“I’m A Barbie Girl… Religious Clothes Again?”

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So, I was getting settled into my laptop to do some work, but before I got started I ran into this. Episcopal Priest Barbie (of whom I am now a friend on Facebook).

This morning in the shower, after a particularly good yoga workout, I had already been thinking about religion. I was turning over in my head how if we now understand our minds to be one with our bodies, not separate, how come we think of everything as coming from our minds? Like I said, I’d had a good workout.

Basically, though, I came back to what it means to be agnostic. Which led me to something I have discussed before: the different social and spiritual faces of religion.

When I was applying for permission to work in Méx, el Gobierno me preguntó mi religión, among other things, in the forms I filled out. I thought about it a little and decided, you know, that’s really personal information. Do I really want to share with them that I am agnostic? That’s like sharing with them my personal philosophies. That’s not really any of their business.

Not that I think they care. They just want it for demographic purposes, I realized, so I decided to give them my “social” religious affiliation. The part of my religious life the Mexican government would be most interested in, I think, is the fact that I was not raised Catholic.

There were no boxes to check, just an empty space on the form. I wrote in, PROTESTANTE. It actually did feel a little rebellious. (Rebelde.) Both for asserting my minority social status and for not complying with the government’s request to know my real spiritual beliefs.

Then today I see this Barbie awesomeness. I love that Mattel specifically chose the Episcopal church as Barbie’s. [EDIT: The Barbie is not an official Mattel product, actually. A priest in Ohio just made some clothes and the Facebook page for her. Dammit. Not NEARLY as cool.] After all, aside from being the waspiest church, it also may be the most socially acceptable in the US. It was founded on the principle of divorce. It practices open communion. It allows women priests. It allows gay priests. Of COURSE Barbie is Episcopalian. I am, too.

From: http://mariaclarita.wordpress.com/2010/04/08/the-reverend-barbie/

5 thoughts on ““I’m A Barbie Girl… Religious Clothes Again?”

  1. i seemed to have known that on my post above, but not in the article! 😉

    Thanks for that Because1.

  2. Just got this mental image.
    “Look mum! These clothes make Barbie, Reverend Barbie!”
    “That’s nice dear!”
    “Look mum! These rich clothes make Barbie, Joyce Meyers Barbie!”
    “That’s more relevant dear!”

    “Hey mum! Without her clothes you have Eve Barbie!”

    … There can be…
    Esther Barbie (comes with black sexy clothes for king)
    Deborah Barbie (comes with hammer and tent peg)
    Miriam Barbie (comes with tambourine and white skin additives)
    Jezebel Barbie (comes with her own asherah dance-pole and vineyard)
    Ruth Barbie (comes with nothing but wheat and rags)
    Mother Mary Barbie (comes with gabriel figurine)
    Magdalene Barbie (comes with perfume bottle)

    And the Proverbs 31 Barbie!

    … There could be a market for all these. Included should be Rachel Barbie, Sara Barbie, Delilah Barbie, Chloe Barbie, Priscilla Barbie, Sapphira Barbie.

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