Clash for Cash – Barthrop Defiles Jesus

Brandon Barthop has gone too far!

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5 thoughts on “Clash for Cash – Barthrop Defiles Jesus

  1. Notice how they all attack Christ? and not another. christians need to stand up and speak against such behaviour we are not an outlawed religion as in the days of Rome where we cannot say anything, nor are we in Communist China to not speak of such.

  2. Yeah, i have to agree Doz, it is hard to tell people one is a Christian, sometimes I say lapsed Catholic as they seem to accept this more for some reason

  3. When people tell me they are a Catholic i tell them ‘so am I’ then i ask them if they know the meaning of the word (catholic=universal/or one body/church of beleivers) thats the simple understanding of the word, then i tell them its great that they beleve the Bible and i start to discuss being born again and following obediently with Christ, to this i see that pale look on their face but by that time they have to agree, others then say no and i say ‘but you said you were a Catholic therefore your believe the Bible, they say no again and i then say ‘well your not a catholic and i tell them they must be saved before they die, that Jesus loves them and so on. quite often on the streets people say they are catholic or otherwise to get away from you it works the treat. blessings

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