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Todd Bentleys Healing School is a 4 day/ 16 session intense training school designed for pastors, evangelists, ministries, hungry saints and those who want to move in a greater dimension of healing. Right now we are offering an early bird special price of $85.00. For more information or to register check out

Fresh Fire Ministries USA Healing School

Time:Wednesday, 03 February 2010 10:00

Location:Heritage International Ministries 375 Star light Dr. Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715

Will Bentley be employing his teachers ‘Winds of Change’ and ‘Emma’? You might want to check out the link above. The video was interesting. He comes across quite conservative now and seems to be working at MorningStar Ministries Heresy Headquarters. Not to mention he’s being influenced by John Crowder’s terminology. ‘Healing slosh’?

And to your adverts on the right, they are selling simony! By an ‘anointing bundle’ for $30. After that discussion we had on what the ‘anointing’ was on Signposts02, I can only assume they are selling some form of spiritual power. As to which I would go so far as to say they are selling demonic material.

Or why not go to the ‘Equipping School’ advertised, where you can manifest generational wickedness by pursuing signs and wonders. If you don’t want to join Hillsong’s ‘heart’ against poverty, then maybe the eyes of the starving children in the ‘Change The World’ advert is enough for you to be under the banner of Fresh Fire Ministries.

So join his ministries today, where you’re fire will never be fresh enough so you’ll have to keep buying his materials to keep your anointing and fire upgraded and up to date. Pick up your wand and follow Harry Potter into Todd Bentley’s ministry. No magic, signs and wonders can change this ministries spots.

11 thoughts on “The Big-Bam MegaScam

  1. Perhaps Mercy Ministries staff and Pentecostal pastors should attend this course to get some sort of formal qualifications on healing and exorcism (of gay people).

  2. Follow the money people … $85???

    I thought I had a direct line to Jesus! I didn’t realise accessing the power of God would cost me $85 plus any top-up fees to top-up my personal anointing and book/CD purchases on top of that.

    I wonder what bible teaching they throw in?

    how would Todd feel if someone kicked him in the face?

    I’d feel a whole lot better. Now that would be some healing ministry! The Todd Bentley “punch me in the face” ministry. Guaranteed to make you feel a whole lot better!

    I feel a web-page coming on. Todd worshipers can stay away from that one.

    Todd is soooooo special. The first of the new breed of adulterers. Slap him in the face with a great big haddock. A double slap with a kipper even.

    That guy makes me so angry … !!!!!!!


    Time for Coffee.

  3. Apart from the name of the ministry, ‘Fresh Fire’, the largest typeface on the page is the word ‘DONATE’. Oh dear.

    Mr Bentley should be sitting back a while longer, I think. Quite a while.

  4. Wow! This blog is still alive! Great stuff!

    Most blogs seem to have fewer and fewer comments.

    Love the header as well!

  5. Lionfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish!

    Todd should have disappeared into obscurity. He would if had any shame at all.

    yet more coffee.

  6. However – since he hasn’t chosen a less public area of ministry – those who follow him have had a chance to see his character via his actions. They can choose whether to follow him or someone else. At least now, they can easily apply the biblical criteria for leadership to Bentley if they choose to do so.

  7. Oh dear, Mr Bentley and his new bride Shona, theyre just kids, the Fresh Fire Ministry board of elders should have not been so intimidated and should have spoken up earlier but it happened didnt it, shame


    Book Table
    The book table is always a highlight to me because it provides me an opportunity to connect with our partners and friends and hear testimonies and praise reports. This book signing turned into a one-hour and a half of prophetic ministry and impartation. The Lord just showed up and people were drunk in the spirit and prophetic words flowed like a river. That has become one of my favorite book signings.

    My wife, Jessa, joined me at both book signings. It was great to have her stand by my side. Regardless of what we’ve been through, she continues to be a strong emotional support. Oh ya!…and she loved on the people. 🙂

    I am feeling strong in spirit, encouraged in faith, and excited in my spirit. This season of rest has been awesome for me. I am really taking advantage of this time to get strong spiritually and physically. I am still hitting the gym 5 days a week and eating right. Lol! You’re prayers and support are making the difference.

  9. Heretic Bentley and heretic Joyner are walking hand in hand as they plug each other’s ministries. In the video in the link has Bentley saying the following to a Bentley fan:

    Customer: “I’m glad I found out that you are not associated with the Transformed International.”

    Bentley: “NO! Transformed International- they’re friends! They are a separate ministry. We have relocated and moved here. Right now our website is and it’s a total separate ministry. Rick Joyner’s on our board and things are going good. So there are still people that are confused- they’re great guys, and we support what they’re doing, but we’re here, based out on MorningStar for now.”

    – – – – –

    From the very beginning of Bentley’s Freshfire ministry, all I have ever seen Bentley play is the role of a spiritual prostitute.

    Rarely have I seen any sermons where he preaches about the person Jesus. The IT ‘anointing’ is more promoted than the person of the Holy Spirit. But he is always promoting the next wave, the next anointing, the ministry to the left, the minister to the right, some Christian celebrities upcoming book, his book, the latest spiritual sensation, etc.

    He is such a whore for fame! No wonder Rick Joyner took this huckster under wing.

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