Are you a Girly Man or a REAL Man?

We all know that men are called to be Real Men and women to be Real Women. Churches have spent entire conferences teaching us how.

Well, if you have not heard already, here is an item that will truly separate the men from the girly men. It should have a place at every Real Man event. Mark Driscoll would be proud to call one his own. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Real MAN ® Saddle

Check it out at Sheldon Brown. Be sure to read the fine print!


3 thoughts on “Are you a Girly Man or a REAL Man?

  1. Oh dear! Copy everything you’ve written down that is now extra RP! I might have saved over some of your content! I just wrote over your bike! (No. Just kidding!)

    I changed the size of the image and saved the article not knowing you were making changes until WordPress warned me you were. I saw it too late.

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