A Rave for The RavingPente

“I know I’ve failed in putting relationship and doctrine side-by-side on Signposts02 in the past, but it’s a realistic goal I hope we could all aim for.”

And if there is anyone who has done a very good job at doing this, it would be RavingPente. If their is anyone who has really made Signposts02 a community blog, it would have to be RavingPente. For the moment, I want you RavingPente, to have a bit of a attention.

RavingPente has:

– helped the continuing of Signposts02 and started this blog after Lance pulled out of running the older Signposts.

– helped me with issues in running SignPosts02 and dealing’s with threats and abusive e-mails from individuals and ministries.

– helped other’s personally behind the scenes in e-mail or other forms of communication.

– has acted as mediator between conversations between me and others.

– has helped bring peace, understanding and wisdom onto Signposts02

(Feel free anyone to add to this list)

RavingPente! Thankyou for all your time, love and effort for those in the Signposts02 community and those outside it. You are an inspiration to me and others here. You’re willingness to understand others is refreshing and your observations and perceptions accurate and note-worthy. I can think of a thousands things to say right now, but I haven’t found the right form or structure to express my appreciation for the time you’ve put into Signposts02. All I can really praise you for is being a beautiful friend. You must make Heretic so proud!

If anyone else has anything to acknowledge RavingPente for, now’s the time!

10 thoughts on “A Rave for The RavingPente

  1. yeah, it isnt an easy job keeping order here at times, RP you are very patient, understanding and smart too

  2. ‘Cute’ – LOL! After the recent thread re trance, when I saw the title, I thought I was going to see some more ziggy-beats aimed at me! But no. Sorry I’ve been unable to respond for a little while.

    Thanks S&P. That’s very kind of you. And everyone else. I’m not really someone who wants much attention, to be honest, just the company of friends. Which in cyberspace, many people here now are.

    I don’t really think I’ve done that much, but I will say that I did pray about doing the blog, and on the couple of occasions that I drew back a little, He put it on my heart to continue. I have the sense that if what we do here helps even just one or two people, then its worth it. God will use this space if and how and when He chooses, and His work here in us as we do this is important.

    The blog has challenged me and there has been great personal benefit over time in our discussions here, which is a result of everyone’s contributions.

    We’d have no blog if it wasn’t for S&P taking the admin on board, and also, all the different authors. Its been good recently having Greg’s posts broaden the range of topics, for example. I can hardly keep up with it now!

    Now, re me being patient… just know that you get an edited persona here! Me, but not all of me. In real life, in some settings I am often short fused. (My kids have really shown me many character failings.) This is something I’ve been praying about and working on with God’s help. Sometimes I look like I have patience, when really I should be letting people know what is bothering me so that I don’t just blow my stack without warning. I’m getting better at this, slowly and very imperfectly.

    One of the great things about blogging is being able to read what you say without posting, and then delete bits, or even the whole thing! That would be handy in real life sometimes. I’d like to edit my own self at times and choose when or if to respond like I can with RP. πŸ™‚

  3. BTW, every now and then, I think it might be good to have a get together for regulars who are in Sydney and are interested. But it would mean losing anonymity for some of us. Still, if people are interested in that, let me know, and then I’ll be able to tell if it is possible to organise something. It could be fun.

  4. RP all children test us, rare is it to find a child that’s near perfect. It certainly is an interesting learning curve, its never boring lol. School teachers childcare workers would vouch for that too.(and they have to deal with the parents too)

    We are very grateful this site is here, many thanks to all involved

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