That 70’s Song, “The other side of Town” Curtis Mayfield


I’m from the other side of town
Out of bounds
To anybody who don’t live around
I never learned to share
Or how to care
I never had no teachings
About being fair

Depression is part of my mind
The sun never shines
On the other side of town
The need here is always for more
There’s nothing good in store
On the other side of town

Curtis Mayfield  

It’s hard to do right
In this filthy night
Just plain simple comfort
Is completely out of sight
My little sister she hungry
For bread to eat
My brother’s hand me down shoes
Are now showing his feet

Ghetto blues showed on the news
All is aware
But what the hell do they care
You across the track
Completely relaxed
You take a warning fact
Don’t you never come back