Grace Is Sweet Until Sung By A Wretch

Make sure you sing along now…


4 thoughts on “Grace Is Sweet Until Sung By A Wretch

  1. @ Specks – I remember someone like this as an invited guest at C3 along with a preacher. But somehow in all its imperfections (something not de rigueur at C3), the off key singing was beautiful because he was singing to the Lord. The backstage mockery was awful.

    I love singing but I wouldn’t want anyone to hear me (apart from God, the grandchildren and the dog) 🙂

  2. If I was there in person, I would probably be worshiping with him. What a cute act of embarrassment! I am sure Jesus would be receiving his heart. But watching this on youtube, in the context of the fancy sounds backing him and the nice motif behind him – priceless!

  3. I agree with you there RE. Grace is the most beautiful when we are the most despicable and so meaningful when we lose ourselves.

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