Making Vision Real

Those of us who’ve been exposed to a lot of motivational teaching/preaching might enjoy this site:

I rather like this example:

There are a few others that ring some bells, also. If you haven’t visited their site before, its worth a look.


18 thoughts on “Making Vision Real

  1. I’m obviously not at church today because it’s Mother’s day and I’M COOKING!!!!!!!! Go figure?

  2. Haha! Yes, that’s how it goes! But its funny that you actually skipped church in order to do so! Well, at least it was probably more relaxing than making everyone breakfast in a hurry to rush off.

    I made everyone fried eggs and bacon this morning – my son’s request. I usually make them something hot on Saturday or Sunday morning, since during the week its not possible. But I told my husband that in a few years, it would be nice to turn the tables, when the kids are bigger. (He doesn’t cook. But he does help a lot with the kids.)

    Re the post above – one of the other ones I liked was ‘Nepotism – We promote family values here – almost as often as we promote family members”. Good for a laugh!

  3. Enjoyed both those videos, Teddy.

    Re the preaching in the first one – we watched Brian Houston on the Australian Christian Channel, and he was getting the audience cheering hallelujah’s and clapping, just by reading words out from a thesaurus – one word at a time, powerfully spoken, with dramatic pauses in between. He hadn’t even begun to preach his message – that was just the intro! Pretty skilled, huh?

  4. Well, I’ve overcome the C3 guilt of religious attendance! And we’re on duty as well, on the door and the offering. There’s something to be said of smaller churches. One person can take up the offering as easily as two – and a few good men to share the door (as they should on Mother’s Day!)

    And there’s nobody saying “Where were you last Sunday?”! 🙂

  5. You have my undying admiration RP! How did you manage to stay tuned in! I’m not a fan oF BH, never have been. Judged him (unfairly) just on his voice! But fairly on lack of doctrine.

  6. So good not to have any guilt. I enjoyed going to a smaller church after leaving PP’s church as well. Easier to get to know people, too. However – the wrong minister can easily eyeball specific people for going away on a group retreat the previous weekend, or for repeatedly not getting to the service on time, in a small church. 🙂 Not that that convinces the people being eyeballed!

    Re BH – we tuned in because of reading about Hillsong here. Thought we’d better listen to what they were preaching and see what we thought. We managed to listen to one preach, which we thought quite liberally manipulated scripture during the messsage, but came back to what scripture actually said right at the very end, as a kind of ‘covering the bases’ move. Just our view, of course. His voice reminded me of PP’s voice these days. Both sound worn out and a bit abused from shouting a lot. Vocal coaching earlier in their careers might have saved them both some damage.

  7. What you won’t hear at C3 or Hillsong……

    “Problems – no matter how great or destructive your problems may seem now, remember, you’ve probably only seen the tip of them.” Love it!

  8. Thanks, Faithlift. 🙂

    My son has just given me a Mother’s Day gift. He has sticky taped an assortment of fruit bat bones to a piece of paper very, very carefully. There are rib bones, leg bones, vertebrae, jaw bones and a skull.

    Should I be concerned???

    (The bones came out of our chimney when it was unblocked. We now have a working wood fire.)

  9. I guess that depends on the age of your son RP. Certainly one of the more interesting gifts I’ve heard of. Is he aspergic? He may simply be a lot more on the T end of the spectrum than the F personality wise, NT (science/engineer) type to be exact. The feeling function of iNtuitive Thinkers is typically the last to develop and is apparently often not fully developed till middle age. Which is one reason why NTs often have a black sense of humour too by the way. Internally feelings are just as strong for an NT as anyone else but without a fully developed feeling function to run things through, appreciating the emotional effects of one’s actions on others may not be optimal in an adult NT and even less so in an NT child. He may simply be showing off his paleontological skills without being mindfull of the symbolic connotations of giving someone a skeleton as a gift.

  10. You made me laugh Teddy with your comment to Phoenix.
    I’ve got it somewhere at home.

    When I was a kid, I found a goat skull on an old farm and placed it in a wreath of thorns. Underneath it’s sull, I decorated it with turkey feathers so it looked like an omen or crest.

    My parents were just a bit spooked. I think I was eight years old.

  11. Most mums could fill a book with the funny things sons do growing up. The teenage years, well, that’s an encyclopedia!

  12. Well, as usual, you are all right.

    He’s definitely being a boy. However – Pheonix’s guesses aren’t too bad at the moment. He – at the age of 6 – wants to be a scientist or an inventor when he grows up, and a steam train driver. Loves anything mechanical and is fascinated by anything scientific. All of those are both ‘NT’ and ‘boy’ things – so who knows?

    Given that both his father and I are NTs, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was too.

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