Pastor Slinging managed to catch this piece:

Part of me says don’t give this rabid nutter more oxygen. But silence can be interpreted as a weakness or even a sign of agreement or capitulation. So here goes.

It concerns yet another media release from Pastor Danny Nalliah, that zealot who heads that church group called Catch the Fires Ministries.

I brought him to your attention a year ago, during the horror and suffering of Black Saturday, when he added to the pain by claiming the bushfires were God’s revenge.

God had wreaked vengeance on Victoria as punishment over the Government’s abortion laws.

At a time when the death toll was rising, people were still missing and emotions were raw, this heartless, twisted man of the cloth, said God had removed his protection from Australia, in particular, Victoria, for ‘approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb’.

I described it as the most despicable, perverse, insensitive, cruel and callous media release I had ever seen.

Well, this rancid preacher is at it again. His latest media release, again dealing with Black Saturday and the recent fire alert season appears under the headline:

‘Global cooling shows divine protection restored – what would Derryn Hinch think?’

Nalliah says we had a disaster free summer because God has restored his ‘divine protection’ over Victoria and Australia. And that has been in response to fasting and prayers. And presumably we can thank Pastor Danny for that. The fact we had a helluva lot of rain probably helped.

In his latest press release Nalliah asks: What would Derryn Hinch think?

Well I think if last year’s bushfires and heavy loss of life were caused by God’s wrath because of the abortion laws, and this year it’s thanks to God that we had no repeat of Black Saturday, then God must now be in favour of abortion.

Because the new abortion law that dough-brained Danny says invoked his cruel anger last year is still in place. Right?”


Thoughts? Should we engage with fools so that they’d hopefully learn? Was this wise for Derryn Hinch to respond? When should we respond to an issue that contradicts our faith?