The Ministry Mole Is Back!

I think I am stuck on Elijah List. Look who’s advertising themselves on the Elijah List? It’s none other than Sean Feucht.

In case you forgot who he is, Feucht is the man who is spreading the Burn 24/7’s around Sydney. When some Australian pastors did not want IHOP and its ‘Furnaces’ to come to Sydney with their cult-like teachings and practices, (Bridal Paradigm, David Tabernacle Teaching, Harp and Bowl Worship,etc), Feucht came out from among them and planted these around Sydney and NSW’s.

Burn 24/7’s are in New Earth Tribe in Byron Bay, Jubilee Church, Dayspring Church and Deewhy New Life Baptist Church. There is also one in Blacktown (Peter Madden and 10,000 Warriors article) and another in Nowra.

This old clip is from Feucht.

I am someone who loves Jubilee, Dayspring and New Earth Tribe. Now the majority of these churches who have these ‘Burn 24/7’s’ pump KCP (Kansas City Prophets) filth through IHOP through the Burn24/7’s. God help them.

Now Feucht is being advertised on the ElijahList (old I know!). The advert reveals a bit of what he believes. The fact that he is even advertised on the ElijahList should also make these churches skeptical what he believes and practices.

Join Rick Pino and Sean Feucht

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Apr 29, 2010


COME READY TO GET LIT AFLAME WITH THE BURNING FIRE OF GOD’S LOVE! We will have two nights of going after God’s Presence through worship and prayer with Sean Feucht and Rick Pino. We will be asking God for dynamic breakthrough and revival across the Northeast! There will be times of strategic impartation and commissioning for university revivalists to take their college campuses for Jesus! THIS EVENT IS FREE!

*We will also be hosting a “Watchmen’s Roundtable” on Saturday from 10am-12pm and 1pm to 4pm with the goal of praying, strategizing, sharing our hearts and building authentic relationship among leaders on their university campuses for a beautiful convergence and move in the fall of 2010. All leaders are welcome.


RICK PINO is the founder of Fire Rain Ministries, a revival ministry focused on sharing the reality of Jesus’ love to the nations through music, prophecy, and acts of love. “Preparing a people for the Lord” is Fire Rain Ministry’s motto.
SEAN FEUCHT is the founder and director of the Burn 24-7. He is a prophetic psalmist with a vision for planting Davidic houses of vertical worship and prayer and “resting places” for God in cities and nations all over the earth. Sean has a passion to see people of all nations come into their destiny to release the sounds and fragrance of Heaven through night and day worship and prayer that will usher in the Presence of God transforming, block by block, city by city, region by region and nation by nation until all of the world burns with the Glory of God.
May 21-May 23
Also join us for a special “Watchmen’s Roundtable” on May 22nd (Saturday) two sessions 9am – noon and 1pm-4pm. All leaders are welcome!
May 21st 7:00pm
May 22nd 10:00am (roundtable)
May 22nd 1:00pm (roundtable)
May 22nd 7:00pm
May 23rd 7:00pm
Life Center Ministries (Harrisburg, PA)
411 S 40th St
Harrisburg, PA 1711
Contact: OR for more information. 

Phone: 717-232-9006

38 thoughts on “The Ministry Mole Is Back!

  1. What’s the link between Dayspring, Jubilee and New Earth Tribe? Are they gospel-focused or experience-driven? Just curious.

  2. Whenever anybody invokes coming into their destiny I think of Darth Vader- I can’t help it.

  3. Rick Pino looks like Jack Black in Rock School.

    I loved Harrisburg, lived there for about a year in the late 90’s. Didn’t see any mega-churches though, and very little charismania. At lot of people I knew at work went to solid evangelical churches, mostly independent ones that seemed to be doing a lot of things but didnt need to take over the world.

    Guess things change.

  4. These churches, what are they?

    I used to find them very Spirit-filled and incredibly healthy. Things were used to be done in the Spirit and in truth. They are now VERY experience driven.

    What’s the connection with these churches?

    This would have been partly because of the focus on America with Bentley and other antics over there.

    But there was one before that did a good grooming on them too. The one person who I believe that has slowly groomed these churches for the Latter Rain ‘hoo-ha’ is Bill Johnson. He has spoken at least two of these bigger churches. I can’t speak for New Life Baptist Church (NLBC) or the church in Nowra though.

    But I’ve heard that the NLBC takes their members around to different churches as they did to the Crowder event. It wouldn’t surprise me if they went as a church to see the heretic Bill Johnson speak.

    As you know, Dayspring has a Bill Johnson’s ‘School of Supernatural’ on their premises.

    Met someone who attended a NLBC ‘School of Supernatural’. There is apparantly one up in New Earth Tribe too.

    But Phil Mason has gone off the wall anyways with his gnostic experiential teachings. He seemed to get these the time he had Crowder come to his church, toking his demons.

    They’ve slowly been groomed that way by ministers in America. It was only a matter of time before this mole slipped under their radar and bought with him the influences of Mike Bickle and other heretical teachings from the KCP and NAR.

    This saddens me deeply. These were great churches too.

  5. Itinerary of Bill Johnson:

    Bill Johnson

    Covenant church of Pittsburg
    May 26, 2010 – May 28, 2010
    Wilkinsburg, PA

    Laulima Ministry – Hawaii
    Jun 03, 2010 – Jun 05, 2010
    Honolulu, HI

    Kingdom Culture Conference
    Jun 23, 2010 – Jun 25, 2010
    Bethel Church
    Redding, CA 96003

    The Great Awakening
    Jun 28, 2010 – Jun 30, 2010
    Morning Star Ministries
    Fort Mill, SC

    All Nations Church
    Jul 15, 2010 – Jul 18, 2010
    Fort Mill, SC

    Christian City Church Whitehorse
    Jul 28, 2010 – Aug 01, 2010

    Brisbane, Australia
    Aug 02, 2010 – Aug 04, 2010

    Healing School with Randy Clark
    Aug 18, 2010 – Aug 21, 2010
    Dayspring Church
    Castle Hill (Sydney), NSW Australia

    Manifest Presence – Auckland, NZ
    Aug 23, 2010
    Harbourside Church
    Takapuna (Auckland), New Zealand

    Spiritual Hunger Conference
    Sep 08, 2010 – Sep 10, 2010
    Spokane, WA

    Abiding Glory Ministries
    Sep 29, 2010 – Oct 01, 2010
    Knoxville, TN

    Life Center Ministries International
    Oct 02, 2010 – Oct 03, 2010
    Harrisburg PA

    International Healing Conference
    Oct 06, 2010 – Oct 08, 2010
    Maplewood, MN

    Bethel Conference
    Oct 13, 2010 – Oct 15, 2010

    Voice of the Apostles
    Oct 27, 2010 – Oct 29, 2010
    Baltimore, MD

    Sojourn Church
    Nov 06, 2010 – Nov 08, 2010
    Carrollton, TX

    Church on the Way
    Nov 09, 2010 – Nov 10, 2010
    Van Nuys, CA

    Healing School with Randy Clark
    Nov 11, 2010 – Nov 12, 2010
    Abilene, TX

    Stand Firm World Ministries
    Nov 29, 2010 – Dec 01, 2010
    Dallas, TX

    The More Church
    Dec 02, 2010 – Dec 03, 2010
    Amarillo, TX

  6. Just been into Colossians.

    In chapter 2 there is a warning:

    16Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. 17These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ. 18Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you for the prize. Such a person goes into great detail about what he has seen, and his unspiritual mind puffs him up with idle notions. 19He has lost connection with the Head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow.

    remind you of anyone?

  7. I often visit Slaughtering The Sheep. It’s good they’re keeping an eye out on Manessah over there.

  8. so many people getting so excited about completely pointless conferences.

    I want to feel excited so I will go to a conference. I get to fall over, giggle, roll around the floor, make animal noises. Rest on the floor. Make a spectacle of myself and then go home.

    But I haven’t shared Jesus with anyone.

    Safe and pointless.


  9. Thinking about it more, if they really want to burn 24/7, God can really make that dream come true to them if that’s what they want…

  10. Now that I’m not attending a church, all these conferences etc just seem so much less relevant. Most people don’t even know they exist. Life goes on its merry way regardless, with no extra hype or whipped up expectations/hopes. Why is there a need for so many big events at all? Aren’t they just distractions from where we are really meant to be engaging? Don’t they just separate people from the real world, where we are meant to relate to real people, doing real things, with a message they can relate to that they can see matches our lives?

    Anyway, I skimmed through this page, and have to agree with wazza – I took a second look at Rick Pino because he did look like Jack Black in that picture!

  11. What’s the link between Dayspring, Jubilee and New Earth Tribe? Are they gospel-focused or experience-driven? Just curious.” – Teddy

    I can’t answer re the connection, but I do know of people who have gone to Dayspring and to Jubilee. I know some people have tried Dayspring in Sydney as an alternative to C3, and who found the leadership there had a refreshingly adult approach to their congregation, not trying to pressure or guilt them into giving for example, even thanking them for coming on Sunday. I know people who liked Dayspring but found Jubilee a little too extreme, as well. Others love Jubilee.

    Without commenting on Bill Johnson’s doctrines, one positive impression I have is that his church appears to treat people more kindly than some of those we’ve looked at here. I suspect he will be received well at C3. Probably a refreshing change from people like Munsey. It would be interesting to hear someone’s impression who has attended Presence conferences and heard both of them.

  12. The best way to describe Bill Johnson is ‘iceberg’. He floats along. He allows people to see the 10% that floats above water. Go any closer and see the other 90% and you’d think twice about approaching the iceberg.

  13. Told them what?

    How do you know it was God?

    What evidence do you have?

    Is there any evidence that God others something opposite?

    What’s in it for them?

    What does it have to do with advancing the Kingdom, edification of God’s church (as opposed to some other church) or souls repenting and coming to Christ?

    Does God expect you to take any responsibility for your own actions?

    etc etc

    There’s an old Jewish story about Abram. Before he left Ur he chopped all but one of his father’s idols, and left the axe with the remaining idol.

    When his father asked him why he did it, Abram don’t ask me – that idol over there has the axe.

  14. Not to say that God did or didn’t speak to them, and may be gave them a loaf of bread instead of a stone

  15. Hmm. That’s a hard question when it is a good friend (I don’t habitually chat with any megapreachers, but have had a variety of friends say ‘God told me’… over the years).

    Sometimes, you see the evidence later that they were right and they must have heard from God in whatever fashion he speaks to them (in their personal prayer time usually). I’ve seen this very convincingly in a couple of different people close to me, over matters quite important in their personal lives. And in my own. There’s been pretty good evidence later that what each of us heard or sensed in prayer was correct. Really, that is between themselves and God, though they might share it with some close friends, or even just diarise it.

    Often at the time you really can’t tell for yourself whether or not God spoke to someone else; you might believe that they believe He did and just wait and see. When I have heard from God, I also humbly wait for confirmation of that, though there was one time when I really wanted to do something, prayed about it, and heard a ‘NO’ so loudly (in my head) that it could almost have been audible. I obediently did as directed (there was resoundingly no room for argument in that instance.) Later having done so saved me much grief. That was not an everyday event for me, by any means.

    If someone says ‘God told me’ very frequently, then it wouldn’t hurt to ask in what way do they usually hear from him, or what they mean by that. Obviously if it contradicts scripture, such as ‘God told me to leave my husband and marry so and so’ (a real example, unfortunately), you can be pretty sure that they heard themselves or something other than God. Some degree of tact would be needed to challenge them in that instance.

    Sometimes though, someone might say ‘God told me’ a lot about what scripture means, or about other people’s lives, or matters that aren’t so directly personal, and use that to try to direct the behaviour of others, or claim authority over them. I don’t think there is ever a mandate for that these days, since we all have a direct relationship with Jesus and don’t need anyone else to stand in the middle.

    If someone came to me and said ‘God told me’ that you should do this – I’d thank them, and let them know that if they are correct, I would expect God to confirm that to me personally. When/if He did, then I would take on board what they said; prior to that, it could be anything.

  16. Very appropriate story in the time we are living in. This is one of my favourite stories in Jasher:

    Jasher 11:19-61

    19 And Abram asked his father, saying, Father, tell me where is God who created heaven and earth, and all the sons of men upon earth, and who created thee and me. And Terah answered his son Abram and said, Behold those who created us are all with us in the house.

    20 And Abram said to his father, My lord, shew them to me I pray thee; and Terah brought Abram into the chamber of the inner court, and Abram saw, and behold the whole room was full of gods of wood and stone, twelve great images and others less than they without number.

    21 And Terah said to his son, Behold these are they which made all thou seest upon earth, and which created me and thee, and all mankind.

    22 And Terah bowed down to his gods, and he then went away from them, and Abram, his son, went away with him.

    23 And when Abram had gone from them he went to his mother and sat before her, and he said to his mother, Behold, my father has shown me those who made heaven and earth, and all the sons of men.

    24 Now, therefore, hasten and fetch a kid from the flock, and make of it savory meat, that I may bring it to my father’s gods as an offering for them to eat; perhaps I may thereby become acceptable to them.

    25 And his mother did so, and she fetched a kid, and made savory meat thereof, and brought it to Abram, and Abram took the savory meat from his mother and brought it before his father’s gods, and he drew nigh to them that they might eat; and Terah his father, did not know of it.

    26 And Abram saw on the day when he was sitting amongst them, that they had no voice, no hearing, no motion, and not one of them could stretch forth his hand to eat.

    27 And Abram mocked them, and said, Surely the savory meat that I prepared has not pleased them, or perhaps it was too little for them, and for that reason they would not eat; therefore tomorrow I will prepare fresh savory meat, better and more plentiful than this, in order that I may see the result.

    28 And it was on the next day that Abram directed his mother concerning the savory meat, and his mother rose and fetched three fine kids from the flock, and she made of them some excellent savory meat, such as her son was fond of, and she gave it to her son Abram; and Terah his father did not know of it.

    29 And Abram took the savory meat from his mother, and brought it before his father’s gods into the chamber; and he came nigh unto them that they might eat, and he placed it before them, and Abram sat before them all day, thinking perhaps they might eat.

    30 And Abram viewed them, and behold they had neither voice nor hearing, nor did one of them stretch forth his hand to the meat to eat.

    31 And in the evening of that day in that house Abram was clothed with the spirit of God.

    32 And he called out and said, Wo unto my father and this wicked generation, whose hearts are all inclined to vanity, who serve these idols of wood and stone which can neither eat, smell, hear nor speak, who have mouths without speech, eyes without sight, ears without hearing, hands without feeling, and legs which cannot move; like them are those that made them and that trust in them.

    33 And when Abram saw all these things his anger was kindled against his father, and he hastened and took a hatchet in his hand, and came unto the chamber of the gods, and he broke all his father’s gods.

    34 And when he had done breaking the images, he placed the hatchet in the hand of the great god which was there before them, and he went out; and Terah his father came home, for he had heard at the door the sound of the striking of the hatchet; so Terah came into the house to know what this was about.

    35 And Terah, having heard the noise of the hatchet in the room of images, ran to the room to the images, and he met Abram going out.

    36 And Terah entered the room and found all the idols fallen down and broken, and the hatchet in the hand of the largest, which was not broken, and the savory meat which Abram his son had made was still before them.

    37 And when Terah saw this his anger was greatly kindled, and he hastened and went from the room to Abram.

    38 And he found Abram his son still sitting in the house; and he said to him, What is this work thou hast done to my gods?

    39 And Abram answered Terah his father and he said, Not so my lord, for I brought savory meat before them, and when I came nigh to them with the meat that they might eat, they all at once stretched forth their hands to eat before the great one had put forth his hand to eat.

    40 And the large one saw their works that they did before him, and his anger was violently kindled against them, and he went and took the hatchet that was in the house and came to them and broke them all, and behold the hatchet is yet in his hand as thou seest.

    41 And Terah’s anger was kindled against his son Abram, when he spoke this; and Terah said to Abram his son in his anger, What is this tale that thou hast told? Thou speakest lies to me.

    42 Is there in these gods spirit, soul or power to do all thou hast told me? Are they not wood and stone, and have I not myself made them, and canst thou speak such lies, saying that the large god that was with them smote them? It is thou that didst place the hatchet in his hands, and then sayest he smote them all.

    43 And Abram answered his father and said to him, And how canst thou then serve these idols in whom there is no power to do any thing? Can those idols in which thou trustest deliver thee? can they hear thy prayers when thou callest upon them? can they deliver thee from the hands of thy enemies, or will they fight thy battles for thee against thy enemies, that thou shouldst serve wood and stone which can neither speak nor hear?

    44 And now surely it is not good for thee nor for the sons of men that are connected with thee, to do these things; are you so silly, so foolish or so short of understanding that you will serve wood and stone, and do after this manner?

    45 And forget the Lord God who made heaven and earth, and who created you in the earth, and thereby bring a great evil upon your souls in this matter by serving stone and wood?

    46 Did not our fathers in days of old sin in this matter, and the Lord God of the universe brought the waters of the flood upon them and destroyed the whole earth?

    47 And how can you continue to do this and serve gods of wood and stone, who cannot hear, or speak, or deliver you from oppression, thereby bringing down the anger of the God of the universe upon you?

    48 Now therefore my father refrain from this, and bring not evil upon thy soul and the souls of thy household.

    49 And Abram hastened and sprang from before his father, and took the hatchet from his father’s largest idol, with which Abram broke it and ran away.

    50 And Terah, seeing all that Abram had done, hastened to go from his house, and he went to the king and he came before Nimrod and stood before him, and he bowed down to the king; and the king said, What dost thou want?

    51 And he said, I beseech thee my lord, to hear me–Now fifty years back a child was born to me, and thus has he done to my gods and thus has he spoken; and now therefore, my lord and king, send for him that he may come before thee, and judge him according to the law, that we may be delivered from his evil.

    52 And the king sent three men of his servants, and they went and brought Abram before the king. And Nimrod and all his princes and servants were that day sitting before him, and Terah sat also before them.

    53 And the king said to Abram, What is this that thou hast done to thy father and to his gods? And Abram answered the king in the words that he spoke to his father, and he said, The large god that was with them in the house did to them what thou hast heard.

    54 And the king said to Abram, Had they power to speak and eat and do as thou hast said? And Abram answered the king, saying, And if there be no power in them why dost thou serve them and cause the sons of men to err through thy follies?

    55 Dost thou imagine that they can deliver thee or do anything small or great, that thou shouldst serve them? And why wilt thou not sense the God of the whole universe, who created thee and in whose power it is to kill and keep alive?

    56 0 foolish, simple, and ignorant king, woe unto thee forever.

    57 I thought thou wouldst teach thy servants the upright way, but thou hast not done this, but hast filled the whole earth with thy sins and the sins of thy people who have followed thy ways.

    58 Dost thou not know, or hast thou not heard, that this evil which thou doest, our ancestors sinned therein in days of old, and the eternal God brought the waters of the flood upon them and destroyed them all, and also destroyed the whole earth on their account? And wilt thou and thy people rise up now and do like unto this work, in order to bring down the anger of the Lord God of the universe, and to bring evil upon thee and the whole earth?

    59 Now therefore put away this evil deed which thou doest, and serve the God of the universe, as thy soul is in his hands, and then it will be well with thee.

    60 And if thy wicked heart will not hearken to my words to cause thee to forsake thy evil ways, and to serve the eternal God, then wilt thou die in shame in the latter days, thou, thy people and all who are connected with thee, hearing thy words or walking in thy evil ways.

    61 And when Abram had ceased speaking before the king and princes, Abram lifted up his eyes to the heavens, and he said, The Lord seeth all the wicked, and he will judge them.

  17. Interesting isn’t it? It’s not included in the biblebut it’s mentioned in the bible (Joshua 10:13)

    “Explicit evidence that the Book of Jasher was not considered scripture anciently is given in its Hebrew preface. The account is there quoted that when Ptolemy, king of Egypt, requested to have the Jewish holy books, the Israelites felt they could not give the gentiles their sacred writ, so they sent him the Book of Jasher. He was said to have prized it highly, but then discovered it was not their sacred law. When he confronted the Jews, they agreed to translate their Old Testament into Greek, which became known as the Septuagint.[21] If this account is correct, as it appears to be,[22] then even the Aprocrypha was probably considered more sacred than the Book of Jasher because it was included in the translation, whereas the Book of Jasher was not.”

  18. Sorry to disappoint you S&P (and myself), but no I haven’t read the Book of Jasher.

    This story was recounted to me amongst many in a philosophy unit at uni many, many, many moons ago…..

  19. RP’s comment rings a bell with me. I have one friend where it is not an infrequent occurrence that he says ‘God told me….’ And in his case I believe him. To me he is one those guys that is just very alive and sensitive to the Spirit in ways that I don’t consider myself to be. I am trying to learn, but I don’t actually trust what I am hearing/sensing a lot of the time. Which doesn’t say very much for me does it?

    There are others I have heard from time to time where when they say ‘God told me’ that I am not so convinced.

    Let him/her who has ears…..

  20. If Christ is in you mn, test what your mind and heart are saying. If His Spirit has made you a new person in Him, see if His Spirit through your inbuilt faculties.

    Try journalling. Write out questions you want to ask Him and if you feel like an answer has come – don’t withhold the pen. Keep writing.

    Through scribing, I managed to hear and see His voice in the responses I wrote. I actually picked up a sheet of my writing with him two years ago. In what I believed I was writing that came from Him, I knew without a doubt it was.

    What he spoke to me about what was going to happen in the following years, came absolutely true. I wrote His words and everything came true – each detail was incredibly accurate. It wasn’t vague.

    I was asking what I was doing with my life and I didn’t see what He said until I rediscovered this prophecy.

    It actually scared me.

    What I am saying is that it is possible for all believers to hear from God. We’ve somehow convinced ourselves that we can’t and only the person preaching or those with obvious spiritual gifts can.

    God speaks to us through our emotions, mind and spirit. Don’t believe me? Paul talks about our spirits with God’s Spirit groaning. Paul, also in an emotional letter to the Galatians wrote ‘in the Spirit’. The arguments, questions, rhetoric, satire and reason he also put forth in his letters, is ‘of the Spirit’.

    I believe you hear from God mn, just that you don’t realise it’s him. 😉

    I pray you hear from Him!

  21. Automatic writing is very much a new age channeling method – sorry, but I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole.

  22. I stopped Teddy when I was confident I can now hear from God. Maybe this is something worth discussing on a new topic?

    I’m curious now as to how you hear from God Teddy.

  23. Have started this tangent re writing or ways of hearing from God on a new thread. Maybe Teddy can answer over there?

  24. Tried posting on the topic before but kept getting distracted.

    More often than not, it’s the Word coming into my mind. Certain scriptures that so powerfully relate to situations I may find myself in – it’s very comforting and something that I have come to trust. Listening to verse by verse teaching has brought some great insight, still get a kick out of some scripture you think you know, but God brings something fresh!

    But day to day, just doing life knowing I’m His has been the most precious to me, hearing from Him is not a daily event for me (as some seem to claim).

    Just asked my husband, he says the Lord speaks to him through His word too – he reads his bible every morning and that has made a difference in how he deals with life, business, family etc. He did have an experience many years ago, when we were travelling north with our kids. Stopped in a motel overnight, and as we finished our meal in the restaurant, another family walked in, the husband obviously very ill, looked like he had been having chemo. My husband left us suddenly, went over to him and quietly said to him that he was a Christian and God had told him he would recover from his illness.

    This is totally out of character for my husband, but the man said “I’m a christian too and a Salvation Army officer and thankyou for telling me.”

    Back in our room my husband went to the bathroom and stayed there for a very long time. As I was concerned, I pushed open the door and found him crying. I thought he was crying for the man but he said he was crying because the Lord had spoken to him in the first place. A one-off event but never forgotten.

  25. “Automatic Writing” is, as Teddy has mentioned, associated with the New Age and Occult. It was extensively used by the US government in special “Black Ops” alongside “Remote Viewing”.

    If what S&P did was merely write out what the Lord said and read it much later to see it was true then I would call that keeping a diary or writing a journal.


    We do need to be very careful, don’t we?

    I do, particularly when I haven’t read the above posts at all carefully. 😉

    I need a coffee!

  26. SP&P: “I believe you hear from God mn, just that you don’t realise it’s him.”

    Yes I think you are right S&P….the still small voice…

    I don’t think we are supposed to hear easily…we have to work at listening and discerning.

    I’m not as quick to write off how you learned to hear a bit better.

    The thing is it will never be ‘one size fits all’ as Teddy’s story about her husband indicates.

    There is a discipline to it….something I’ve never really liked that much….discipline that is…

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  29. I know all the abovementioned churches well .. however can only speak for New Earth Tribe where I was deeply involved for many years. Plain and simple .. It’s a cult and there are many wounded, devastated dear people who after being told to leave for questioning leadership, find their old friends are not allowed to see them and that lies and gossip are spread throughout the church by leadership to cover their own dirty tracks. People are brainwashed and manipulated and on the whole this particular church has swapped experience for love and grace. Shameful, sad and devastating for any who dare to cross them or question or who don’t heal “fast enough”. Really bloody sad.

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