles were referring>The Ten Commandments were the basis, but only part of the Hebrew Laws structure.Jesus referred to differences when He said that moses had reluctantly enacted the Law of Divorce, which over time had become an excuse to get rid of a wife quite easily.By the way Jehovah God Declared the principle, not Moses.You can also see that other scripture was regarded by the disciples as Peter reveals as The book of Enoch seems to be alluded to.So If we regard The Levis and representing The Early Christian Church, then, if that idea extends to the prest day Church,then in reference to not muzzling the ox, which was part of the Mosaic Law, then it seems that the Christians in early days did not see the complete abolition of the Law as being the case, and, though the Law had been fulfilled In Christ Jesus,a lot of the principles of the Law could still be inferred and applied.If the Church REALLY has faith that God will provide,Then they should trust for Him to engrave on the hearts of the congregation to give for the needs and missions of the congregation>It would appear that they really do’t believe what they preach,and feel that by pushing faith and seed and lack teaching, they are in effect having a bet each way in case The trusting in the Lord to deliver, what they are preaching will happen.I can see a case for the tithe, against and a case for applying the principle of the tithe as being in the ilk of circumcision of the heart.It would then become that through a person’s free will it would become voluntarily inscibed on the hearts of believers of the congregation.Jehovah’s Witnesses place a donations receptacle, locked at the Kigdom Hall and no collections are taken up at their meetings.I think we can apply the principle, that you were given freely The Good News of Jesus Christ, so give freely in the same way that it is offered by the Holy Spirit, and in the way we take up ,willingly, not by force,the offer of Salvation if we accept by free choice.If one really has The Kingdom of God at heart, we should be able to look at a NEw Beginning in the Body Of Christ, and put our wordly goods and talents toward the increase of the Kingdom.

  2. @ Dallas – paragraphs please?

    “A written work—be it an essay or a story—is about an idea or concept. An essay explains it; a story narrates it. To help the reader understand and enjoy it, the explanation or narration is broken down into units of text, the paragraph. In an essay, each paragraph explains or demonstrates a key point or thought of the central idea, usually to inform or persuade. In fiction, each paragraph serves to advance the plot, develop a character, describe a scene or narrate an action—all to entertain the reader. All paragraphs support each other, leading the reader from the first idea to the final resolution of the written work.” 🙂

  3. Regarding the Law of Moses and what comes through to us, we need to refer to the Sermon on the Mount.

    What Jesus says there has to apply to us. He doesn’t mention the Sabbath day. But the other 9 commandments are mentioned and applied to us.

    Paul subsequently deals with a mixed Jewish and Gentile Church. The way he appraoches this is to tell us that if someone has a conscience about something in the fellowship, for example kosher food, the rest should respect this and eat kosher for the sake of the weaker brother. If another wants to keep a feast day, let him. If another has no idea about keeping passover or tabernacles, then don’t force them to do so. If someone has no notion of the sabbath, then don’t put them under pressure.

    It turns out that we are not under any obligation to keep a sabbath. Sunday is not the Sabbath … it is Friday noght when the sun goes down to Saturday night when the sun goes down.

    That is the Sabbath rest day. You can keep that if you want to but I will go and do some work in teh Garden, as that’s the only day I can do work in the Garden. Sunday isn’t a rest day, it’s the day when we are all rushing to get to church (usually late) and we struggle to get sunday dinner on the table and then clean the kitchen up and then it’s tea-time and food and getting the kids bathed and put to bed and all of a sudden the day has gone and all you want to do is sleep but then you realise that the kitchen is a mess again … (phew!) …

    Not a day of rest … is it?

    We are not to force others to keep the Sabbath, or any special days. We are not to force a tithe on believers either. The Tithe was a special tax that the old people of God had to give the Levites (the priestly tribe) an income. They were not allowed to work for a living.

    That’s it.


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