The World Will Judge What The Church Wont

I am quite surprised to see that the more the church refuses to stand for truth, the world will start telling the world what it sees wrong with it. The world does not want to see prosperity preachers and false tithe doctrines.

C3’s Rise and Build is coming up. Wait til you hear what they’re encouraging the congregation to do with their ‘tithing’, their ‘rise and build money’ and ‘first fruits offering’. The above video above was timely emailed to me. So was the one below.

Pringle gets me worked up with his filthy lucre messages. But I am happy to see that more of my friends are turning their backs on the false tithe doctrines and are seeing the light for the first time. C3 Connect groups are actually doing bible studies on these doctrines. Adults and young adults are sharing what they are finding in the bible about tithing. It’s nice to know that these anti-tithers are giving anti-tithe materials to others in connect groups who don’t go to C3 but to Anglican, Baptist or Uniting churches.

Please keep C3 in your prayers so that more people may come out of these deceptive teachings. Those who’s eyes are now opened weren’t devastated by these doctrines as badly as others I have met. While Phil Pringle gets me angry with his abusive doctrines, his extremities are making people see and sense something else take place.

Various people are now going to the scriptures themselves to find out what the bible truly says about the tithe. Don’t limit your prayers to C3 either. Pray for any church that you came from or any church that is on your heart to be freed from these damaging doctrines. If compassion comes upon you for a person or a church – know that the heart of God in you is groaning to see our brothers and sisters in Christ set free. I encourage you to act on these unexplainable thoughts and feelings and take this to God in prayer.

We are both kings and high priests beside Christ – our great King and High Priest. While Jesus intercedes for us, He gives ALL believers this gift and ministry as well. We too can also intercede for those He loves, like His son. By His Spirit we are led and pray for those he places on our hearts. By His Spirit He keeps us and others accountable. By His Spirit we are judged, but also given the ministry of reconciliation.

I am aware that I have been swinging pretty extreme sometimes with my comments and have been fighting with myself how I could change my conduct if that is what God is telling me to do.

It’s nice God gave me a vision of a class room setting where students were learning lot but not liking their teacher. The lesson behind the vision being that if you’re not nice or pleasant, you’re not abusing the gift God gives you. Using the gift to abuse others with is. Being nice is a bonus. (BTW. This vision was not about my relation with the Signpost02 community, but with my relations in general).

There has been a fine line in Penteland to exaggerate events which, I must admit, I have done on here. Not often. In fact it has been rare. I just have been mindful of it.

So I felt God convict me of that. I simply encourage people to test what I say and write, just like any other blogger or pastor. I will do my best to report what I see, here and do. I suppose now is a chance to make any comment about how you feel toward me and my conduct on Signposts02. I will take note.

Consider the speck. Consider the plank.


2 thoughts on “The World Will Judge What The Church Wont

  1. The church has nothing to lose and everything to gain if they openly and honestly evaluate all teaching on giving in light of the New Covenant.

    Time and time again I hear of God’s supernatural provision in churches that refuse to promote tithing for NC believers. Even in a little Anglican church they talk of how God always comes through, there’s always enough.

    Generousity has never been an issue at C3, and another point – how much money is being redirected into their never-ending conferences? Redirect finances to provide well-educated lecturers in the college for a start. Assist the “orphans and widows” who are part of the congregation (that’s a biblical mandate).

    Apply and trust Christ’s words, “I WILL build my church and the gates of hell WILL NOT prevail against it”

  2. “Vision Builders First fruits Sunday – free food, free rides, free entertainment for the whole family”

    At what cost? Free? Will people increase their own mortgages, freeing up money just to build the “vision”? And think God’s telling them to do that? That’s what happens, sadly.

    Rather like PP’s offer of a “Support Your Best Life” – Donate $30 or more and receive a FREE Phil Pringle designed Bandana!”

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