No time equals infrequent posts…

Just wanted to let people know that I won’t be able to put up many new posts, due to great lack of time, so my future contributions here are likely to be very limited. I am doing a post on this because its a good community here, and I didn’t want to partially disappear with no explanation, particularly since I’ve found a lot of the blog fellowship to be very encouraging.

I’ll probably be commenting on posts that do go up as time permits, but won’t be able to put the time into keeping the blog alive during quiet times.

My style is to examine issues and doctrines rather than people and ministries, though if a particular pastor or ministry puts out a questionable doctrine in the public domain, then they will end up being associated with the discussion at least in so much as it is them that is promoting the teaching under discussion. If the blog focusses more on individuals and particular ministries, I’ll probably not participate much – but this isn’t a criticism of others who want to do this – its just not what I’m personally drawn to. This is not because I believe in ‘not touching God’s anointed’ – its more because I try to actively avoid condemning people, regardless of who they are, and for me, one way of doing that is to focus more on the issues than the personalities. (Please don’t take that as a comment on anyone else here, because its not at all intended that way!) At the same time, I do believe scripture teaches that we are to discern whether doctrine/practices are really in line with what Jesus teaches or not, which does involve distinguishing between true and false teachers at times, as well as teachings – I think this can be done without crossing the line into condemnation. Also, when the blog raises moral dilemmas or comments on public issues, if I’m around, I’ll probably add my bit in.

Anyway, I wanted to make it clear that I’m not abandoning the community here whom I enjoy – rather I just have more and more time constraints. I didn’t want to post less with no explanation. Since I no longer attend a church regularly, there is also no extra fuel for articles provided on a regular basis as a result of me being shocked by statements from the pulpit! Strangely, life is more peaceful now, for me.

So, while I’ll be reading and commenting, there will be few new posts from me (probably not none though). I do hope that S&P and others continue to post here occasionally, as its interesting to read everyone’s ideas, opinions and questions, and the sense of community online here is great.

Love to all,

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