The Big Brother ‘Bother’ & The Big Sister ‘Twister’

End Times Prophetic says:

“Newsflash! Emerge Wale’s Dave Vaughan, a ‘New Ecstatic’ who hangs with the likes of ‘whacked out’ Benjamin Dunn and John Crowder on the fringes of the fringes of the unreal, fake and often loony charismatic church, has become a contestant on ‘reality’ TV. Tonight the self-proclaimed “Christian minister” became an official housemate of the last ever series of Big Brother in the UK.

Dave Vaughan went goofily into the Big Brother house clothed in his trademark monk’s habit and fake laugh.

This is not the first time Dave Vaughan has grabbed the headlines. For more on this attention-seeking fake, check out the Dave Vaughan archive of articles, covering him and some of his other buddies within the ‘New Ecstatics’.  – Jonathan”

Here is Dave Vaughan at Morning Star Ministries…

And here’s the sloshfest:

They worship experiences NOT God. Some other videos of the sloshfest are quite disturbing and remind me of pagan festivals.

And other new…

Some may already know this. But on the issue of EndTimesProphetic, I regret to inform everyone here about Miriam Franklin. I liked the amount of time, effort and research she went into exposing a lot of the dodginess of the Latter Rain movement and her involvement in speaking against the Lakeland saga. But I didn’t know she was stealing other websites information. I wasn’t a huge fan of her style of condemning others and ‘prophesying’ destruction on certain ministries. But it was nice to know her through email. She gave me good insight in what was happening in the UK and what was coming to Australia.

Looks like ‘Jonathan’ might be running the site now.

If  you want to know more about what she has done and what people are roasting her about – read here:

Test for Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin of Liskeard, Cornwall – aka ‘Miriam’ the self-styled end-times-prophetess – and
numerous other pseudonyms..

(Last Updated March 2010)

I personally regret having to construct this document, but in the face of unrelenting personal attacks, and the ongoing reticence / failure / inability of the UK justice system to take effective and timely action in protecting us from the ravages of this utterly duplicitous individual, I decided it was time to take matters in hand and state the facts as they are – with whatever evidence I can link to as we go.

It is practically impossible to keep up with the ever-ascending tiers of deception and guile that pours forth from this woman, so may I ask visitors to please check out the links provided and test the evidence for themselves – so there can be no more doubts as to this woman’s capacity for malice and deception.

The main point to note throughout is the callous and premeditated ‘projection’ of Rosalind Miriam Franklin’s own dark motives, methods, and character onto those she accuses, (this is a recognized psychological trait in the study of criminal psychology); and her prolific use of pseudonyms and other false identities to pursue amoral ends.

Please feel free to circulate or share this material with anyone who may benefit from its dissemination. Meanwhile, we wait.. and wait… and wait for the Courts to do what we have been waiting for the UK Justice System to do since 2006!

Important update Nov 2009: Mrs Franklin and her husband Nigel appear in Court in Torquay, and are found to be liable in two of the original cases. Several other cases are successfully brought in other jurisdictions, but because many are independent, the details are not readily available here.

March 2010 – Mrs Franklin launches a slew of defamatory websites designed to cause as much damage as possible to those of us who have exposed her. Three are immediately taken down by the host providers, but one or two remain online. Under various guises, Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin links into these wbpages in yet another contrived attempt to exact some sort of perverse revenge on her challengers. Due to repeated taunts and provocations to ‘debunk’ those lies, this ‘Truth Test’ document contains some updated additions in the boxes below, as well as an addendum headed ‘Websmear Facts’ which briefly summarises the lies and attempted deceptions there (please scroll to bottom of the document for the condensed rebuttal).

Claims to be an ‘ethical, Christian’ businessperson

Mrs F has displayed that she is an unconscionable exploiter of people, and will stoopto any level of duplicity to achieve her questionable aims. Now proven to be a thief and a liar in UK Courts.

100-plus written complaints from ex-clients would suggest she is not a particularly ethical person – nor a sterling example of what most would consider ‘Christian’ behaviour. As of 2009, major publishing outlets are so enamoured by her ethics, that Mrs Franklin and her various ‘businesses’ are now officially blacklisted.

Makes many promises to authors on her website

Most are hollow ruses – designed primarily to generate consumer confidence, and help separate prospects from their money. 2020: Five false or misleading websites designed to defraud authors have now been shut down.

Mrs F also operates false-front websites with skewed and misleading commentaries from nonexistent ‘independent authors’ in order to draw authors to her publishing site, such as; (taken down in May 2009) Note: Two screenshots on the Rogues Gallery website still exist as evidence, but Mrs F has somehow managed to block access to the archives, May 2009

States that ‘all royalties are being paid’, and ‘all work continues as normal’

Direct, premeditated lies I’m afraid – April 2009. Ex-authors report receiving a generic email to this effect – but no payments.. 2010: Based on sales figures for books that have been ‘recovered’ and republished by CheckPoint Press, it now seems that Mrs Rosalind Franklin has bilked tens of thousands of pounds out of unsuspecting authors.

Authors such as Max Brand featured on the Diggory website as the author of certain ‘new titles’ are deceased since 1944.. the front page displaying new titles remains unchanged since Jan 2008

Claims she can publish your book for £30

Impossible unless the publisher subsidizes the cost..

Just one of many deceptive marketing ‘hooks’ to lure unsuspecting authors. Set-up fees and legal deposit copies even for print-ready files have to be paid for, for example..

Claimed that Diggory Press books sold 200 times higher than the average..

She has never substantiated this claim – which would be quite incredible if it were true – given that most Diggory / Exposure books fall well short of ‘professional’ publishing standards..

Another deceptive ruse designed to lure customers..

Offered ‘editing services’ for a fee..

Her own spelling and grammar is regularly peppered with errors.. she has no editorial qualifications whatsoever – as many disappointed writers will testify

One of the give-aways to her many online identities are the repeated spelling errors on certain words..

Offered ‘marketing packages’ for fees of up to £2,000

These contrived ‘packages’ come more-or-less automatically with an ISBN; cost the publisher absolutely nothing; and are sold knowingly under a deliberate deception..

See ‘A Note of Caution’ here on the CheckPoint Press website: Warning to Authors Mrs Franklin has engaged in a premeditated act of fraud here, knowing it will cost the authors all the costs involved in printing, distributing,
hosting, and returning/recycling any unsold books. The POD publishing model simply doesn’t function in this respect..

Claims hundreds of satisfied authors..

Franklin wrote many of the endorsements herself

Screenshots of fabricated books when she first launched Diggory as a business in 2005-06 – pretending those books were ‘works-in-progress’..

Claims to be honest..

A close family relative of Mrs Franklin saw the article about the court cases in the Guardian Newspaper, and called the reporter advising that they too had been defrauded..!

We’re hoping this person will agree to be a material witness in Court..

Summer 2009 – maintains that Diggory Press / Exposure Publishing is ‘still in business’..

No ‘real’ business activity on the website for months, and a defrauded author who is pressing his case independently advises that Mrs Franklin has been officially ‘blacklisted’ by the major industry players..

Meanwhile, a ‘new’ company called Author’s Chance Ltd is mysteriously set up as the new owner of around 800 Diggory / Exposure titles. Mrs Franklin’s name appears nowhere on the new company records, but the named
director (Mr Michael Thomas Gordon) already holds 51 other directorships – most in dormant / offshore companies, and lives less than 10 miles from the original address of Meadow Books. For more information see Author’s Chance Ltd

Feb 2010

Diggory Press is gone from the internet – thank goodness!

All the major book industry people have been informed of the issues concerning Diggory / Exposure / Meadow / Authors Chance etc.. So no excuse if they keep trading with them. …”