A Time To Reflect… (Or Not!) :D

Signposts02 has been going for a good while.

I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what we’ve all learned on our time here.

  • Since coming to Signposts02, what have been some views or doctrines that you’ve come to reject or accept?
  • How has Signposts02 changed your outlook towards the world, church or God?
  • What have you learnt?
  • What did you learn from the most?
  • Where do you want to see Signposts02 go from here?

Don’t hold back now. πŸ˜€

Consider the speck. Consider the plank.

15 thoughts on “A Time To Reflect… (Or Not!) :D

  1. Well, i think i found the site via the Sydney Morning Herald, or was is GSects. I think opening up a dialogue about Christ/Gospel is always good.

  2. We might get here eventually, there’s so many other issues posted at the moment!!

    I like the way this blog “meanders” along – sometimes quiet and thoughtful, sometimes passionate, sometimes contraversial, sometimes argumentative – sounds rather like a family hmmmmm….;)

  3. yeah, well we are sort of from the same family. I think what is positive is most people on this site are “trying” to make a change or make a difference or find the truth, that’s a good thing 8=)

  4. S&P – I’ve put up many articles in the past that have had few or no comments. All that means is that it may have been something I was thinking about at the time, but others were interested in other things. Or too busy. Or even, they just didn’t have a comment to make. This time, as Teddy said, I think there’s just a lot going on elsewhere.

    It can take a few days to get comments sometimes, or even never. But don’t think of it in terms of a pass or fail, because its not a test. Sometimes things touch a nerve somewhere, or someone’s comment does, and that stimulates a conversation. Other times not. We often can’t predict which will happen.

    I’m with Teddy here – I like the way this blog meanders along. It’s all over the place. Sometimes I might not want to be part of a heated conversation for some reason, and then something else will crop up which I want to contribute to that is quite different. Or an angle will come along which I find I want to explore.

    One of the really good things that’s happened here over time, is that we’ve explored many of our differences, yet still acknowledge we are part of the same family. We learn from eachother’s different perspectives on things, as the wider body of Christ outside our other circles, which can add things to our lives off this blog. It really does demonstrate that we can have our differences, but still be united in Him, hopefully emulating His character, even while we explore doctrinal differences.

    I am personally (as everyone here knows), not so interested in ‘exposing’ dodgy ministries, as I am in exploring some of the more fashionable dodgy doctrines, in the hope that others who question them might stumble upon us and know that its OK to do so. My hope is that in some fashion, people who come here from a more restricted background, might find themselves encouraged to explore scripture for themselves, whether they find it confirming what they have been taught, or challenging it. Also I’d hope that anyone who has been hurt by some of these things, as occasionally visitors have been, might be encouraged to go forward in Christ, even if they find themselves rejecting a past environment, and know that they are not alone, and its OK to do this, whether or not they are part of a church currently or not.

    Naturally, my personal desire is also to affirm that we

  5. Hmm – that last bit was just to say that personally, I also want to affirm the many different ways that God has of gathering us. πŸ™‚

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